O-Deck Fact Of The Day - 5/25/15

Happy Memorial Day everyone. It is on this day that we remember those who have fallen in defense on the United States of America. No matter your politics, i think we can all agree we should remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. » 5/25/15 8:58am Today 8:58am

John Nash Dead at 86

Several media outlets are reporting that Nobel prize winning economist John Nash died Saturday along with his wife in a crash of a taxi in which they were riding on the New Jersey Turnpike. They were apparently not wearing seatbelts and were ejected from the vehicle. The Nash Equilibrium was a principle result in Game… » 5/24/15 8:51pm Yesterday 8:51pm

My PRComicon experience, and some pics.

Had a blast this weekend meeting Babs Tarr(she was uber busy doing panels for Batgirl), local artist that have worked in the industry(some prints were great!), meeting new artist with awesome styles(met this dude again that does really awesome Spunko style art,and a legendary comic strip artist of the island),Troy… » 5/24/15 8:28pm Yesterday 8:28pm

Was 1982 The Best Movie Summer Ever?

Recently on the Dissolve podcast, the site’s writers debated what the best movie summer of all time was, with critic Keith Phipps nominating 1982 as his choice. I can’t argue with his logic. 1982 was a — maybe the — seminal year for modern genre movies, most of which came out between May and August, and many of which… » 5/24/15 6:53pm Yesterday 6:53pm