I liked this episode this week. Glad they picked up after the waste of 42 minutes that #THINMAN represented. The silly joke worked, the amping up of inevitable tension worked, and Crowley's back the way I like him. Spoilers ensue.

First things first—Snooki was a demon. She's not anymore. But she was much more cute than the previous attempt to weave in pop culture divas, with Paris Hilton, evil goddess, in Fallen Idols. And I don't know why she trusted the boys not to do *something* to her after they got what they wanted. She was clearly a naive one.

Crowley's supposed to have been looking for the First Blade, but all he's really been doing is boozing it up on random drug, sexing it up with random hot (female) demon, and being spied on by Abaddon. Looks like he was too wise^H^H^H^Hinept to actually leak anything himself, but the increasingly incensed Winchester voicemails did mention what he should have been looking for, so the Red Hot Devil knows what's in play.

Crowley does eventually work out he's being played, and in anger kills his former lover, but is still at a bit of a loss which the frustrated Winchesters take a bit of advantage of as they kick the search into next gear—Crows had gotten as far as "not Mariana Trench ANYMORE, check the underbelly of antiquities trading."

They're running alongside Abaddon, though with less of a body count, and the illicitness is working in the humans' benefit. They're talking to the right people, and working well together.


And they've agreed they'll warm the blade up on the almost dethroned King Of Hell.

Turns out a guy named Magnus got his hands on it, and Sam remembers that it's the Men of Letters only pseud (Dean could clearly never hang), so they (with prompting from Crowley) track down a member who had been bumped off roster for being too radical at the time of the massacre, and track him down to a field.


But it's not a field! It's a magical mansion with no doors or windows owned by a very flip-with-magic Sheriff Andy. He's clearly loopily pretentious, not aged at all, and has been continuing in the MOL tradition of collecting everything remotely useful—including beasties this time, who get thrown at the boys every time they think they're getting caught up again.

*He* wants the First Blade in a matched set with the Mark of Cain, so he tosses Sam aside (hee hee) and starts to cast a set of spells to progressively weaken Deanie's will.

Sam thinks his way back into the mansion by finding "Magnus"'s proposal to hide the bunker (that would have been inconvenient—and in line with what I was expecting, but still) and using that spell to get him (and Crowley) back in.

Magnus is to tickled by these brains that he adds Winchester Jr to his zoo too, which also seems to function as a feeder for torture porn. In his delight he misses Crowley freeing Dean, but is totally there for refreshing the First Blade himself. Front row centre! Unimpeachable privilege!

Once back outside, Dean is furious. Well, once Sam talks him down from Bladeness. They've set up a neon sign around the trouble that's going to be—when he first touched it at Magnus' behest, he seemed very supernaturally and not positively affected, but he was warned he'd start to like it. He seemed totally zoned out, but eager to slay.

Furious! Yes! ABADDON VANDALISED BABY. Cue gendered insults (actually, I think maybe they didn't—I've only watched once so far)! The devil's trap stopped them from getting to the trunk, but on their way out they keyed an Enochian (you can't even recognise that, Sam??) threat to Crowley (demons chit chat in angelic language??).

Sam forgets to use his inside voice, but I suspect Crowley guessed it anyway—he pins them against the car and grabs the Blade before they can Slay him. He tells them he knows what they'd do, so he'll hang onto it until they find Abaddon, and then they'll get on with business.

My favourite thing here, apart from Snook's cute dress, might not have been major. When Sam gets back into the mansion he grabs a shapeshifter looking like Magnus (how does he control him??) and tells him he wants to get his brother back. Not "Dean", but "brother". Let that be a tell that he'll come round by the end of the season (although I'm sure there'll need to be a proper inciting incident. Sam's always the one that needs to come round, poor thing, even when Dean's wrong.


On average, some things were given, but mostly I hope: YOU HAVE A MANSION OF MAGIC—IT'S LIKE THE BUNKER BUT NO ONE CAN GET IN BUT YOU (Crowley had to find the ingredients—hopefully Cas can replicate that, right?) PLEASE LET THIS BE LIKE THE DEVIL TRAP BULLETS AND NOT THE ANTICHRIST.