What's Your Favorite Werewolf Movie?

Ahhh, werewolves… despite some iconic movies and a literary history dating back to The Satyricon in AD 64, The Werewolf always seems to be an afterthought to The Vampire, like he’s the less popular, less attractive younger brother (and he’s almost always a he). In fact, it was hard to find a list for this article that… »10/07/15 1:23pmToday 1:23pm

Secret Wars #6 Review - Hamburgers and Lies

Hiya folks! It’s been two months since my last Secret Wars review/recap, but it was very much worth the wait! I gotta do my usual spoiler-proof opening paragraph though, so bear with me. Anyhoo, I watched The Flash season premiere last night, and while it wasn’t great, it wasn’t horrible either. I’m looking forward to… »10/07/15 12:35pmToday 12:35pm

AoS Megathread:  S3E2 - Purpose in the Machine

We are GO for AoS Megathread/Week 2. Please keep all appendages within vehicle boundaries, all comments in *this* article and recap links spoiler-free, and respect the spoiler standards of any linked threads. »10/07/15 11:00amToday 11:00am

This Is Not the Game I'm Looking For, and Some Batman Thoughts

NYCC week is here, which means a lot of work, but at least my day job is publishing its first print magazine for the event. Yay us! Besides that, lots of emailing, editing for future weeks, and planning personal stuff. Tomorrow is the EA Preview Event, where I’ll get to play the publisher’s upcoming line-up. »10/07/15 7:27amToday 7:27am

Jaws 19: This Time, It's Really, Really, Really Personal!

I’m not quite that old, but I imagine a lot of people have been waiting for October 2015 since 1989. Back to the Future 2, despite being a sci-fi comedy set a bar for what we expected this year to look like. And for the first 9 months, it didn’t deliver. But now we’re getting really close to the day Marty McFly… »10/06/15 5:01pmYesterday 5:01pm

Early Wednesday Android Update - Marshmallow, Motorola, and other tidbits Edition

Ladies and gentlmen, Marshmallow is here! It looks amazing and I swear once I work up the nerve to flash the factory image on my mom’s Nexus 9 (as my attempts at sideloading the OTA update all failed, which is beyond odd) I will write a review of it. From what I can tell though we all should want this update and to… »10/06/15 4:29pmYesterday 4:29pm