Wow. That was an interesting (but not unsurprising) turn of events on last night’s Arrow. Honestly, there isn’t much to recap though as it was a pretty slow episode compared to others this season. Spoilers ahoy! (After a funny gif buffer)

“We didn’t exactly plan for Oliver Queen, did we?”

We open up with the set up for a political debate between mayoral candidates, Oliver Queen and Ruve Adams. Once Adams leaves, the team follows her in their gear, with Overwatch monitoring remotely. Apparently they’ve been doing this for some time, trying to figure out how she’s communicating with Darhk. Green Arrow follows her to an overpass, but it’s a set up. Mrs. Darhk is waiting, and so are her husband’s men. The team tries to figure out what their aim is after with Mrs. Darhk running for mayor, because it doesn’t seem to fit with their plan up until this point.


Then we get to see Darhk himself and his wife as they head to a meeting with other leaders of some type. Apparently they are on phase four of whatever plan they have, and phase five requires control of city hall. Malcolm is also in attendance and is clearly willing to sell out Team Arrow and all their secrets. Once kind of cool moment is we get to see Darhk’s powers apparently work over the internet. Then they address the next problem: Quinten Lance.

Lance is having coffee with Laurel at the police station, no idea that his life is now in jeopardy though. Laurel is more worried about his safety than he is though, and tells him as much.

Ollie and Felicity head home to find it showered in pink, as Mama Smoak is in full on party planning mode, and there is decorations all over, with her detailing the others yet to come. Ollie is saved by the arrival of Thea who tells Ollie the lawyers they had looking into Ruve Adam’s political campaign found something, but on Ollie. It’s the check his mom wrote to Samantha to take Ollie’s son away. Ollie tells Thea that it’s nothing and she doesn’t need to look into it.

“It’s like the building attacked me or something, but that’s not possible, is it?”

Laurel accompanies Lance as he’s the backup for a B&E, questioning if that’s really the role of a police captain. It’s a set up though as the building starts collapsing on Lance as soon as he enters. Laurel runs in to get him out though and they both escape.


The team meets up at the Quiver where Diggs patches up his minor injuries. They encourage him to convince him to stay though as the team looks into what happened, Felicity on the call and Diggs to check with Andy. We also learn that with Amanda Waller’s death, Lyla is the new head of ARGUS.

Lance eventually goes to meet with Donna, to tell her they have to have some distance for a while. He lies trying to say that he’s in trouble with some guys that he owes money to from gambling, but she knows it’s BS. She says he either tells her the truth, or she walks. Of course, he can’t tell her about Darhk though, so he lets her walk.

Felicity found the address of the phone that called Lance and made it look like dispatch. The team heads to the address and find some familiar faces of Darhk’s lackeys. After a quick fight the Demolition Team escape and the building starts collapsing. Black Canary and Green Arrow get Spartan out while Speedy gets the laptop the Demolition Team were working off of so they can see what they were up to.

The laptop is in pretty bad condition, and it makes Felicity remanence about how a busted up laptop was the first thing Ollie asked her to look into for him. Meanwhile, Laurel is going to look up potential targets that might match the blueprints that she saw on the screen before the bad guys started bringing down the house. Diggs contributes that Andy knew of this particular team, and demolition is their specialty.

“You’re lucky you’re with someone you don’t need to keep secrets from.”

Thea and Ollie work on his campaign points in preparation for the debate. Afterwards she asks him again about Samantha and tells him that she looked into her. She says that Samantha has a son named William who is about the same age at the check their mom wrote. So Ollie tells her about his arrangement, and says that the lie is making him question his engagement to Felicity. Thea talks him around, saying that Samantha is in the right, and keeping him a secret is for his own protection.

Felicity hands off the laptop to Curtis, and he’s able to get the blueprints off it. He sends them to Felicity and she realizes that the next building they are going to target is the one they are no in for the political debates. Ollie tells Thea to get Diggs and Laurel and then they pull the fire alarm to evacuate. Ruve calls the change of plans to the Demolition Team and then tells them to make sure Oliver Queen doesn’t leave the city alive.

They get into their change of clothes and the four of them sweep the building and finds the bombs. They’re booby-trapped against disarming though, and before they can anyways the Demolition Team shows up to take them on. SPARTAN USES MAGNETIC PULSES. Lance appears and assists Green Arrow right when he needed it and they’re able to finish the job. After they take out the Demolition Team they’re able to disable the rest of the bombs.

“Nice applause! It’s enough to bring the house down … almost.”

Then it’s time for the debate itself, which Ollie is declared the clear winner of. Then they have another thing to celebrate in addition to their engagement at their party. Lance makes an appearance to talk to Donna, and he comes clean to her about HIVE and why they’re after him-that he was working for them but isn’t anymore. She understands since he was doing it to protect his daughter, and they make up.


Curtis arrives with his gift for Felicity that he’s been working on diligently. It’s an implantable bio-stimulant, that will help with her walking. It might work just in time for her to walk down the aisle. “CURTIS YOU’RE TERRIFIC” finally someone said it!

Then the final scene we see is Darhk introducing someone to his daughter, Nora. He says the boy’s mother asked them to look after him for a while so he will be saying with them. That boy is William.

Assorted Musings:

That was very little Fan Fare for Spartan using ‘powers’ for the first time.

Still not sure how I feel about Andy being super helpful all of a sudden when he was just another Darhk goon earlier in the season.

THEY CALLED CURTIS TERRIFIC on the show. Day made.

I’m diggin the new Ollie/Lance dynamic just a bit.

Not sure how if I like Felicity’s paralysis being cured so suddenly. Then again I guess it makes sense given the tech that Palmer has.


The Stunt Coordinator, James Bramford, was totally great this episode. He was also the one who did “Brotherhood” earlier this season.

Here’s what we get to look forward to for next week:

Sorry this post isn’t up to my usual standards. As I was finishing it I started not feeling well so I’m calling it an early night.