Friday’s Grimm was a real detective story with multiple suspects, an undercover operation, and even a red herring. Spoilers after the break.

The episode opens with a guy returning to his hotel room, after getting complaints about the noise he’s been making, from the manager and a neighbor across the hall. He goes into his room, nails his windows and doors shut and sleep with a hammer in his hand.

But it’s not enough...

The next morning, he wakes up having been attacked, and storms out of the hotel, where he ends up killing a good samaritan who was just trying to help.

After being put on the case, Nick and Hank end up at the hotel, arrest the killer, and meet some of the other residents.

There’s the manager.

The maintenance guy.

And the angry neighbor from across the hall.

And the old man in the wheelchair that hangs out at the end of the hall and maybe isn’t as feeble as he looks...

After the killer, identified as Dan Wells, is booked, he tells them about a scary creature, and even though he tries to attack Nick and Hank and is taken down, he did manage to tell his story to the only 2 detectives that would believe him.

After finding out he doesn’t have a history of violence, the boys decide to hit the books and see what kind of wesen they’re dealing with this time. And Monroe has heard of this one, it’s called an Alpe (pronounced like the Swiss Mountains), and they eat sleep, which eventually drives the victim insane, which happened to Monroe’s aunt.

Back at the precinct, Nick and Hank do some research on the hotel and find there’s a history of people driven insane to the point of murder or suicide, and surmise the Alpe has been using the Englewood Hotel as a buffet.

They then look up the name of the old man in the hallway, Charles Lynk. Middle name Herring. So he’s obviously not the Alpe.

And then Wu comes in with the name of the hotel’s owner, Beverly Garwood, and some sass.

They call Beverly Garwood and she tells them she just owns the place, but she leaves it to the manager and maintenance man to take care of the day to day operations.

Then, the Alpe claims another victim, and her insanity driven trip to death ends up a lot shorter than the last guy.

So now that they know that they’re dealing with a wesen that eats sleep, and detects sleep through melatonin, it’s time for another undercover adventure with Monroe. After Rosalee shoots him up with so much melatonin he can barely stay awake, he checks into the hotel, sets up a camera and then falls asleep pretty easily. And the trap works. Sort of.

Nick and Hank have some trouble getting to him, but once they do, it turns out each shelf has a hidden entrance behind it to a passageway that runs within the hotel. It’s better to just watch these clips than read a description of it (they overlap a little).

And as you can see at the end, Charles Lynk isn’t just a Herring by name, he’s an actual red herring wesen.

Looks like everyone else will be sleeping well that night.

Other happenings in this episode include Renard being paid a visit by the Black Claw representative he’d been speaking to on the phone and telling him their partnership is through.

He then gets paid a visit by Meisner, but this time he’s a helpful ghost. He warns him that there are 2 men waiting to ambush him in the garage and even helps take care of them.

Looks like being a ghost has its advantages...

Looks like telling Black Claw to get the hell out of his office was a good thing.


And on the “what the hell is up with that stick” side of things, Rosalee and Eve, with a little help from Monroe but mostly them, figure out the symbols on the cloth are constellations and that their positioning indicates a date. Maybe even when the stick originated from. Or so they think.

Turns out the symbols point to a date in the future! March 24th, 2017.

And that happens to be a Friday, and the air date of the 2nd to last episode of Grimm! Looks like something big is going to happen then!


I appreciated the red herring being an actual red herring wesen. Good on you Grimm, it’s the last season, have some fun with it.


So I guess Meisner is definitely a real ghost since he’s able to affect other people. Either that or Renard has some powers he can only use when he thinks he’s being haunted.

The Englewood Hotel’s owner, Beverly Garwood, may have been a tribute to Beverly Garland, who owned a hotel that shared her name, in Hollywood. Except she probably wasn’t an Alpe secretly eating the sleep of her guests.

I enjoyed the gradual process of elimination in figuring out who the Alpe was, and that just because the manager wasn’t one, didn’t mean he couldn’t be a Hundjager.

What did you all think?

(Gifs courtesy of dailygrimm.tumblr & Grimm Wiki, also the source for character and wesen names and that picture of the red herring).