Come one, come all to the incredible AMA!

So many topics for a lone person to take on but if anybody can do it, it would be the Amazing Morpheuse! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, here on this very Observation Deck Morpheuse will answer any and all questions regarding being a Muslim in Southeast Asia, culture and foodstuffs! If that’s not enough for you… » 9/01/15 9:54pm Yesterday 9:54pm

Holy Crap! Khan Had a Baby Son?

I thought I knew Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. After all, it has been my favorite movie for most of my life, ever since it came out in 1982. I’ve watched it more times then I can recount. (My sister was downright sick of it when we were kids! “You’re watching that again?”) It is one of the few movies I’ve deemed… » 9/01/15 8:12pm Yesterday 8:12pm

Fear The Walking Dead: Slow Burn

Season two of The Walking Dead caught a lot of flack for many things (DAMMIT LORI WATCH YOUR KID), but the biggest complaint was the slow pace. 12 of the 13 episodes were on a farm. A. FARM. Many people felt that a certain box may have helped with the pacing. Ever since, The Walking Dead has moved at a brisk pace,… » 9/01/15 12:40pm Yesterday 12:40pm

Updating Kinja's design

As you may have noticed by visiting some of our sites recently, we’re beginning to roll out a new layout for Kinja blogs that includes larger images, improved typography, and a better technical foundation to help us move forward into the future. This new layout is designed to take advantage of larger screens, so… » 9/01/15 12:28pm Yesterday 12:28pm

The Last Ship 2.12 - In the Game of Tides, you win or you sink.

While just the penultimate episode, I feel like this season is done... but in a good way. Sure, there are moments which I’ve been wanting for the season which still have to happen... or I’ll revolt, but the finale next week feels like it will be there to wrap up this season and set up for the next. Which isn’t… » 9/01/15 11:24am Yesterday 11:24am

MGS:TPP is the Mercenaries sequel we deserve...

Update 1 (09/01/2015): So, I only played the game for a few hours last night (including that 1 1/2 hour opening) so I haven’t gotten into the nuts and bolts too much yet, but so far I’ve got to say that the Mercenaries feel isn’t there yet. I’m still sure it will get there, but so far I’ve only just developed C4 and… » 9/01/15 7:42am Yesterday 7:42am