You like the scope of G.R.R. Martin? Dilletante. Or William T. Vollmann? Pshaw. Mark Z. Danielewski throws down a gauntlet (well, 27 of them).

So, I managed to finish Mark Z. Danielewski’s The Familiar: One Rainy Day in May - Vol. 1 (TF:V1) during an intensely busy couple months of work. MZD is most famous for House of Leaves º. Since then, he has written Only Revolutions and The Fifty Year Sword (of which I’ve only read the latter; it’s deceptively simple… »Yesterday 3:36pm11/30/15 3:36pm

LitSnawb #1: Thoughts on The Cement Garden by Ian McEwan

In retrospect, it’s fitting that I sat down to read Ian McEwan’s first novel, The Cement Garden, right around the holidays. This slim book from 1978 is all about family, a disturbing account of four young siblings left in a house by themselves during one hot summer. It’s almost in poor taste to watch these children… »Sunday 9:20am11/29/15 9:20am