It’s Classic Monsters Week on Something Wicked!!!

Happy October, horror fans!!! This month we’ll be counting down the weeks until Halloween with some themed posts. This week it’s classic monsters - werewolves, vampires, zombies, and so on. Whether you’re into monster lore, classic movies, or fresh takes, let’s talk about it here. »10/04/15 4:17pmToday 4:17pm

Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 3: Under the Lake Discussion Thread

As of this writing the third episode of the new Doctor Who series 9 is about to start in 25 minutes. It’s starting far later then it normally does because for whatever reason, the BBC gives higher priority to a reality show called Strictly Come Dancing then it does to one of its most beloved shows worldwide.
»10/03/15 2:55pmYesterday 2:55pm

Lake Mungo: Masterful Mockumentary with a Sci-fi Twist

The only non-day job productive thing I really did this week was watch an old After Dark Horrorfest movie called Lake Mungo, a brilliant little mockumentary set in Australia, that not only emulates a documentary in every sense of the word, but also offers a fantastic sci-fi twist that pretty much holds the film… »10/03/15 2:02pmYesterday 2:02pm

Wolfen (1981)

There are a few old werewolf movies that I want to watch this year for Halloween season. American Werewolf in London, Silver Bullet, and Wolfen. Another favorite from when I was a kid and it played all the time on cable. Directed by Michael Wadleigh. Starkly shot and starkly scripted. It’s pretty gritty. »10/02/15 2:11pmFriday 2:11pm

What is the Worst Stephen King Adaptation?

I was listening to the shitbirds at CraveOnline trash Silver Bullet and it made me wonder which Stephen King movies were actually the worst. I was happy to see the Silver Bullet fans strike back in the Youtube comments and call the Crave douchebags out for being know-nothing douchebags. What is your worst Stephen King… »10/02/15 2:06pmFriday 2:06pm