Screenshots of Leaked Captain America: Civil War Footage from D23

So I woke up to find these on my Facebook feed, which I then traced back to this Imgur post made popular via Reddit, so I’m not sure how authentic it is, because I haven’t seen the footage in question which is from D23. However, the pics themselves seem to fit what we know of the movie so far. Possible spoilers to… » 8/29/15 1:29pm Today 1:29pm

August 29th, 10 years ago.

A few years ago, I would have posted my Katrina anniversary thoughts here but the OD has changed so much I’m not sure anymore. So, if anyone is interested, I have some ramblings about it on my tumblr with pics of my house when it happened. The further we get from it, the more I feel I should get these ramblings out or… » 8/29/15 11:28am Today 11:28am

If you could belong to an alien race from scifi, which one would it be?

The ability of the human mind to create fantastic beings through the power of imagination is amazing. Throughout history, every culture has invented myths, legends, gods, and monsters to call their own. These days, much of that imagination is used on creating new worlds and new beings in science fiction. And often… » 8/28/15 6:31pm Yesterday 6:31pm

Ask Me Anything About Occupational Health and Safety or Animals

Hey everybody! I’m Mythbri and I work in occupational health and safety. I currently serve as the safety officer for a manufacturing plant, and earlier this year I was certified as an Occupational Health and Safety Technologist by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. I act as the Radiation Safety Officer and… » 8/28/15 10:30am Yesterday 10:30am

Iceland's capital Reykjavik now has a Darth Vader Street...

Unfortunatly it’s not actually called that but uhm... *copy and paste*: Svarthöfði. (Which apparently means “Black Head” and is not racist, but the Icelandic name for the Dark Lord.) It’s a bit obscure for the rest of the world, but still. Come to Hoth Iceland. They have cookies.
» 8/28/15 9:42am Yesterday 9:42am