What is code?

I recently finished reading Paul Ford’s “What is code?”, an opus on software development that started out as an article and became a short book consuming an entire double issue of BusinessWeek (to which I subscribe), resulting in the best selling issue in that publication’s history. And it’s brilliant. Accessible.… » 8/30/15 8:55am Today 8:55am

The current Enterprise crew salutes Leonard Nimoy.

In their campaigning to raffle bit parts for fans in the new movie in exchange for donations, this video, lead by Zachary Quinto, focuses on Quinto’s predecessor in the iconic part and a cause he supported, [EDIT] Namely the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital - Go to blackpanther’s comment, if you want to find out… » 8/30/15 4:42am Today 4:42am

This Vintage Atari Spot is a TRON-Era Treasure

Shown in select movie theaters in the summer of 1982, this two-minute ad, titled “The Fly,” features a man designing video games in his head — or hallucinating vigorously. (The two were not mutually exclusive among the company’s designers.) The effects were done by Abel and Associates, the pioneering computer… » 8/29/15 11:03pm Yesterday 11:03pm

Dark Matter Season One: The Post-Mortem

So, after two mostly unrelated final episodes, Syfy’s other new outing is behind us. And while it looked poorer, it was significantly smarter than Crinjoys’ napkin-scribbled childish mess. Sure, it had some particularly weak spots and didn’t indulge in large-scale worldbuilding, but in its Raza-shaped bottle, it… » 8/29/15 7:26pm Yesterday 7:26pm

Screenshots of Leaked Captain America: Civil War Footage from D23

So I woke up to find these on my Facebook feed, which I then traced back to this Imgur post made popular via Reddit, so I’m not sure how authentic it is, because I haven’t seen the footage in question which is from D23. However, the pics themselves seem to fit what we know of the movie so far. Possible spoilers to… » 8/29/15 1:29pm Yesterday 1:29pm

August 29th, 10 years ago.

A few years ago, I would have posted my Katrina anniversary thoughts here but the OD has changed so much I’m not sure anymore. So, if anyone is interested, I have some ramblings about it on my tumblr with pics of my house when it happened. The further we get from it, the more I feel I should get these ramblings out or… » 8/29/15 11:28am Yesterday 11:28am

If you could belong to an alien race from scifi, which one would it be?

The ability of the human mind to create fantastic beings through the power of imagination is amazing. Throughout history, every culture has invented myths, legends, gods, and monsters to call their own. These days, much of that imagination is used on creating new worlds and new beings in science fiction. And often… » 8/28/15 6:31pm Friday 6:31pm