Flightless Friday - Pygoscelis adeliae Edition

New series! I am proud to introduce Flightless Friday, which will start by covering all 17 species of penguin, and then move on to the extant ratites from there. This is my first animal series about birds, and I’m looking forward to learning all the new things! » 5/29/15 11:10am Today 11:10am

Creationist Digs up 60 Million Year-Old Fish Fossils

Here’s one of those head pounding examples of wasted potential. An amateur fossil hunter, Edgar Nernberg in Canada has long been a contributor to creationist museums recently found five fish fossils. He knew that the right thing to do was to get them to a (real) paleontologist. » 5/29/15 9:07am Today 9:07am

All Hail Supreme Leader Snoke

Who does he lead? Why does his name sound like a respiratory problem? And what’s his face? Because surprisingly, Andy Serkis seems to play a CGI character in the new Star Wars so we may know his name now, but not what he looks like.
http://birthmoviesdeath.com/2015/05/28/and... » 5/29/15 5:52am Today 5:52am

More Awesome Cosplay from Anime North 2015

Hello again everyone! I’m back with some more great cosplay from this past weekend at Anime North. If you missed the first part, or my review of the con, you’ll find them below. I’ll also be back one final time with the last set of cosplayers. Enjoy!
http://anitay.kinja.com/unreal-cosplay... » 5/29/15 5:29am Today 5:29am

A History of DC Crossovers: The Bronze Age

Previously, the Silver Age ended with the complete overhaul of the Comics Code Authority. This allowed for darker and more mature themes. It also allowed Marv Wolfman to use actual wolfmen (the Comics Code prohibited the use of “werewolves” in comics, leading to a funny story where DC gave credit to Marv Wolfman as a… » 5/29/15 2:22am Today 2:22am

To hell with your Android Update: It's Google I/O time!

So I’ve done these the past few years mostly because I dig IO like you wouldn’t believe. It’s like my birthday, Halloween, and Christmas all at once. If you’re an Android fanboy it’s just absolute bliss. » 5/28/15 3:14pm Yesterday 3:14pm

Mr Robot - I'm having an odd day.

I like hacker stuff. All kinds. From Cyberpunk to DDoS to hactvists. I like conspiracies. Not believe in them. I like the fabrication of story from multiple different sources. A storytelling tradition, of sorts, if you’ll allow. I also tend to like USA dramas. They tend to be just the right level of comfort viewing… » 5/28/15 1:32pm Yesterday 1:32pm