On last night’s Grimm, Nick, Hank, and Wu have to work a case that takes them away from the stuff we actually care about like what’s happening with Renard, HW and Black Claw. Spoilers after the break.

I know a lot of viewers feel this way about the procedural part every week, but for the most part I’m good with it, and they can often be interesting. But this week’s really felt like it was getting in the way of finding out Renard’s decision on whether or not to run for mayor, Eve’s suspicions of Renard and how much he knew about Dixon’s assassination, and ongoing fight between HW & Black Claw. But first, the case.


The killer is a wesen named Malcolm who happens to be a photographer for models. So he finds someone he thinks is attractive, takes legitimate model pictures of them, but also gives them what is probably spiked water so they fall asleep. Then he woges into a nasty looking creature, and basically sucks the youth out of them, stores it in his cheeks, and then spits it out into a container. Here’s the wesen and his first victim of this episode (so just the first we’re seeing).

He then gives the “liquid youth” to a doctor Forbes who puts it into a formula and sells as a “miracle cream” called FOY (as Nick later points out “Fountain of Youth”).

As for the model, she seems fine at first, but a few hours later dies from rapid aging. Here’s the before:

And the after:

Malcolm had given the doctor only 2 rules: don’t use the product on himself, and keep it low profile. Dr. Forbes admits to having tried it already to make sure it worked but promises not to again. Then immediately uses some once Malcolm is gone. He also puts out a commercial, breaking the second rule.

This creates a big increase in demand, so Dr. Forbes demands more of the liquid youth from Malcolm, who this time picks a male model. After a second victim shows up, and more cases of rapid aging disease are found, Nick and Hank ask Monroe and Rosalee to help identify what kind of wesen can do this. It turns out to be a musasat alsh-shabab, a wesen of Arabic origin. Using the liquid youth creates an addiction, and causes the user to eventually turn into a monster. The Grimm who added the entry mentions that by killing it too soon, he wasn’t able to find out who was buying the liquid youth from it.


So Rosalee goes to the clinic pretending to be a potential patient, the doctor is overly eager about the cream and offers some, even though it’s supposed to just be a consultation. Malcolm shows up, so Nick, Hank and Monroe go in to get Rosalee out, and a fight ensues. The doctor, having used way too much of his own product in a very short period of time, goes insane and kills Malcolm before dying of what is basically a youth overdose. Here’s a clip.

Now to the important parts of the show. It starts off with Nick spending some time with Kelly and even trying to encourage him to start talking.

How great would it be if Kelly’s first word really was “Grimm”? It’s one less syllable than daddy or mama, and certainly easier than saying “Zauberbiest”, as cute as that would be too.

Nick then gets a call, which Adalind answers from him, allowing her a chance to talk with Eve for a couple seconds, before handing the phone to Nick who is requested to show up at HW HQ. Eve tells Nick that Renard was either set up to kill Marwan or was in on the whole thing, and that she’s sure he’ll decide to run for mayor. But for now, she doesn’t need him to do anything, so she had him drive all the way out there for nothing she couldn’t have just said over the phone.

Renard calls Nick and Hank into his office to tell them he’s been called upon by Dixon’s team to run in his place, and to ask if they’ll back him up if he does. They bring up the important points like that if he wins, he’ll have to resign as captain and whoever replaces him won’t know about all the wesen things going on. But despite that, Nick says they’ll back him if that’s what he wants. Maybe he can suggest Hank for captain. It can’t be Nick, he needs to be out there working cases, and if they put Wu in an office they’ll lose the guy who does most of the work.

At this point, Nick and Hank get a message from Wu about the case, but talk to each other about what they think. Hank was there when the tip about Marwan came in, and saw Renard was just as surprised. He also reminds Nick that Renard was with them at the warehouse where they all got ambushed (and then saved by Eve). Nick agrees it’s possible Renard didn’t know about any of it, and is just taking advantage of an opportunity that came up, but until they know for sure they should keep an eye out and not say anything to anyone else.


Eve, while resting in her bunk, recalls the magic hexenbiest hat and potion that Juliette used to turn into Adalind, and it turns out she still has it, so she works some magic, and adds a hair sample.

After Nick and Hank have solved the case, and presumably kept up their creative writing skills in filing the report, they head to a press conference being held in the station. It’s Renard, announcing that he’s running for mayor, in order to honor Andrew Dixon (which I think he really does intend to, even if he knows Andrew was set up to die by Rachel). Nick and Hank clap along, but also realize they’ll have to figure out just what Renard is up to, and how much he knew or now knows.

Back at HW, Eve has completed the potion, and smokes it from the hat. She then starts to change, and when she turns around, we see the (probably familiar) chest of Sean Renard. There’s a quick moment where it’s still Eve’s head at the top, but then the transformation is complete and she’s now able to impersonate the captain. We’ll have to wait til the next episode to see what she does with her disguise.

Looks like she got to keep the spell book too.


I think blobfish has been dethroned as ugliest woge-face to look at. And if not, the whole storing in cheeks thing is much grosser.


Renard is really putting himself in danger by not going to HW first and offering to run for mayor but also infiltrate Black Claw in exchange for having Diana returned to him.

It’ll be interesting to see if Eve disguised as Renard can also woge into his half-zauberbiest face, if it ends up being necessary.

Even though he’s needed on pretty much every case, I would like to see Wu nominated to be the new captain when Renard is elected mayor. They definitely need someone in the know to be in charge. And the show won’t be quite the same if Nick is stuck in an office most of the time.

What did you all think?

(Wesen and character names found on the Grimm Wiki. Nick with Kelly gifs found at sssssssim.tumblr).