On Friday’s episode, we get the Grimm version of a classic monster story, while Eve deals with death grip stuff and Renard tries to learn more about Diana’s drawings.   Spoilers after the break.

The episode starts with Nick, Eve, Monroe and Rosalee trying to figure out what the date from the future could mean, and Monroe offering an idea about a past astrologist who may have been a Grimm, which is that some of the constellations aren’t animals, but wesen.

Interesting theory, and probably worth a book deal since people are always looking for new ways to interpret the stars to figure out their futures. It’s been a long night and Nick decides he needs to go home, but Eve decides she can’t keep staying with him and Adalind and wants Diana to get her bed back. So since there’s still plenty of research, she asks if she can stay at the spice shop, and Rosalee lets her know there’s a cot, and go ahead.

During a research break, she makes the mistake of picking up a mirror...

On the plus side, she was able to woge again which hopefully means she can access her hexenbiest powers again, which could come in handy very soon when that date from the future gets closer. On the minus side, she’s knocked out and bleeds onto the mirror, and Nick spends almost the rest of the episode waiting for her to wake up, leaving Hank and Wu to work a case without him. Hope it doesn’t involve wesen...

And yes, he did just weirdly refer to her as Juliette instead of Eve. Hopefully that’s not Diana’s doing.


Hank and Wu work a case that starts with a dead researcher, and leads to her former colleagues, and a man who works at the cemetery and sells bodies he was supposed to cremate. Bodies whose fingerprints show up at the crime scene.

In an interesting Grimm twist on a classic monster tale, a Dr. Shelly used arms and legs of the dead bodies, who happened to be wessen and the members of Black Claw that Nick killed, to bring his son back to life after a car crash killed him. The good news is it worked, the bad news is he’s now got 4 different wesen limbs and it drove him crazy, and he’s killing the researchers who did this to him.

After the second researcher (and former found member of Jeffster) is killed while destroying evidence of what he was involved in, Hank and Wu find the flash drive he dropped while dying and see the video he hadn’t erased, revealing what they all did. It’s alive! And it has 4 different woges!

After realizing what they’re dealing with, Hank and Wu head off to warn the 2 still living researchers, and find them both at Dr. Shelly’s home. His now 4-limbed wesen son shows up, and a fight ensues, but this time Dr. Shelly is able to do what he couldn’t before, and put his son out of his misery and let him have his eternal rest.

The doctor then tries to kill himself, but Hank stops him, because someone has to explain what the hell happened, and it’s not going to be him.


At the hospital, Eve wakes up and tells Nick, whatever is happening, they don’t have much time before it gets here.

There’s also a moment where Monroe has a nightmare that Rosalee goes into labor and the babies keep popping out, way more than just the triplets they were expecting, and he’s still shaken up about it when after he’s woken up.

Renard has Diana’s drawing and video chats some lady in Siberia to ask about it.

She says she’ll call him back when she knows more, and now Renard knows about as much as anyone else, that it points to some event in the future. But also that if Diana was able to see it, she could be involved somehow.

Isn’t that nice? He’s got a picture of his daughter at work.


At first I thought the nightmare was Rosalee’s but maybe Monroe had the nightmare because he’s the one who touched the mirror.

I liked the twist on the Frankenstein story with the body parts being taken from wesen, and apparently if they’re reanimated, they can still woge. Would have been more interesting to see the kid learn to control it but oh well.

I thought the line from the cemetery guy about reporting the dead body sales on his taxes was funny, and timely since most W-2s have arrived in the mail.

So is Eve still Eve, or is she Juliette again, and also now Juliette as a hexenbiest again? Which might not be so good for everyone, although Diana could probably take her on if she goes out of control.


Wonder if there was a production related reason they needed Nick to be “at Eve’s bedside” for most of the episode.

What did you all think?

(Gifs from dailygrimm.tumblr & Grimm Wiki, and they also have some interesting trivia about the episode)