Do Androids Dream of Existential Crises? Identity in "Blade Runner"

The science fiction classic Blade Runner is more than a futuristic film noir. Blade Runner can also cause the viewer to have various interesting musings, mainly, what is it to be a man, a woman, a human, or a machine? Blade Runner can be a spring board to exploring concepts of identity. » 8/04/15 9:55pm 50 minutes ago

Pearls of Wisdom From True Detective's Mayor Chessani, as Said by Yoda

No long True Detective diatribes and dissections of Yellow Kings this year. No time-is-a-flat-circle rants either. But at the cusp of the season finale, we’ve got some profound remarks by Vinci mayor Austin Chessani, as delivered by Yoda. There isn’t really any interpretation of these that could be denominated as a… » 8/04/15 4:28am Today 4:28am