Comic Book Creators With Incredibly Long Runs

So recently, I’ve been looking into comic book writers and artists who had incredibly long, unbroken runs on books. Normally, a writer may stay on for a year or two and then decide to move to another book — or an artist may be assigned another book, depending on whether one book is cancelled or put as a higher… » 7/29/15 2:57am 33 minutes ago

Kaiju Marathon XIV: Gojira-Minira-Gabara: Ōru Kaijū Daishingeki

If Destroy All Monsters is one of the most renowned Godzilla films, All Monsters Attack (better known in the West as Godzilla’s Revenge) is assuredly among the least. A bizarre turn in the franchise produced on the cheap and self-consciously aimed at children, the film has long laid ignobly at the bottom of many a… » 7/29/15 2:43am 47 minutes ago

Attention Fifth Element-Heads: Russian Girl Sings Impossible Opera

Who knew Russia had stuff besides vodka and incredibly bad drivers in dashcam YouTube videos? This kid nails the Fifth Element opera that was supposedly impossible for human vocal chords to report.http://damn.com/girl-sing-5th-... » 7/29/15 1:06am Today 1:06am

Person of Interest Reruns Will Air on WGN, Starting This September.

Good news for fans of Person of Interest (and I imagine the people involved in the show). Despite CBS being half-stupid and only renewing this awesome show for a short 13 episode 5th season instead of a full 22, the show has gone into syndication and will be airing on WGN weeknights in September. » 7/29/15 12:01am Today 12:01am


While I was trying to find info on an obscure game console called the Halcyon, I came across these vintage episodes of The Computer Chronicles — produced by KCSM from 1983 to 2002 in Mountain View, CA, now the home of the Googleplex. These shows are a real treasury of weird, kludgey old technologies that were almost… » 7/28/15 1:34pm Yesterday 1:34pm

Android Update: Massively Rewritten Edition!

UPDATE! So due to tons of additional information that has come about in the last few hours and during my lunch break I have decided to rewrite the post mostly in full, minus the OnePlus Two stuff. Please read it in full if you’re so inclined so as to get the most up to date information possible that I can share with… » 7/28/15 10:36am Yesterday 10:36am