I’m updating my post because there’s now a higher resolution version of the trailer. Here’s my shot-by shot breakdown of the entire thing.

We start off with Nardole staring through what could be a jagged hole, but I now think is the inside of a black cloth bag. Based off the costume, this seems to be from the same episode we’ll see a bit later with the primitive face tattoo people.

Then we get a pyramid. The pyramid may be from the Mars episode (showing what the planet was like when it had a more Earth-like atmosphere and the Ice Warrior civilization was at it’s peak.) or possibly the Truth Monk episode, which also seems to have some pyramid imagery. There appears to be a smaller white structure in the forest as well.

This honeycomb planet is the home of a geiser monster we’ll see later. It’s unlikely to be Mars because the Doctor and pals are later seen fleeing back to the TARDIS without space suits. Note the strange beast skeleton to the left.

What looks like a guy in a white suit and one of the Emoji-bots trudge through a field of grain followed by a black swarm. We’ll see this swarm later in the futuristic city. They could be bees, alien bees, or some sort of pollinating drones.

And this space station is probably either from the Daleks vs. Movellans episode or episode 4, “The Haunted Hub”.


Next we get several shots from the Emoji-bot episode. During the brief shot of the city, we see the black swarm again.

More speculation... The speaking in emoji thing may have a possible link to Gus from Mummy on the Orient Express, as the computers there used the same symbols. Also, at least one episode this season is written by Jamie Mathieson, who wrote Mummy on the Orient Express , so finishing up the Gus plotline for Moffat’s final season may have been on his to do list.


Next, we get Bill in a spacesuit exclaiming “Mars!” and The Doctor saying “1814" so that’s two episode locations sorted.

Next, we get Nardole, The Doctor, and Bill menaged by a bunch of face tattoo people, while Nardole observes “Nice here, isn’t it?”
These face tats look different from Kahler-Jex from A Town Called Mercy, so if they’re aliens or survivors of some failed Earth expedition, they’re probably a new bunch we haven’t met before.
There’s an incredibly brief scene of Bill wearing a red T-shirt with some mud or something on her shoulder. This outfit doesn’t seem to show up in any of the other clips so these scenes are probably from their own separate episode.

Then there’s a shot of the underside of the “Hub” space station we saw earlier.

Then Bill asks “So, how do we stay out of trouble?” and we get a shot of a giant underwater eyeball and the jaws of a big-ass fish monster. There will be a shot later that pretty much confirms this is from the 1814 episode.

Next, Nardole tells someone (presumably The Doctor in the 1814 episode) that “This is naughty”

And we get a shot of a Dalek on the spacecraft seen in the previous trailer firing at our mysterious “water woman” seen during the first block of outdoors filming for the first and second episode. She appears to be completely unphased by the blast and is reverse-dripping water (it’s running up and into her body) with a few arcs of electricity and she stares back at the Dalek and says “Exterminate.”

My guess would be she’s some sort of terrible bioweapon left over from the Time War, or something the Movellans cooked up to battle their ancient adversaries.

While she’s clearly on the spaceship here, we know scenes were filmed with her floating a few feet above the ground advancing towards Bill on the grounds of “Bristol University.” There were also several shots involving water and puddles in this episode, so liquid is clearly her thing.


Next we get a brief snippet of people with guns shielding their eyes from a bright light, followed by a shot of the futuristic Emoji planet building flaring white in what’s possibly a big explosion. Presumably, both scenes are from the same episode.

Next we get The Doctor standing in front of a huge spikey door and saying in voice-over “Something’s coming Bill, and I have the feeling we’re going to be very busy” as something slams into the door. The door looks ancient, but it’s got a futuristic lock with red LEDs on it, and the spikes have what appears to be Gallifreyan writing on them. Never a good sign.
Oddly, there appears to be an ashtray and a bucket on a chair to the immediate right, and a portrait and a tea set to the left, so it certainly looks like this door is somewhere on Earth.

Next we get Truth Monks walking down a corridor...

David Suchet’s “Landlord” character holding a tuning fork and saying “it’s time”...

An emoji bot going from happy to murder face...

Missy in a brand new outfit that looks like something Sarah Jane would wear. The walls are an interesting pattern that don’t seem to match any other scenes.

This creepy-ass thing peeking around a wooden door. (It’s definitely not an angel, we see it move.) I have no idea what episode it’s from, but probably not the 1814 one, because that’s got some sort of underwater creature.

The Doctor and random UN troops standing at a check point while the Doctor puts on his shades and says “Bring it.” While the troops are UN, the guy standing next to him appears to have a UNIT insignia on his beret.

Then more Truth monks reaching for the camera...

The Doctor getting force-punched across the inside of a pyramid-shaped room after trying to sneak up on a guy sitting on a golden cube. Those guys in the red uniforms in the background are the “Memory Police” seen during the filming of the Truth Monks episode, so we know this is definitely from that story.

The Doctor punching out a science guy in a blue suit next to a heliocentric model of the solar system. This is from the 1814 episode, obviously.

Then these guys in space suits and The Doctor warning Bill “You’re about to be exposed to the vacuum of space.” Bill does not look happy about it, but these three appear to be dead. We see two of them floating through the vacuum of space a few seconds earlier.

Then we get more rapid fire shots of a Mondasian Cyberman...

The new Ice Warrior “Queen” from Gatiss’ episode set on Mars...

Nardole running around an exploding spaceship with a familiar looking object in hand...

Missy standing inside a bluish-purple glowing cube thing that I’m going to go out on a limb and say is probably some sort of force field cage.

The Doctor, Bill and Nardole fleeing towards the TARDIS while a geyser shoots up from the ground to form a creepy alien face on the honeycombed planet we saw before...

Another Truth Monk, but this one is in the library set we saw in the earlier teaser trailer. There’s also a better shot later of the floor pattern, which is also from this episode.

The Doctor enjoying himself on a cool looking submarine or sea base, presumably from the 1814 episode.

Then we get a shot of either the Doctor or the TARDIS propelling a sonic screwdriver through the air, much like the end of last season, only this time, it’s Nardole who catches it and looks confused/disappointed that it’s clearly the old classic model that the 4th 5th Doctor used to carry!

Finally, we get Bill running towards the Doctor across an icy courtyard (from 1814 episode) where he’s wearing the diving suit from the underwater scene with the giant eye.

And then the Doctor trys to rush past some Truth Monks with what looks like a laptop. Note the library and floor pattern.

And we end on the “A Time For Heroes” tag and the shot of The Doctor and crew running through an exploding library seen during the previous teaser trailer, which looks like it may actually be from an episode.