Fear the Walking Dead Finale Live Thread

In ten minutes we’re about to say goodbye to our characters from Fear the Walking Dead and embark upon the final week of our wait for the wacky shenanigans of Rick and the gang. It’s been a good, torture-filled time hanging out with drug-addled Voldemort, his misfit family, and the family of the barber his… »10/04/15 8:54pmYesterday 8:54pm

It’s Classic Monsters Week on Something Wicked!!!

Happy October, horror fans!!! This month we’ll be counting down the weeks until Halloween with some themed posts. This week it’s classic monsters - werewolves, vampires, zombies, and so on. Whether you’re into monster lore, classic movies, or fresh takes, let’s talk about it here. »10/04/15 4:17pmYesterday 4:17pm

Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 3: Under the Lake Discussion Thread

As of this writing the third episode of the new Doctor Who series 9 is about to start in 25 minutes. It’s starting far later then it normally does because for whatever reason, the BBC gives higher priority to a reality show called Strictly Come Dancing then it does to one of its most beloved shows worldwide.
»10/03/15 2:55pmSaturday 2:55pm

Lake Mungo: Masterful Mockumentary with a Sci-fi Twist

The only non-day job productive thing I really did this week was watch an old After Dark Horrorfest movie called Lake Mungo, a brilliant little mockumentary set in Australia, that not only emulates a documentary in every sense of the word, but also offers a fantastic sci-fi twist that pretty much holds the film… »10/03/15 2:02pmSaturday 2:02pm