Hey everybody, I ended up getting that new 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray of Aliens, with the art book and post cards. Sadly, I didn’t take advantage of the $10 pre-order price offered on Amazon that Katherine had let us know about a few weeks ago, but still under $15. So not a bad deal for the movie and the art book.

So here are real life (non-professional) pictures of the case, and contents. Starting with some new cover art.

In addition to the Blu-ray including both the theatrical and special edition versions of the movie, and the previously released extras, there’s an insert with a code to stream the new extra “The Inspiration of Aliens with Director James Cameron”, through FoxExtras.

So if you’ve read one of these posts of mine before, you might have been expecting this next part. The Blu-ray came with a code to redeem a digital copy of the movie. Since I already have a digital copy of the movie, if you’re in the US (or can fake it) and want my code, be the first in the comments to ask for it and it’s yours. I’ll also throw in the code for that Inspiration of Aliens piece with it.


ETA: if you had previously purchased the Special Edition of Aliens on iTunes, the new featurette will be part of the Extras for that.

As mentioned, the code will only work if you’re in the US, and your choices of redemption will be on Google Play or Vudu/Flixster (it’s UltraViolet so redeeming on either will give you a copy on both, as long as both accounts are linked to the same UV account).