So sorry for the rushed post last night; I really should have put it in cold storage until I had more time to properly craft a written section to go along with it. To that end, I'm editing the post from last night (comments will remain intact) to more fully explain what I was thinking.

I stumbled across these designs in my ramblings last night and thought they were visually interesting enough to share with the O-Deck. I actually just copied and pasted the headline they appeared under, "A Superior Take on the Hawkeye Initiative" as the headline of my post... which, a few commenters pointed out, is not necessarily the case.

First of all, thank you all for your feedback. You have all hit the nail on the head in regards to these redesigns (I don't think I need to state that they are fan-created, but this is me stating it just in case someone out there gets confused by the images). The redesigns do address the problems that female superheroes' costumes often run into, which is, mainly, that they often leave important bits (or acres) of skin exposed to draw in the male gaze. Tale as old as time. I agree with you that the designs are a little TOO conservative in some cases, falling prey to the classic blunder of going too far in the opposite direction and making the ladies look as if they're outfitted for a polar expedition.


Of all of these designs, Psylocke and Electra seem the most fitted to their redesigns, as their new look actually looks like something a ninja would wear. Supergirl's redesign is pretty good as well, but the slacks don't really fit with the established color theme. It's perfectly okay to let parts of the outfit be form fitting. If the Injustice video game and the New 52 comics have shown us anything, it's that you can have effective form-fitting armor.

The main issue in this, as always, is that in doing this, we're calling attention to the fact that female superheroes are consistently drawn differently from their male counterparts; covering them up like they're on their way to morning prayers is just as egregious as having them fight Darkseid in a thong and pasties. There HAS to be a middle ground somewhere. Wonder Woman is a perfect example of how armor on a female superhero can be done; hell, Zack Snyder seems to be pulling heavily from Xena in the new Superman flick for WW's costume, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Anyone out there on the O-Deck have any visually striking redesigns squirreled away on your hard drives or sketch pads? Break 'em out! Let's talk about it!