Sherlock Holmes! Wait? What? No. it isn't. Major spoilers after the cut. To avoid them, read my other post.

OK. There you have it. It's Khan.... Woohoo. Of course Cumberbatch rocks the part - and I must admit, I find his motivation better and his execution more thrilling than the original ones. But he's different enough - he will not take Montalbans's status in the Trek universe away - especially as the means to - almost, this time - defeat him is taken from Spock prime - I like that. "I will not tell you anything to influence your universe. But... OK, heres how we kicked his butt..."


As for Peter Weller.... Well, the surprise was not as big for a fan of DS9, was it. As soon as we mentioned he was deeply involved in Section Thirty - Fucking- ONE!!! - maybe even actually founded it, he had the villain stamp all over him. Still - awesome reference!

The Death scene of Kirk... may have been a little over the top and too much of a carbon copy of Spock's death, but OK - it had Khan in it it needed one totally over the top WoK reference. And the KHAAAANNN moment was nice.

The Klingon - oh boy, those will take some getting used to - why did you add those weird piercings to the forehead ridges - that aren't even in the trailer??? After everyone just wanted to know if they had any forehead ridges at all, you give us hairless, pierced Klingons.... well... one hairless pierced Klingon.. maybe he's jut a weirdo even after Klingon standards.. ;)

The Redshirt lived! But only because Kirk explicitly ordered him to "take off your red shirt!" You are such a lucky bastard!


The tribble also lives. Yay... even though - OK, it saved the Captain, but you may have brought a plague of mutated Super Tribbles upon us, Bones......

And they installed seatbelts. On Enterprise. That - was a about time.....

I love the movie. En par with, if not better than the last one. At times, i felt like my head would implode. Ask Peter Weller, he knows that feeling, now.........