A History of DC Crossovers: The Bronze Age

Previously, the Silver Age ended with the complete overhaul of the Comics Code Authority. This allowed for darker and more mature themes. It also allowed Marv Wolfman to use actual wolfmen (the Comics Code prohibited the use of “werewolves” in comics, leading to a funny story where DC gave credit to Marv Wolfman as a… » 5/29/15 2:22am 17 minutes ago

To hell with your Android Update: It's Google I/O time!

So I’ve done these the past few years mostly because I dig IO like you wouldn’t believe. It’s like my birthday, Halloween, and Christmas all at once. If you’re an Android fanboy it’s just absolute bliss. » 5/28/15 3:14pm Yesterday 3:14pm

Mr Robot - I'm having an odd day.

I like hacker stuff. All kinds. From Cyberpunk to DDoS to hactvists. I like conspiracies. Not believe in them. I like the fabrication of story from multiple different sources. A storytelling tradition, of sorts, if you’ll allow. I also tend to like USA dramas. They tend to be just the right level of comfort viewing… » 5/28/15 1:32pm Yesterday 1:32pm

O-Deck Fact Of The Day - 5/28/15

It’s Thursday my friends. The week is almost done. But that doesn’t mean we can slack off on our duties. So while i should be in bed, i am doing my due diligence in my research. Because i made a promise to Mr. Gandalf. Don’t you leave them PartyBusDriver. And i don’t mean to, i don’t mean to....no wait that was… » 5/28/15 8:11am Yesterday 8:11am

Anime North: An Otaku’s Dream Come True

If you are human, you’ve most likely had a dream that you wake up from, only to wish that what you had experienced actually happened. You may have been able to fly, or you may have found the love of your life; no matter the case, it was all an illusion. Of course, I’ve had no shortage of similar letdowns, but last… » 5/28/15 2:24am Yesterday 2:24am

What I'd do if I had Time Travel.

  • Step One: Go into the future where we understood enough about how the brain works to know where the ‘self’ is and had a device/mechanism/set of programmed nanobots/whatever that could quickly get a non-destructive copy of somebody.
  • Step Two: Go back in time and collect batches of people right before they died.
  • Step Three
  • » 5/28/15 2:24am Yesterday 2:24am

An Explanation for the Ending of DC's Convergence

So Convergence #8, the last issue of the crossover, came out this week and you might have heard that it did something very interesting. Something that I don’t think anyone expected. Here is my explanation, in the form of a Q&A. » 5/27/15 9:22pm Wednesday 9:22pm