Ask Me Anything About Occupational Health and Safety or Animals

Hey everybody! I’m Mythbri and I work in occupational health and safety. I currently serve as the safety officer for a manufacturing plant, and earlier this year I was certified as an Occupational Health and Safety Technologist by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. I act as the Radiation Safety Officer and… » 8/28/15 10:30am 19 minutes ago

Iceland's capital Reykjavik now has a Darth Vader Street...

Unfortunatly it’s not actually called that but uhm... *copy and paste*: Svarthöfði. (Which apparently means “Black Head” and is not racist, but the Icelandic name for the Dark Lord.) It’s a bit obscure for the rest of the world, but still. Come to Hoth Iceland. They have cookies.
» 8/28/15 9:42am Today 9:42am

More Chapter Fives Than you Can Shake a Stick At!

Are you tired of the perfidious ways of SJWs and their social-justice-seeking ilk? Sick of hearing about “privilege” and “racism” and “misogyny” and “hey maybe everything’s not about you man”? Dislike John Scalzi for no particular reason but have been afraid of the repercussions from Twitter nobs? Looking for a… » 8/28/15 8:39am Today 8:39am

The Pull List- 8/27/2015

Welcome to the Pull List, my weekly “vent about comics and share what you’ve bought” post. So a lot of great stuff this week. I picked this cover because I just love the visual, and the implication that it needs to be overkill on this level to take down Ninjak. Isn’t Valiant’s current output amazing? I’d be willing to… » 8/27/15 2:45pm Yesterday 2:45pm

Being a Superhero is far less easy than it used to be.....

And the skills required in a growing society for the job sound less impressive... but - on the bright side - office jobs don’t get you killed as much. Expect for the usual reasons office jobs kill you, which have a lot to do with aching backs and boredom... :D But if you’re one of the old time Superheroes, you better… » 8/27/15 1:54pm Yesterday 1:54pm