See what I did there? Minor Spoilers for Crimson Peak - not that it matters much, it’s - not really that kind of movie. The big twist at the end, which I won’t spoil, is telegraphed from miles away. But that doesn’t matter. It is - such - a - gorgeous movie.... A film that grabs you and pulls you under and it doesn’t really matter because that’s exactly what you want to do.

Crimson Peak is the most atmospheric horror movie in a very long while... I know. Who would have guessed it from a DelToro movie, right? ;) Absolutely everything works together in this... Let me tell you, I’m normally one of those people that, when the Oscar show comes is like “OK. I’m sure sound design is a very important and difficult thing but... I really can’t tell if that film deserves the award....” This years it’s different. I know my favourite in that category... Every moan, creak, howl and scream in CP adds to the feeling of being right there. Every frame photographed is a work of art. The use of colour alone is breathtaking... And not just Red, even though red is highly present of course.

This is how you update a horror movie. Modern day effects used complementary to the atmosphere building that has worked since the start of cinema. (And Doug Jones. Always Doug Jones, even though of course you wouldn’t know before the end credits.... :) )

Great acting, too. Wasikowska as damsel in distress - who does get her chance to fight back in the end, is pretty good, ... ;)

But Hiddleston and Chastain are outstanding. Him the conflicted soul, guilt ridden and her...... Let’s just say she’s doing an excellent psychopath.... :)

Charlie Hunnam stays a bit two dimensional, but that’s more or less his characters job, so... :)

The only thing I don’t know is why the hell this doesn’t come out in two weeks - it already played on one of the smaller screens in my multiplex, so there’s a chance it may already be gone from some cinemas come Halloween. And it is the ultimate Halloween movie!

So have some tea... (or... maybe you shouldn’t.......)

... and go see it if you like anything about scary movies at all.

Oh and if you need an extra incentive...

PS - in case you are a dog person...... you will like - most of the movie... Maybe not the ending, though.....