Friday’s Grimm picks up from last week’s with any possible homicide charges against Sean Renard dropped, leaving him still in charge of the Portland PD, and about to become the mayor, and Nick still a wanted man. What’s a Grimm to do? Turns out he’s got a plan. Spoilers after the break.

The episode picks up with Monroe in the spice shop, finding himself having to duck a police search. Lucky for him, they don’t break in again, and he’s able to make his way back down to the gang and warn them.

The cops up top make it clear Renard is still very much intent on bringing in Nick, dead or alive with a preference for dead. Hank and Wu have some bad news too, they were asked to hand in their resignations (as seen last episode). Renard is cleaning house, making sure everyone still at the precinct is loyal to him, or at the very least not secretly working with Nick.


It turns out to be quite a day at the precinct the next day. First up, as requested/ordered, Hank and Wu hand in their resignations, although Hank is more casual about it. Wu gets very upset and nearly wolfs out at the station, but Hank is able to talk him down.

After that, Renard has a visitor, Jeremiah Rogers, the campaign advisor he didn’t start sleeping with. But that’s why he’s there, to talk about Rachel, and how he saw Renard enter her apartment and then leave minutes later. It turns out he’s the one who found the body and reported it, and he’s convinced Renard killed her since he’s not aware his daughter has the power to do so from the comfort of home.

He declares his love for Rachel, and decides that if Renard won’t be charged for any crime, he’ll pay for it with money. Renard calls in Lt. Grossante, and tells him he can be the new captain, once he’s proven his loyalty. After that, he shows up at Jeremiah’s home with a briefcase full of payment. Jeremiah lets him in, but only at gunpoint, and after refusing to reassure Renard this will be the last of it, he tells him guilty men don’t pay. And that’s when Renard tells him Jeremiah is the one who’s going to pay.

Grossante has now proven his loyalty to Renard, although he gets some blood splatter on his shirt, and seeing Jeremiah collapsing to his knees with his throat torn out gives Renard a flashback to when Meisner was dying and he shot him to put him out of his misery.


While Renard is busy doing Renard things, Nick has a plan on how to deal with him: by being him. He asks Eve to use the spell she used to transform herself into Renard, but this time he’ll be the one to do it. Adalind gets some of Renard’s hair for the spell and hands it and some of his clothes off to Monroe, who has to hide in the closet for a few minutes because Renard came back to change his bloody shirt (way to almost ruin the plan, Grossante). And Eve puts together the spell.

The spell is ready, but before Nick inhales 3 times, he’s interrupted. First by Rosalee, suggesting they check the book to make sure there won’t be any problems with a Grimm using the spell, which seems smart considering the side effects of Nick getting zombified, and of Juliette being part of the spell to restore his powers. But Nick isn’t willing to wait. Then Eve stops him, but for more practical reasons.

As she explains, Renard is bigger than Nick (mostly taller) so his clothes are going to feel very constricting after he transforms. So Nick strips down to his boxers and then breathes in the spell, and it works, but maybe too well.

So now Nick gets to experience what un-woging feels like, after being talked through it by Rosalee (after Monroe tries but is way too excited in his explanation).

After putting on Renard’s suite and tie (Monroe went with blue), getting used to his added height, and practicing his mannerisms, basically act like a cocky bastard, Nick is ready to impersonate him in public.

All they need is for the real Renard to stay home until the evening news. Adalind manages to keep him there after he’s changed and washed out the blood she said was in his hair. And she does it by bringing up a great point, that they need to figure out what to do about putting Diana in school. After all, Diana is very powerful and what happens if another kid tries to bully her and kills them with her mind, or if a teacher tries to put her in a timeout and ends up in a permanent one of their own? Those are actually good questions, and even Renard has to admit it’s worth being a little late to work and working through. Adalind manages to keep him there just long enough to see “himself” at a press conference, abdicating the mayorship after the massacre at the South Precinct made it clear he’s still needed in his duties as the captain. In addition to announcing his decision to stay on as captain, he also happens to mention that Detective Burkhardt was working under cover to find the culprit and that he’s not really being sought, and then thanks him for a job well done. The real Renard is not happy seeing this on his TV.

At the precinct ReNick (Renard who’s really Nick) shows up with Hank and Wu, to gather “his” files and computer from his office. Hank goes with him, while Wu stays back to keep the real Renard from going in, and he’s hoping to get the chance to do just that.

In his office, Grossante asks to speak to Renard regarding his recent announcement and how that affects their previous agreement for him to become captain. Nick tells him the deal was off because he got blood on him, and makes a new enemy for the real Renard to worry about later.

Before ReNick can leave the precinct, he’s surrounded by the press who have plenty of questions about his announcement. So he takes the opportunity to state he won’t be running for mayor again and will stay where he is, which is where he’s needed most. Gotta admit, this Renard really is doing what’s best for the city.

Then the real Renard shows up, but Wu manages to keep him in the parking lot by telling him he probably doesn’t want to go in because he’s already there.

Renard meets “himself” and tries to tell him his plan won’t work, until the press shows up again and he tries to tell them, unconvincingly, that that wasn’t him before and he’s not abdicating the mayorship, and also is he wearing a different tie from before?

Nick’s plan is going really well, except for one problem. While in Renard’s office, he had a moment of pain that passed. That was supposed to be the moment he turned back into himself but he didn’t, and it looks like he might be stuck as Renard. But with a suggestion from Eve, that also turns into an advantage and the Renards meet again, to “talk it out”.

After fighting, they really do talk it out. Sean reminds Nick that HW is dead in Portland, and Nick reminds Sean the same is true of Black Claw. Sean still wants to be mayor but that’s not going to happen. Sean doesn’t want to go down for the South Precinct massacre, and Nick doesn’t want to go down for Bonaparte’s murder. So Nick offers a solution: Bonaparte is responsible for the South Precinct massacre. They were corrupt and working for him but got greedy, so he went after them, and they retaliated. Nick gets reinstated, along with Hank and Wu, and things won’t exactly be the same, but they’ll figure it out. Nick also gets to raise his son, and Sean gets to raise his daughter, but Adalind goes with Nick, which Renard doesn’t argue. And if Renard sees another one of himself again, the deal is off and Nick is dead. He also reminds him that Diana is very powerful and wouldn’t like it if someone hurt her daddy. Good advice to remember.

After returning to the spice shop and letting everyone know the deal, with the additional note that Adalind will have to share custody of Diana and figure out visitation, the gang then get back to trying to undo the spell and return Nick to himself. That’s when Diana wakes up and asks why daddy looks all beat up. Nick pretends to be Renard and assures Diana that he’s all right. Which may have been a mistake, but one that works in Nick’s favor.

Everyone is happy that Nick is back to himself and everything is relatively back to normal, but Eve doesn’t seem very happy that her mom is with Nick instead of Sean...

Hopefully she’ll be understanding about her parents being happier separate than together, and that this means her little brother’s parents are together. Plus, separated parents means extra presents to try and be the favorite, at least Renard seems like the type to do that.


Speaking of, after a long day fighting himself, Renard heads home, and finds a very unexpected intruder waiting for him.

That’s right, it’s Meisner! Or Sean’s hallucinations are getting much worse. I guess we’ll find out next episode.


Adalind brings up a good points about what they’re going to do with Diana as she gets older, hopefully they address that again, especially now that she’s back with Nick but sharing custody with Sean.


Before this episode, it wasn’t clear that using the spell to become someone else includes any abilities they might have. Unless it only worked with Nick as a special case from being a Grimm.

Since Nick still has the super hearing and other heightened senses he got from being a temporary zombie (which he used this very episode), it will be interesting to see if he keeps any side effects from having been Renard. Maybe he’ll still be able to woge and get extra strength, which is on top of the strength he should still have as another ex-zombie side effect.

Looks like things are mostly back to normal with Renard as captain, Nick and Hank as his detectives and Sgt. Wu back on the job. But will he try to give them the crap assignments, or otherwise try to make their jobs less pleasant?


Black Claw was expecting Renard to still take control of Portland to make up for allowing Bonaparte to be killed. Is he still going to try and do that? It wouldn’t be like this is the first group he either double crosses or just backs out of an alliance with. He used to be allies with Meisner after all.

Speaking of backing out of deals, I look forward to the next time the real Renard sees Lt. Grossante.

What did you all think?

(Gifs courtesy of dailygrimm.tumblr, character names courtesy of Grimm Wiki).