Unlikely "The Force Awakens" Theory

Like I do with all my nonsense theories that never turn out to be correct, there is a slight (almost imperceptible) chance that something I say here will be correct. So if you don’t even want to possibly come across something that is unlikely to happen, please stay away! Now on to the show! » 7/02/15 5:05pm 23 minutes ago

Share your Subblog in the Cross Thread

‘ello one and all and welcome to the very weekly Whitenoise, Hackerspace, Groupthink, Odeck, Tay, Oppo, Backtalk, Clashtalk, and Powder Room cross thread. Last week, Lexador made the very excellent suggestion that I shoud ask ya’ll to recommend articles from your corner of the kinjaverse that you think are worth a… » 7/02/15 11:23am Today 11:23am