Why Has the Wasp Never Gotten Her Own Comic?

So I was taking another look at the All-New, All-Different Marvel lineup, when I noticed something strange: no sign of Janet van Dyne, the Wasp. She may be included in the books they haven’t revealed yet, but she may not. In fact, she really hasn’t appeared in the Marvel universe since the end of AXIS. There aren’t… » 7/04/15 6:02pm Yesterday 6:02pm

What If John Conner Died At The End Of Terminator 2?

Deep within a steel mill, John Conner is confronted by two Sarah Conner’s. John picks one, but unfortunately for him, he chooses the T-1000 and is killed. The T-800 kills the T-1000 and he and the remains of the original Terminator are thrown into the molten steel, leaving Sarah Conner alone. » 7/04/15 1:40pm Yesterday 1:40pm

Elements of Style, Observation Deck Edition

Updated 05/12/2015: I will be reposting this thing every week on random days. Because apparently there are people who don’t come here every hour, for some reason. Also yes I am aware that the content repeats itself omg how do i kinja. Whoo boy. It’s been kind of crazy these last few weeks around here. Some behind the… » 7/03/15 11:12pm Friday 11:12pm