The Season 3 teaser for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is on YouTube, so if you didn’t catch it before, you can see it now. There’s not much, but what’s there is pretty interesting. This is a more in-depth look at it.

The first person we see is Skye or, rather, “Daisy,” complete with new outfit and new haircut. She’s telling someone, “My name’s Daisy, I’m with S.H.I.E.L.D., we’re here for your protection.”

Then we see this panick-y looking guy, who apparently needs protecting. According to IMDb, this is “Joey,” played by Juan Pablo Raba. There are lots of people named “Joey” or variations thereupon in the Marvel Universe. Somewhat narrowing the scope is the fact that later scenes in the teaser indicate that Joey has either flame or explosion powers. Perhaps he is an adaptation of Dante Pertuz from the same Inhuman comic as Lash?

After that, we get the Marvel logo and then we see our first glimpse of Director Coulson. No sign of his bionic arm yet though. The announcer guy announces: “They built a team...”

“ defend the world...” Hey it’s Fitz! Holding a shotgun! Cool!

And now we see Mack, obviously disturbed about something.

And a shot of Bobbi that I believe is taken from last season. We get another shot of Joey as we hear him say, “What is happening to me?” We get quick cuts of the past season’s Inhumans as we hear the announcer guy say:

“...against the very ones they fight to save...” So it looks like Daisy’s team is made up of her, Mack, and Hunter at the moment. But take a look at Daisy’s new outfit — not only does it look comic accurate, but look at those gauntlets. Those are Quake’s gauntlets!

“...but now face a threat...” Holy crap, someone just put a bag over Fitz’s head. Poor Fitz. Always getting knocked out.

We get a scene with Lincoln and Mack, where Mack states, “I’m not scared of you.” And Lincoln responses with the old cliche, “You should be.”

And then there is this shot of some dead bodies. Perhaps Inhumans made by the Terrigen fish oil? But who is operating on them?

Some soldiers coming out of the mist. Who are they? Are they this new group, the ATCU?

Fitz gets into a car crash! Jesus, he is not having any fun in this teaser, is he?

“...that is beyond...” Another shot of Daisy, this time using her powers.

“...belief.” And here’s our first shot of Lash as played by Matthew Willig. His outline, at least, looks very similar to his comic book appearance.

Now, there are, of course, several characters missing from this teaser. There are absolutely no shots of Simmons or May, which makes sense since Simmons was sucked into the Kree stone and May might still be on vacation. But there’s also only one shot of Bobbi and that’s from last season, so we don’t know what’s happening with her.

But I think we can all agree on the real breakout star of this teaser: Fitz with a shotgun.