It’s the penultimate episode for Arrow as well, and while they definitely felt the needs to keep the excitement up they at least had the decency to give us Curtis this episode. Spoilers ahoy!

“It was a bomb too, so that reference still holds.”

Arrow and Spartan open fire on Darhk, but their projectiles vaporize before making contact. Darhk uses his newly enhanced powers to pull the oxygen out of them, leaving them to suffer but not to kill them. The temple collapses around them as Darhk escapes. They barely make it out.


Meanwhile, in the Arhk (Yeah, I thought it was funny too) Thea is crying over her boyfriend. Anarchy got away, and Malcolm is displeased to hear it. Thea is being tied up now that Merlyn can’t trust her on the loose.

Felicity is having a meltdown, and her father’s trying to help. He messed with the Rubicon sending it into an infinite loop, which should buy them a day. Curtis also shows up to help, and I absolutely LOVE his response both to Noah Kuttler being Felicity’s dad (“You make so much more sense now!”) and what the team is up to. Felicity catches him up on the current events. Then her cell phone goes off and she gets the memo from Thea that HIVE and Merlyn are holding her hostage.

Darhk recruits Seldon (AKA Anarchy) to help him out with wrestling Felicity and her father for control of Rubicon. When they realize that Machen is still loose, Mrs. Darhk says she will take care of it.

“Green and Black.”

At the Quiver, Felicity fills the team in on Thea’s message and then traces the text itself to an address in the Glades. Green Arrow and Spartan once again head out, but when they get there they don’t find anything but an empty street, until Green Arrow realizes that the sewer access is new and not supposed to be there. They soon find their way to Hive’s Arhk.


At that moment Mrs. Darhk is patrolling with Merlyn and her daughter for Machen when they get the news that two hostiles have breached the Arhk. Mrs Darhk points out the Merlyn that since they’ve come for Thea, and since Thea is only here because of him, that makes them his problem.

Felicity loses their signal, but don’t have time to puzzle that out since she gets a 911 message from Curtis. She heads over, leaving Lance in charge of watching the Quiver and the comms. She arrives hom to find Curtis drinking a beer and ready to console her, as Donna and Kuttler are having a shouting match.

“The world’s two best hackers side by side.”

Felicity takes a moment to try and tell her mother what’s happening, but it’s hard for her to get a word in edgewise. First, Donna thinks that it means Felicity is pregnant, to which she responds, “is that the only news a woman can have?” Then when Kuttler tries to confirm what Felicity is saying about the world ending, Donna turns on him. Eventually, Felicity gets her mother to understand. Then her and her father get back to work.

At the Arhk, Green Arrow and Spartan split up to cover more ground in their search for Thea. Green Arrow finds her first, with Alex’s body to tip them off, because no one thought to move it. When he goes in to save her though, turns out she doesn’t want to be saved. She knocks him down and pulls a gun on him, and reports his apprehension to Merlyn.

Merlyn arrives and so does Spartan. Spartan and Green Arrow take out the thugs, but Merlyn and Thea both escape. When reinforcements arrive, they both take off running too. Green Arrow uses and arrow tip to break into a building and they lose their tail. The place isn’t clear though, and some seemingly innocent people find them. Before they can talk their way out of it though, Mrs. Darhk comes over the TV telling all the citizens of the Arhk they are under attack by a man in green and a man in black.

“I don’t even have time to tell you I don’t have the time.”

Felicity and Kuttler are hard at work trying to maintain control of Rubicon when Curits has an idea. He wants to stop letting anyone access it instead of trying to maintain control. Felicity’s parents start arguing again, leaving Felicity and Curtis to keep working. Then Felicity gets a personal message, it’s Cooper letting them know that he took over the system, and Rubicon will soon be his.

Felicity sees the attack as a possibility though, and they use it to trace it back to him and attack his computers as well as shutting down Rubicon with that Curtis has been working on. We see some big electrical issues on both ends, but the good guys win in the end.


After seeing how much better Felicity and her father are getting along, Donna stress folds some of Felicity’s clothes. Felicity goes after her, and Donna tells her the truth about how her father left them, or rather didn’t since she was the one who left and took Felicity with her.

“Why is he giving these people more hope than we ever could?”

The people inhabiting the house that Green Arrow and Spartan are hiding out in are true believers. They have confidence in that the world is full of darkness and evil, and that Darhk will show them the better way. Their faith makes Green Arrow question everything they have been doing to try and help people.


He doesn’t have long to ponder it though before men with guns come looking for him, led by his own sister. Green Arrow tries to get through to her, reminding her of who she really is. She comes through, just in time for them both to save Spartan from Merlyn.

They all come to a standstill though when Mrs. Darhk’s face comes on the TV again. This time though, she’s not the one giving the message, she’s a hostage. Anarchy calls Darhk out, threatening the lives of his wife and daughter, as well as everyone else in the Arhk.


They stop fighting each other with this new threat above their heads. Green Arrow tells Merlyn that since he knows the way out then he can lead the evacuation. When Merlyn points out that everything above their heads is going to be one big mushroom could, Green Arrow says he doesn’t believe that’s going to happen. Merlyn seemingly gives in and heads out, starting with those in the house.

“I really hope I get it right this time.”

The team finds where Anarchy is keeping the Darhk women fairly easily. He doesn’t intend to play fair though, and he tinkered with the engineering, so when a stray arrow goes awry it triggers explosions all over the Arhk. Then he personally stabs Mrs. Darhk with one of Green Arrow’s Arrows. He’s too late to save her with the building collapsing, and she only asks that he save her daughter.


They take the girl and escape to above ground and see the destruction from above. Felicity contacts them right away, and they let her know that they’re safe. However, they’re not sure how many Merlyn was able to get out before it all started collapsing. Green Arrow knows they still need saving, and hope.

“Let it all burn.”

Darhk finally gets his lair’s electronics back up and running, just soon enough to get the message about what happened on the Arhk, but all other communications are down. Merlyn himself goes to Darhk and tells him that Ruve is dead, but he’s unsure about his daughter. Darhk is determined to get Rubicon working again, when Merlyn points out that without the Arhk nowhere is safe, Darhk just says to let it all burn.


Donna pulls Kuttler aside once the excitement dies down. She tells him that she needs him to walk away again, if he cares about Felicity at all. When Kuttler says that she will be crushed, Donna counters that she will get over it in the long run. In the other room, Curtis and Felicity have a cute moment wherein she fills him in on the gossip about her parents’ split, and he compares her and Ollie to her parents.

Then Darhk enters and says that he needs Felicity to do him a favor.

Assorted Musings

WHY the hell had no one tried to find Thea before all this? Seriously, they should have found her absence suspicious.


Seriously, Ollie, You’re going to question your crusade again? After listening to people Darhk has brainwashed? (Even if not with pharmaceuticals.)

Everything about Anarchy was weird. It’s like they didn’t know how to get from point A to point B so they just threw him in there to F*%^& stuff up.

As much as I love Donna, I think her presence was a little unnecessary, and I don’t like that she’s telling Kuttler to go without giving Felicity the choice herself. Especially since I don’t think he’s really going to leave (at least until after next episode.)


Oh look, we’re flip-flopping on whether or not to trust Merlyn. And we won’t kill him, but we will kill all his nameless goons. Good line in the sand, Ollie.

Thea and Curtis continue to be my favorite people on this show.

And here’s another fun reaction gif for you all: