These Final Hours (2013) Is A Powerful End-of-the-World Film

Audiences across the world never seem the slake their thirst for the apocalypse. Movie after movie after movie are made depicting the end of the world, or nearly on the brink. You’d think given the abundance of world ending tales of woe we (the audience) would become hardened to its tropes, accustomed to the standard… » 5/26/15 8:33pm Yesterday 8:33pm

Elements of Style, Observation Deck Edition

Updated 05/12/2015: I will be reposting this thing every week on random days. Because apparently there are people who don’t come here every hour, for some reason. Also yes I am aware that the content repeats itself omg how do i kinja. Whoo boy. It’s been kind of crazy these last few weeks around here. Some behind the… » 5/26/15 5:50pm Yesterday 5:50pm

TCM Thursday Time Traveling Movie Block

Just a heads up that this Thursday night, at least in the States, the Turner Classic Movie channel will be running a selection of movies that involve time travel. The block starts off at 8:00 EST with 1933’s Berkely Square starring Leslie Howard, followed at 9:45 by the thriller Time After Time with Malcolm McDowell… » 5/26/15 4:34pm Yesterday 4:34pm