Throwback Thursday Book Review: The Belgariad

Every one of has some book that was our gateway into genre. For a lot of people, that was The Lord of the Rings. But, if I’m being brutally honest, The Lord of the Rings never quite worked for me. I did push my way through it, but it felt more like doing the Required Reading than anything I was loving. But The… »9/04/15 2:45amYesterday 2:45am

Mark Ruffalo clarifies what's coming next for the Hulk

Spotlight, the movie starring Mark Ruffalo presented at the Venice Film Festival recently. While in Italy for the festival Mark Ruffalo, who we all love as Bruce Banner, did an interview with the Italian Bad Taste and spoke about what is next for his character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spoilers after the jump. »9/03/15 8:59pmThursday 8:59pm

Fluffeh Puppehs + BB-8 Toy = Cuteness Meltdown

On the barren desert world of Jakku, brave astro-droid BB-8 is beset by a swarm of menacing giant canids... Okay no, the editors at Vanity Fair decided to see how a quartet of cute li’l doggies would react to Sphero’s new remote control BB-8 toy. The results are predictably adorable, and don’t end in tragedy, like… »9/03/15 8:46pmThursday 8:46pm

Most Controversial (Fake) Scientific Breakthroughs

What comes to mind first? Soylent, while I personally think their founder is a nut job and most likely wrong, I don’t believe he is trying to scam anyone. His ego truly believes in his product. Next I suppose you could suggest anything built by Lucius Fox or Tony Stark, like the city wide cell phone surveilance in The… »9/03/15 1:15pmThursday 1:15pm

Mr. Robot - 1.1o - Nothing happens & the sheep come out to play

There has been an underlying flaw inside the Mr. Robot since the start, since the announcement that they were essentially doing the same plot as Fight Club. The question which was on my mind, up to this point, was whether it was a Persian flaw or whether it was a fatal one. The finale did very little, but did reveal… »9/03/15 11:40amThursday 11:40am