Girl Fights Library’s Boys-Only Robotics Program

A little girl from the town Timmins, Ontario with the cool name of Cash Cayen was stoked to see a summer robotics program being offered at her local library. The library’s assistant director refused her registration, saying that only boys were allowed to participate. The reason being that “boys’ academic and literacy… » 7/06/15 6:56pm Yesterday 6:56pm

Let's Explore The Corrupt Town That Inspired True Detective 

How are you enjoying #TrueDetectiveSeason2 so far? It’s okay, right? I don’t know, maybe it kind of sucks. Anyway, if you’re like me, you’ve spent a good chunk of the first three episodes being a little confused by the city-corruption storyline. We’ve been told that there are a lot of “deals being done” and a lot of… » 7/06/15 6:16pm Yesterday 6:16pm

Oh God, Someone Ran Fear and Loathing Through Google's Neural Network

By now, the entire internet’s realized that Deep Dream, Google’s artificial neural network, is capable of some pretty trippy images. But what happens when you run a movie about acid trips through the acid trip generator? Fear and Loathing in your worst nightmares, that’s what. » 7/06/15 5:43pm Yesterday 5:43pm

Any interest in doing another series of AMAs?

Last summer DrillPress did a great job of organizing a series of “Ask Me Anything” posts here on the Observation Deck. (If you want to see them just search “AMA” and they’ll start turning up about halfway down the first page of results.) Since that time we’ve added a lot of great new people to our community so I… » 7/06/15 3:10pm Yesterday 3:10pm

Weekly Photo Mission: Signs of Summer

We’re in the dog days of summer now, halfway between Memorial Day and Labor Day (for those of us in the U.S.). The Fourth of July, arguably the biggest reason for summertime celebration, has come and gone, but there’re still plenty of sunshiny weekends ahead of us. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it (and… » 7/06/15 2:37pm Yesterday 2:37pm

Call to Audition to Post, Italian Metal Edition

It’s that time of the time period again, where we actually remember to post a call to audition to post because it’s been like, fifty years since the last one. If you want posting privs, reply with a few links to what you’ve written and we’ll consider. Recommendations by regulars and mindflayers are a huge plus. As… » 7/06/15 12:51pm Yesterday 12:51pm