Friday’s Grimm had a main story that was pretty fun, but still overshadowed by the B-story in which Lt. Grossante decides to get revenge on Renard during his weekend with Diana. Spoilers after the break.

First, the main story. Rosalee has arranged for a weekend at some fancy hotel for Monroe’s birthday, with Nick, Adalind, Eve, Hank and Wu all invited.

Things take a turn when one of the hotel staff recognizes Nick as the “bastard who arrested dad”, and decides to get revenge.

Unfortunately for everyone, he’s a Cupiditas, and his plan for revenge is to use the Amor de Infierno (“love of hell”) on all of them.

Before making his way to the group, the Cupiditas bumps into another staffer, and one of her hairs ends up in a drink too. Everyone gets a glass, except Rosalee who isn’t drinking because she’s pregnant. Hank takes her glass and gets two doses.

The next morning, everyone falls “in love” with their intended target as soon as they see them. Adalind falls for Monroe has fallen for Eve, who has fallen for Nick, who has fallen for Rosalee. Wu falls for the the other hotel staffer, and Hank managed to get a cup made from his own hair and falls in love when he looks at the mirror in the morning. After all of them but Wu converge in the hallway outside their rooms, Rosalee figures out what’s going on and hunts down the Cupiditas.

After she confronts him, he runs off and takes his co-worker hostage. Bad idea since he’s not only dealing with a pissed off, angry Fuchsbau, but he just threatened the woman Wu had fallen for, which causes him to wolf and out break the spell.

With the Cupiditas dead, the spell is broken and everyone is back to normal. Nick then remembers arresting the guy’s dad, but before he had become a Grimm, which is why the guy didn’t know who he was messing with, a Grimm/cop, a cop with Lycanthropia, a 3rd cop, a Blutbad, a Fuchsbau, and 2 hexenbiest, even if one can’t access her powers just yet. Bad group to mess with.


Now as fun as that story was, it wasn’t as fun as Diana’s weekend with her dad. First, before dropping her off, Adalind asks Diana not to tell anyone, including her dad, about the drawings in the tunnel. She doesn’t do so great with that. Then Lt. Grossante, who Renard had promised to make the new Captain, is still very angry about Renard, who was really Nick, announcing he would remain as captain instead of becoming mayor. He spies Renard with Diana, and makes probably the worst decision of his life. Words can’t describe it, but thankfully someone posted clips (there’s also scenes from other parts of the episodes mixed into some of these).

After “play time” with Grossante, he’s never going near Diana again, but unfortunately for him, she had a great time and is looking forward to their next play date.   Great times. (Sorry to anyone who can’t view these, but it really has to be seen).

There’s also this, that happened before everything else.

At least this time someone else was around to see it.


Renard totally made the right call letting Diana handle her kidnaping herself. She had fun and got to play with her powers, and he got Grossante to never want to mess with him again. And cookies.


I liked how calm Diana was when Grossante woged to try and scare her. That should have been his hint to maybe rethink his plan.

We don’t get to see Rosalee go on the attack as much, so that was good. And now she and Monroe have been spared from some wesen revenge because of dietary restrictions (in Monroe’s case it was his vegetarianism).

Now Sean knows about the drawings and that there are tunnels. And he has Diana’s much more colorful drawings of the symbols to look into. Maybe he’ll try to pick up the stick, get knocked out, and Diana will pick it up to help him, and it won’t affect her because she’s its destined master.

What did you all think?

(Wesen and character names and gifs of the drinks from Grimm Wiki. Freaky mirror stuff gifs from dailygrimm.tumblr).