The Expanse Is Kind of Great [Few Spoilers]

As you guys may know, SyFy has released the first episode of The Expanse today. Following the varying mileage of Dark Matter and Killjoys, as well as the terrible weirdness that was Ascension last year, I was pretty apprehensive here. And even during the first 10 minutes of The Expanse, I wasn’t sure I liked it. But… »Yesterday 11:10pm11/28/15 11:10pm


Scientists in Brazil have found an arachnid that lives in a cave  and lost its pigmentation...

Having read Lord of the Rings (or The Hobbit), they named the preciousssssss little spider daddy longlegs (ODeck never fails to correct out scientific mistakes... :) thanks Will) after Tolkien’s cave dweller. Not having read LotR or the Hobbit enough, they named it... Iandumoema smeagol. Which is wrong in so many ways… »Yesterday 9:07am11/28/15 9:07am