Liam Hemsworth Could Have Been Thor, If It Hadn't Been For Joss Whedon

Hollywood works in funny ways. Apparently, both Hemsworth brothers tried out for Thor, and Chris botched his first audition, taking him out of the final running for the titular role until Joss Whedon—who had worked with the elder brother on Cabin in the Woods—made a call to Kenneth Branagh and asked him to give Chris… »Yesterday 4:07pm11/25/15 4:07pm

bangishotyou's best cheap smartphones holiday gift guide (UPDATED x3)

That’s right, folks, to make up for the lack of posts over the past month or so I’m kicking this one off with a bang and giving you a pic of a ferret in a stocking right off the bat. But seriously this one was a bit overdue and I hadn’t done one of these in a few years and after seeing that horrible post Giz put out… »Tuesday 2:17pm11/24/15 2:17pm