Most Controversial (Fake) Scientific Breakthroughs

What comes to mind first? Soylent, while I personally think their founder is a nut job and most likely wrong, I don’t believe he is trying to scam anyone. His ego truly believes in his product. Next I suppose you could suggest anything built by Lucius Fox or Tony Stark, like the city wide cell phone surveilance in The… »9/03/15 1:15pm52 minutes ago

Mr. Robot - 1.1o - Nothing happens & the sheep come out to play

There has been an underlying flaw inside the Mr. Robot since the start, since the announcement that they were essentially doing the same plot as Fight Club. The question which was on my mind, up to this point, was whether it was a Persian flaw or whether it was a fatal one. The finale did very little, but did reveal… »9/03/15 11:40amToday 11:40am

That Time Peyton Reed Trolled Star Wars Fans

Back on December 19, 2000, the independent radio program The Best Show On WFMU appeared to have scored a major scoop. An anonymous caller claiming to have worked extensively on both Star Wars — Episode I: The Phantom Menace and the upcoming Episode II before he was “unceremoniously let go” by “control freak” George… »9/02/15 9:51pmYesterday 9:51pm

Marvel Creative Committee is dead, long live Marvel Studios?

Something big just happened at Marvel Studios: Feige no longer has to answer to Isaac Perlmutter or any creative committee. I admit, while I don’t like Ike, it’s hard to tell what unpopular decisions are his and what one are Feige’s. Most of the blame for unpopular things, Wreight leaving or no black widow toys, from… »9/02/15 9:06pmYesterday 9:06pm

I Have No Concerns About The Captain America: Civil War Movie - A Rebuttal

This post is in reply to Mr. Bricken’s recent post over on the mothership, I Have Some Serious Concerns About The Captain America: Civil War Movie. There are large differences between the story line in the comics and what has been revealed about the plot of the movie. These differences should calm peoples’ fears about »9/02/15 4:11pmYesterday 4:11pm