When I stopped at the store after work, I found this seasonal beer from Newcastle, that sounds better than some lame pumpkin beer. It's The One and Only Newcastle Werewolf Blood Red Ale. And of course, I'm a sucker for the magic words "limited edition".

It's got some eye catching packaging on the case. Here's the front.

And the side.

And the bottle. I like the extra touch of "Escaped from Britain" and the claw marks on the case and bottles.

And as for what "blood red" looks like, it seems pretty similar to the color of their regular brown ale. I took two different pictures under slightly different lighting conditions.

It tastes pretty good, if you like Newcastle's regular brown ale, you'll like this. As for whether or not it will turn anyone who drinks it into a werewolf (or better yet, give us the strength and heightened senses without the curse of being a mindless beast) it's going to be a while before the next full moon. But if I do turn into an uncontrollable killing machine, at least I'll get a good buzz before heading on the highway to hell.

Disclaimer: do not drink if under the legal age, and as the packaging suggests, enjoy responsibly. Which may or may not include locking yourself up every full moon night and maybe a couple nights before and after.

Update (11/10/14): the full moon has passed and as far as I know I didn't turn into a werewolf. I am both relieved and a little disappointed.