Get the Pitchforks: Guardian Writer Claims Pratchett "Not a Literary Genius"

Do you ever have the desire to comment on something you know nothing about just because it’s a popular topic of conversation? You haven’t read the book or seen the film but by god you have opinions the world needs to hear! If so, you could write for the prestigious UK newspaper, The Guardian! Today they published on… » 8/31/15 9:25am Today 9:25am

Fear the Walking Dead 1.o1 - Fear the boredom

Spin-offs are a mixed bunch. Some a vehicles for characters which have out grown the home show, while others seem to more a production line of different munipal services in the greater Chicago area. Some shows have the force, audience and/or prestige to warrant a spin-off, others do not. The Walking Dead is one which… » 8/31/15 6:43am Today 6:43am