The Most Exciting Comic Events at Comic-Con

I’m as excited about Star Wars and The Walking Dead as the next nerd, but when you go to San Diego Comic-Con and commit yourself to Hall H and Ballroom 20 panels, you don’t just miss out on precious, precious sleep; you miss out on all the other wide and varied programming the con has to offer. So here’s what I’m… » 6/29/15 8:38pm Today 8:38pm

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell - Series Review

A strange mini-series, to be sure, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell was at times exciting, riviting TV and at others plodding and formulaic. The highs reached for the stars, while the lows were humdrum in the extreme. But, when all is said and done, when the books are balanced, where does the show find itself.
» 6/29/15 8:02am Today 8:02am

Graphic Novels Shed Light On Lives Of 'Handcuff King', Anarchists

A great graphic novel can deliver emotion, drama, and information in a more succinct, and possibly a more powerful manner than a traditional novel, which offers more details and greater scope of a subject. They’re just different mediums. Graphic novels can offer a satisfying glimpse that wets the reader’s appetite for… » 6/28/15 12:10pm Yesterday 12:10pm