Scientists in Brazil have found an arachnid that lives in a cave  and lost its pigmentation...

Having read Lord of the Rings (or The Hobbit), they named the preciousssssss little spider daddy longlegs (ODeck never fails to correct out scientific mistakes... :) thanks Will) after Tolkien’s cave dweller. Not having read LotR or the Hobbit enough, they named it... Iandumoema smeagol. Which is wrong in so many ways… »Today 9:07am11/28/15 9:07am

Ever wanted to wear a piece of Future on your wrist?

Ripley’s watch from Aliens - which was a real watch that existed back in the days - is being brought back by Seiko in a special limited edition. I have a soft spot for watches. I’ve worn one since my first as a kid And I always will wear one. And this one is really cool. I can see why they used it in Aliens, the dull… »Thursday 8:31am11/26/15 8:31am