Android Device Review: Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 7

Today I have an outlier for you all, I have a very low end device that I am now the semi proud owner of and I owe it all to my mom and her magnificent ability to destroy devices. Namely phones. First off her Otterbox case “just broke”. A likely story. Then she dropped her S4 and the screen shattered, but the phone… » 8/31/15 6:02pm Yesterday 6:02pm

Get the Pitchforks: Guardian Writer Claims Pratchett "Not a Literary Genius"

Do you ever have the desire to comment on something you know nothing about just because it’s a popular topic of conversation? You haven’t read the book or seen the film but by god you have opinions the world needs to hear! If so, you could write for the prestigious UK newspaper, The Guardian! Today they published on… » 8/31/15 9:25am Yesterday 9:25am

Molecular Monday - Cyclodextrin

Hello I am Jacks Raging Colon Cyclodextrin. Actually to tell the truth, there are a bunch of us Cyclodextrin molecules. I am Beta, the guy in the middle. I am a super cool molecule and play host to many delightful other molecules. They come and sit inside of me for a while and sometimes they stay and sometimes they… » 8/31/15 9:05am Yesterday 9:05am

Jurassic World in Lego...

And in 90 seconds. Also - in Lego. Did I mention it’s in Lego? OK, maybe Star Lord is not as cool as he used to be. But at least they skip that one death. Even though I’m not sure how I’ am supposed to understand the I. Rex’s final demise without being remembered about the Mosasaur in the middle of the thing. But here… » 8/31/15 6:49am Yesterday 6:49am