A Sunday with Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, & Babs Tarr

I spent a large part of Sunday roaming the halls of NYCC 2015 for the final time this year, just hungover enough to feel my inner Raoul Duke but sober enough to have chats with Babs Tarr in the morning and Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo in the afternoon. I met all three of these awesome Bat-creators at last year’s con,… »Yesterday 2:34pm

UN to Investigate United States Treatment of Native Peoples

For over five hundred years, the native nations of North and South America have been systematically slaughtered, forcibly removed from their ancestral lands, and had their cultures — indeed, their very identities — erased by the colonial forces of Spain, Britain, and the United States. Their cries for equality and… »Yesterday 1:00pm

I -  and xkcd hereby officially grant you the right to call the creature "Frankenstein"

By the power of the public domain invested in every one of us. And the Doctor “The Doctor”, via hover text. Which - kinda has a lot of other implications, then, too... :) And given how he would have to pick a name sooner or later if the makes it to all the stories that continue after the novel, Frankenstein is as good… »Yesterday 5:40am