Grimm picks up from the previous episode, with the gang trying to figure out what they can from the map formed by 5 of the 7 keys, while in other goings on, Hadrian’s Wall continues to search for an agent of Black Claw tied to several wesen related disasters, and Renard helps his friend’s mayoral campaign. Spoilers after the break.

In the spice shop basement, the gang is looking over the map made from the key imprints, and an actual map and a tablet map, and trying to pinpoint where in the Black Forrest the hidden treasure might be. They figure out there were 7 churches, and 7 Grimm, and then Nick notices one of the crosses is actually an X, to mark the spot.

They also realize it’s possible Black Claw knows about the keys, so they need to move on this quickly. So it’s decided that Nick and Monroe will fly out to Germany, under fake names since, and go searching for the treasure.


Meanwhile, Renard meets with Rachel to hand over a thumb drive with surveillance of mayoral candidate Steven Galligher buying an 8-ball. It was hidden because he has friends in low places, and the operation was going after the sellers, not the buyers, but Renard was able to get the footage and it won’t trace back to him. Rachel then not very subtly invites Sean back to her place for sex.

At Hadrian’s Wall HQ, the team is still on the hunt for Marwan Hanano, the mysterious figure at the center of several disasters around the world that resulted in the death of a wesen figure.

It turns out he’s meeting with local Black Claw leader Lucien, and a second guy who has provided a sniper assembly kit. Apparently, this one can’t appear to be wesen related, which is unusual for a group that is all about making it clear when wesen are involved.

He tests it out by assembling the gun and the woging, to reveal himself as an Uhranuti, a falcon-like wesen, which means he has a sharp eye, perfect for sniping. He shows his sharpshooting skill by hitting an airborne basketball from what is presumably an impressive distance.

HW has Trubel pass along everything they know about Hanano to Nick so the Portland PD can help find him. Renard smartly has them put out a “observe and follow only” order, so no one gets hurt. And then Nick lets him know he’s going off the grid for a couple days but isn’t sure yet if it’s something important. Renard seems ok with it but doesn’t make him put in an official vacation request. Pretty cool boss.

That “follow only” order, of course gets ignored by a bicycle cop who gets attacked by a woged Hanano. The attack is reported but no one knows why he’s there. Apparently no one is aware that Renard is supporting a mayoral candidate or interested in supporting their friend by being at the rally for his speech.


Speaking of which, Sean’s at the site for the rally for his mayoral candidate friend, Andrew Dixon. Rachel tells Sean to stay on the stage after he introduces him, as a show of support.

Hanano meets with Lucien to tell him he’s been made, and that they need to call it off, but Lucien tells him it has to happen now, and after a woge-off, he gives him a picture of the target.

Why do wesen keep trying to kill Sean Renard? It’s like trying to kill or abduct Monroe, it only gets whoever tries it killed.

Meanwhile, Nick and Monroe land in Germany. Or rather, Frederick Calvert and Felix Dietrich do, according to their passports that Rosalee cooked up.

They rent a car and soon enough find the church they’re looking for.

Of course, the church is run by wesen, and one of them woges and sees Nick’s eyes. And this being the old country they assume if there’s a Grimm it’s kill or be killed.

Nick and Monroe decide they were being too literal about the church marking the spot, and figure out where in the Black Forest they should actually be looking. Meanwhile, Father Blutbad Eickholt gathers a group of wesen to kill the Grimm.


Back in Portland, HW is closing in on Hanano, who has shaved the beard and dyed his hair blonde. They’re also apparently aware of local politics or Renard’s involvement in the campaign for mayor, but they find out there’s a rally happening and start moving in. But Hanano has already made his way into a nearby apartment after killing the owner and gets ready to take his shot.

The apartment window gives him a great bird’s eye view of the stage.

But it turns out that either he’s a really bad shot, or his real target was Andrew Dixon, who was no where in that photo he was given by Lucien.

Hank and Wu were already on the scene looking for Hanano, so they call in for paramedics but things aren’t looking good for Andrew.


And in the Black Forrest, Nick and Monroe make their way to the top of a hill, and find what turns out to be foundation blocks from possibly an old church that used to be there.

Just as the wesen church group is closing in on them, they realize that they must have loosened up the ground with their digging and fall into a hole. And we’ll have to wait a week to find out what happens next in Germany and Portland.


One other thing happens this episode, Adalind tells Nick she loves him, and then they sleep together, on purpose this time. I’m not happy it happened, but I guess that’s where the show is going with that.


Nick later tells Monroe about it, and says it was different because this time he was sleeping with the mother of his child. Speaking of which, I hope someone used some kind of birth control because Adalind seems to be very fertile.

Of course, when they’re lying in bed together after, Nick has a flashback to when Adalind tried to kill his aunt Marie back in the very first episode. Maybe he should have remembered that earlier.

I was kind of hoping Eve would get to the rally in time and we’d get to see her stop a bullet.


I was relieved when it turned out the target was Andrew Dixon and not Renard, but it doesn’t make sense why Hanano was given a picture of him. It’s supposed to be a misdirect for us, but what’s the in-show explanation?

I wonder what the old country wesen will think of a Grimm and a Blutbad being close friends.

With one mayoral candidate down, and the other in the news for buying drugs, is Renard going to get pushed into running himself? And did Rachel seem suspicious? Maybe telling Renard to stay on stage so he’d be the one holding the dying Dixon in his arms? She also stepped away for that conveniently timed phone call.

What did you all think?

(Character and wesen names courtesy of Grimm Wiki).