Share your Subblog in the Cross Thread

‘ello one and all and welcome to the very weekly Whitenoise, Hackerspace, Groupthink, Odeck, Tay, Oppo, Backtalk, Clashtalk, and Powder Room cross thread. Last week, Lexador made the very excellent suggestion that I shoud ask ya’ll to recommend articles from your corner of the kinjaverse that you think are worth a… » 7/02/15 11:23am Today 11:23am

Secret Wars #4 Review- The More Things Change...

So, from what I’ve read, Terminator: Genisys has turned out to be a tremendous disappointment (though, how can a bad Terminator movie be a disappointment at this point? Doesn’t one have to be surprised to be disappointed?). That’s a shame, because I was really hoping those crazy kids would make it work. Oh well,… » 7/01/15 11:56am Yesterday 11:56am

Just Started To Watch Star Wars Rebels: Please Tell Me It Gets Better?

I while back, I watched the Clone Wars for the first time and really enjoyed it for the most part with the exception of it having a bad opening movie and first season. Now I have started watching Rebels, starting with the shorts & the movie and I’m sorry to say but I thought they were worse than the Clone Wars movie. » 7/01/15 10:50am Yesterday 10:50am

Teen Wolf - 5.o2 - I have a nagging feeling I spoke too soon

Teen Wolf continues with the introduction of couple new characters, the development of some of the secondary characters’ relationships, and the building of perhaps two different mysteries. And yet, I have this nagging feeling that after four seasons of supporting this show, I might have spoken too soon.
» 7/01/15 10:38am Yesterday 10:38am