Its here! ITS HAPPENING! Age of Ultron is coming and I just screencapped the high res trailer so lets break this down together shall we.

The first thing to see is that what looks like Tony's armor is getting dipped in some metal. My best guess its Ultron strengthening himself with some Vibranium from Wakanda (later in the screen grabs you'll see why I think this). This is important because if this is Vibranium then that means we might be getting a cameo from T'challa who is better known as Black Panther.

Next up, we have Cap walking in a devastated city, notice how he is missing both his shield and helmet. Well it seems Cap can't hold onto his helmet for more than one act.

Hawkeye is back in what looks like the same ruined city Cap is traversing and it looks like he is escorting people out.

Why hello there Thor. He too seems to be in the ruined city that Cap and Hawkeye are in. May this be where he arrives from Asgard or will he already be on Earth at this point?

UH OH! This is the first sign of trouble for our heroes as everyone has their angst faces and postures on. In what looks like a new quinjet. May this be after the first fight against Ultron? Rogers is sans helmet and shield. Natasha looks worried. Bruce Banner looks terrified in his fetal position. And Thor looks pissed. Also note how his hammer isn't in the shot. Will he too lose his hammer like his comics counterpart?

"Somebody hold me"

This looks like its a post Hulk out Bruce and he is visibly shaken.

"Sup guys, the door was open so I let myself in"

Ultron comes shambling in. Whats awesome is if you have ever seen James Spader walk in a way that means to convey intimidation this is how he does it. I love how they instantly capture his gait and it gives Ultron a creepy and unsettling entrance. Also note how messed up he is. Does this take place after a test run of Ultron or is this just a Iron Man drone that he takes over that Tony has discarded?

"God dammit Tony! We told you to put your toys away before dinner."

Obviously the Avengers are not happy about their party crasher. And oh hey its Rhodey and the back of Maria Hill! Also note Thor is wearing normal clothes and still looks banging,

"Shit I forgot to put the toy away"

Tony is obviously not happy to see Ultron crashing his party. Hawkeye's civilian clothes are too plain.

Again this is Spader's classic head tilt in action. Ultron is shambling about talking about strings. Notice the big-o Avengers emblem on the chest.

Now this is one of the most interesting shots of the trailer. Everyone from the party scene is present. From left to right: Bruce, Natasha, Unknown Woman (possibly Thor's new love interest), Thor, Cap, Maria Hill, Rhodey, Tony Stark, and Hawkeye. Notice how Natasha reaches for Bruce. AM I SEEING A BLACK WIDOW HULK SHIP HAPPENING? Maybe, there are rumors that these two maybe into each other which frankly is a pairing I never thought of happening and to my knowledge hasn't happened in the comics. If this is true then I'm all for it, the dynamic these two could have could be very interesting. Now there is also the rumor that the two just become really close friends with Black Widow becoming a bodyguard of sorts to Bruce whenever he isn't Hulking out. Also I am very interested to see who Thor's new lady friend is. What happened to Jane Foster?

"Why does this guy get a whole face? Its cause he is blue isn't it."

That looks like an Iron Man drone but in blue you can't see it in this screengrab but it has a number four on it, meaning that there are multiple drones Tony uses now.

"Oops broke your toy Tony"

Ultron doing what he does best, crushing shit.

Now this is another shot that I find interesting. Its Tony Stark in his updated Mark 42 armor which has more cherry red overlooking a mountain. My guess that it is him overlooking Wakanda, or it could be him near a Tibetan mountain which means this might be a nod to Doctor Strange who trained there.

A monastery. This could again be in Wakanda or it could be in Tibet. Either way this might be really important as there aren't many buildings showcased in the trailer.

Cap again sans helmet but with his shield. After kicking in a door he is very determined to get somewhere.

"Damn its cold, I knew I should have packed a shirt or something"

Its Bruce in a forest, and it looks like he is trying to stop himself from Hulking out.

Its Natasha! This shot is a cool nod to her past. In the comics part of her Russian stint she was given false memories to maker her believe she was a ballerina. Whether Whedon makes the memories real or just part of her Russian programming remains to be seen.

Someone is getting surgery, this is most like a shot from the hydra base we last saw in Cap 2 with Baron Von Strucker.

OH HEY ITS THE TWINS! First look at the Maximoff twins Wanda and Pietro better known as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. And it looks like they are with Ultron. However Paul Bettany has said that Vision (who appears in the film) develops a paternal role to the twins. Might this be a proto Vision before he gets his superhero duds?

"We are twins transplanted from the 90s"

A Maximoff Twins frontal, super serious.

Ultron drone which looks alot like the Ultron we saw on the EW cover a few months back. It even has the classic open maw.

Oh shit it's a lot of Ultron drones.

"By Odin's beard this hammer gets tiresome"

Something shocks the Odinson so bad he drops his hammer.

Its Rogers, Stark, Ultron's body, and what looks like Hawkeye. This probably is the scene after Ultron crashes the penthouse party.

Oh hey its angsty Stark. Here he recites one of the trailers few lines. Which is something to the effect that this is the end he started the Avengers on.

ITS FURY MOTHERFUCKA! Our favorite one eyed spy is back and its looks like the same scene Tony utters his dialogue. Does Fury come back just to scold Tony for fucking up again?

The second character to utter dialogue. Natasha says (probably to Stark) "Nothing Lasts forever." Behind her is the Avengers logo. Is this the scene after the teams break up?

Wanda is mad or in pain. Either way she is screaming her lungs out.


Seriously Elizabeth Olson looks like she is going to be screaming a lot. I wonder what prompts this. Does he see something happen to her brother? Is this an after effect of her powers?

Hulk looks pissed and battered. Notice the visible veins? Has he been poisoned with something to make him go crazy? Or is he just getting madder?

OMFGDAGFSFDGROJTSAG HULKBUSTER ARMOR. And it looks like Tony is in fact piloting this. Also note how this looks like an armor for an armor.


Oh this shot, oh just nothing. Its only NATASHA DROPPING OUT OF A QUINJET IN A MOTORCYCLE.

A shot of Quicksilver's suit and powers. Either this is a scene where he is fighting an Ultron drone with Cap or he is fighting Cap and the Ultron drone. My money is on the former.

Scarlet Witch busting out some chaos powers. She eve has the glowing red eyes.

This is a quick shot you might if you don't pay attention. It looks like a retro ball to the 40s. But it might also be a dream of Caps, or even an illusion set up by Ultron to unnerve Cap.

Andy Serkis. Now I need to know who he is playing because I honestly have no clue. My only crazy wild thought is what if he is playing Dr. Strange and Marvel has been faking everyone out with those casting rumors?

Cap with his shield and bike. Nuff said.

An obligatory shot of Thor shirtless which I'm convinced is in Chris Hemsworth's contract.


A Tarzan moment between Natasha and Hulk. Seriously warming up to the idea of these two being together.


I only capped this because look at the at the gun these dudes got. Looks like some alien tech is still around and got reverse engineered.


First Loki and now Thor. Asgardians really like going for Tony's throat. Probably post Ultron kicking everyones ass.

Black Widow is worried and thats never a good sign.

Oh nothing just Cap DODGING FUCKING CARS. Wonder who threw them at him.

Again Wanda seems to be screaming a lot.

A better looks at Quicksilvers suit and look at his powers special effects which so far seem pretty standards speedster stuff.


Perhaps the beginning of the more ominous shot of the trailer. Its Thor's limp hand near Caps shield.

CAPS BROKEN SHIELD. AND NOW YOU KNOW SHIT JUST GOT REAL. In the comics only really strong magic and fucking gods have been able to break his shield so that gives you an inkling at how strong Ultron is going to be.

AND HERE HE IS! ULTRON! He looks very humanoid lacking his classic maw and has makeshift eyeballs. But frankly I love it because you know its James Spader there and no one does a villain like James Spader.