After a month of teasing, the BBC have given us our first real glimpse of Peter Capaldi's first series of Doctor Who. Let's take a closer look, and see what we can find out about The Twelfth Doctor and Clara's latest adventures...

The Trailer opens just as the previous teasers have - the TARDIS console room, which was fine the last time we saw it (despite Twelve having no idea how to fly the damn thing) in The Time of The Doctor, all ablaze. Obviously something is going very wrong, very quickly for our recently regenerated friend.

But before that shot, we get a quick glimspe of a shadowy corridor:

You can't make out much, but there appears to be some cloaked figures making their way down it. Whoever could they be?

A quick close up of a distressed Clara cuts to the eyestalk of a Dalek... but it doesn't just appear to be any Dalek - maybe it's the unhinged one crying out to The Doctor in the earlier teaser? This one, unlike any Dalek we've seen, appears to have a pulsing, purple light emitting from it. As this Dalek declares that 'Life Returns', we cut to...

The TARDIS console room! And it's all orangey! Gone is the greeny-blue light that powered the Time Rotor since The Snowmen, giving this room a much warmer, darker lighting. Maybe this is what Twelve was talking about when he said that he didn't like the colour, rather than his Kidneys? This console room has also had a slightly homey redesign - although the room itself hasn't changed, The Doctor and Clara had put up a few knick knacks: bookshelves on the upper gantry, an artist's easel by the door (perhaps a subtle acknowledgement of Peter Capaldi's past as an art student?). It's certainly a lot less clinical and machinelike with just these few extra changes.

Clara's not sure who The Doctor is any more, but there's one thing we as an audience know for certain now: he's not got a new Sonic Screwdriver! His predecessor's bigger, green-lit screwdriver is seen in hand as The Doctor stares down an empty corridor. Lots of corridor's so far, how very classic-era Who!

RETURN OF THE CAPALDI STARE. Seriously, the man knows how to glare at a camera. But for once it's not this new Doctor's glaring skills we're looking at - he's wearing different clothes, a very Victorian-esque get up with that tie and stiff collar, with a black jacket. Considering the opening episode is set in Victorian times, perhaps The Doctor borrows this getup from Vastra and Co. during Deep Breath, after switching out of his, err... hobo clothes?

Speaking of Deep Breath, it looks like The Doctor's not going to get much of a post-regenerative break in Victorian London. This top-hatted gentleman doesn't appear to be a gentleman at all, but instead a creepy, mechanical robot covered in human skin (ew!!!). And he's got a flamethrower for a hand! That doesn't seem entirely practical, but I guess it works if you're a guest-monster in Doctor Who.

And speaking of Monsters, we get a little glimpse of this thing - a tiny, blue-eyed robotic creature. With those head fins, he almost looks like a robotic Graske (or, if you'll forgive the cross-fandom part of my brain, a robotic Turian from the Mass Effect games!), but who knows what it is yet. Little fella looks like he's up to no good though.

It's a veritable Carnival of Monsters! Here's another beastie that's going face-to-face with Twelve, a creepy looking tentacled alien. Shots of this monster were seen a few months ago during location filming, purportedly for a Moffat-penned episode rumoured to be called Listen, and it was a full-bodied creature suit, compared to the clothed (and seemingly imprisoned, looking at those restraints) being we see here. Is The Doctor interrogating it? Steven Moffat has promised some 'nasty, unpleasant' scenes in Series 8, maybe this is one of them...

Clara takes a dive from a mahoosive explosion!

It's incredibly dark in the trailer, but we can just about make out something stalking over the London skyline (just on the left of the Big Ben clock tower, if you're struggling to see it)... more on just what it could be later.

"I've made many mistakes... and it's about time that I did something about that." Ooh err. This new Doctor means business. In fact, just to show how much of a 'means business' kind of Time Lord that he is, when Clara asks where they're headed to, he responds:

Star Trek XII? Aside from the Into Darkness jokes, you can get another good look at The console room's new Bookshelves in this shot. The Doctor and Clara seem to have taken up quite a bit of between-adventure reading, it seems.

We already knew the Paternoster Gang were back in Series 8 - Blue Peter ran a contest last year for young fans to make sonic devices for the characters that would show up this year - in Deep Breath, the series opener. She's a bit chipper here, but it seems like Madame Vastra might be coming face to face with a distant Silurian cousin...

BECAUSE THAT'S TOTALLY A T-REX STOMPING AROUND VICTORIAN LONDON. And let's be honest, it looks a lot better than the last time Dinos attacked the Capital in Doctor Who, back in 1974's Invasion of the Dinosaurs. A, uhm... lot better. Naturally, the clear evolution of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is Dinosaurs attacking London!

In a series of blink and you'll miss it shots, a Dalek Saucer attacks a tiny little space fighter...

... a mysterious Knight - presumably from the Robin Hood-starring Robots of Sherwood, written by Mark Gatiss - charges the camera, a purple glow crossed into his helmet...

... The Doctor charges around on horseback! In a nightgown! In what was some of the first on-location shooting for Series 8 earlier this year!

... Clara, in a rather fetching suit, confronts a red-hooded figure (other red-cowled people in Doctor Who are available)...

... The Doctor gets into a bit of a horizontal situation in what looks like a ship's explosive decompression...

... and there's even more Daleks! They've all got the purply eyestalk, too!

Finally though, The Doctor - this time with a jumper under his new crombie coat, for those chillier nights in Time and Space- reiterates his question from the first teaser to Clara: Is he a good man?

And in a heart to heart (or should that be heart to hearts?) on the steps of the Console Room, she tells him: she just doesn't know. Oh dear. Will The New Doctor and his companion have a fraught relationship?


It won't be long before we find out. Doctor Who returns August 23rd with the feature-length episode Deep Breath, on BBC One and BBC America.