Was 1982 The Best Movie Summer Ever?

Recently on the Dissolve podcast, the site’s writers debated what the best movie summer of all time was, with critic Keith Phipps nominating 1982 as his choice. I can’t argue with his logic. 1982 was a — maybe the — seminal year for modern genre movies, most of which came out between May and August, and many of which… » 5/24/15 6:53pm Today 6:53pm

Watch John Carpenter Promote The Thing On Letterman in 1982

Fresh from his success making Halloween and Escape From New York, John Carpenter appeared on Late Night With David Letterman on June 9, 1982 to promote “the King of Monster Movies,” his remake of 1951’s The Thing. Or as Dave calls it, “the story of a boy and his dog.” The accompanying clip has been excised, but this » 5/24/15 1:43pm Today 1:43pm

Defeating The Speed of Light

I spend a lot of time thinking. For the past fifteen years, my thoughts have been filled with how to get through death with my consciousness intact. I refuse to go the religion route, because it’s quite frankly a waste of time. So I’ve gone the science route. And while I have encountered many people — primarily… » 5/23/15 7:44pm Yesterday 7:44pm