The Pull List- 8/27/2015

Welcome to the Pull List, my weekly “vent about comics and share what you’ve bought” post. So a lot of great stuff this week. I picked this cover because I just love the visual, and the implication that it needs to be overkill on this level to take down Ninjak. Isn’t Valiant’s current output amazing? I’d be willing to… » 8/27/15 2:45pm Yesterday 2:45pm

Being a Superhero is far less easy than it used to be.....

And the skills required in a growing society for the job sound less impressive... but - on the bright side - office jobs don’t get you killed as much. Expect for the usual reasons office jobs kill you, which have a lot to do with aching backs and boredom... :D But if you’re one of the old time Superheroes, you better… » 8/27/15 1:54pm Yesterday 1:54pm

CND government orders Agriculture and Agri-Food Research Centre Library destroyed

Not content with ordering the closure of 7 out 11 of the department of Fisheries and Oceans Libraries the Canadian government has now turned its eye to Agricultural Research. Last week much of the scientific research material housed at Lethbridge’s Agricultural and Agri-Food Research Centre was thrown in the dumpster. » 8/26/15 8:36pm Wednesday 8:36pm

On Face Off It’s Gatekeepers and What They’re Guarding

On this week’s Face Off the contestants must create not only guardians for a variety of gates but also the creatures behind those gates. This time there is a wide range of quality between the Top and Bottom Looks. Who will know what it is to be roasted in the depths of the Slor? Spoilers ahead. » 8/26/15 1:12pm Wednesday 1:12pm