Revisiting Buffy: "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and "The Harvest"

So with all the current discussion going on about Supergirl and Imperator Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road, I was feeling nostalgic about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Here was a character who was strong and yet girly at times, who worried about boys and being liked and also about vampires and saving the world from the… » 5/22/15 12:20am Today 12:20am

Serenada would have liked this - "Supernatural" song parody

Hannah and Hilly Hindi (that’s their real names) have been making names for themselves in nerd-dom making great parody music videos of geeky properties like Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings. This is their take on the TV series Supernatural and Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. Stay tuned to the end. » 5/22/15 12:16am Today 12:16am

Community Learning: Conflict and the Paintball Economy. 3WB Analysis

Two episodes, one paper, and now that I got that out of the way, my co-author, Dr. Stronzo Bestiale and I apologize for not covering the show in two weeks. Three weeks (or maybe four?) and hands, road trips and paint-ball busting got in the way. But we will cover it all. No reason to panic!
» 5/21/15 8:06pm Yesterday 8:06pm

Re: Reader-Run Subdomains

In 2013, when Gawker Media sites moved to the new Kinja platform, a set of reader forums—including Groupthink on Jezebel, Observation Deck on io9, and Opposite Lock on Jalopnik—moved with them. Other reader sites sprang up on the same model. The result was a group of reader-run sites on Gawker Media website domains,… » 5/21/15 2:52pm Yesterday 2:52pm

You're usual Wednesday Android Update has been delayed...

I have a post I’ve been working on for the past two days which should be ready for tomorrow, it’s rather lengthy and I want to make sure it’s as perfect or as close to perfect as I can make it before posting it. (Also, I was really busy at work yesterday, thus the reason for you all only receiving the friendly notice… » 5/21/15 12:55pm Yesterday 12:55pm

Transformers Already Takes Place In A Shared Universe

Am I the only one surprised by how many people are against Transformers being in a shared universe? After taking a long sigh and reflecting on how sad it was that I knew all this, I’ve decided to burst your bubbles (replacement bubbles on the way) because Transformers already takes place in a shared universe. » 5/21/15 11:05am Yesterday 11:05am