Alas, this is not an official set, it’s a custom I’ve been working on for well over a year. I’ve finally finished the build, and the next step is to get some custom decals printed to make it even cooler. Once that’s done, I’ll be posting it over to Lego Ideas, so that maybe someday you’ll be able to own a Tremors Lego set of your very own.

In the meantime, Let me show you around the (unofficial) Graboid Attack at Chang’s Market playset.

The market itself is huge, built on two hinged 32 x 48 plates, so you can open it up and see all the action. The set also includes the iconic Perfection water tower and the small corrugated shed that Melvin gets stuck on top of for a while. I tried my best to replicate absolutely everything that’s visible in this particular clip:

This includes a movable chest freezer and cans of soda, collapsing shelves, trapdoor access to the roof, and a removable panel so that your graboid can come up through the floor and eat Walter Chang. (not pictured, because he’s the one minifig I haven’t managed to find suitable parts for yet)


Here’s the slideaway floor panel at work (it’s easier to access when the set is open)

Here’s the collapsing shelves that will domino to fling your perky female geologist out the window:

Here’s the water tower (minus decals) and Melvin’s shed:

And of course, most of the cast, created in mini fig to the best of my ability. (I’m still missing Walter and Nestor, simply because I don’t have the right pieces yet)

Of course, the wooden boardwalk along the front of the store is also interactive, so you can run your finger along the edge and make it do that cool sine-wave thing like there’s a Graboid moving underneath it.

And the Graboid itself is works like one of those old segmented snake toys, so it can wriggle around, plus it has a removable butt section, so you can wear it like a finger puppet when menacing tiny Lego Kevin Bacon.

Alas, try as I might, I haven’t been able to produce a suitable Shrieker to accompany the set, but I’ve also got Earl’s truck partially assembled, so that may be joining the final version of the set as well, if I can complete it in time.

Here’s hoping this thing turns out to be popular enough to join the ranks of Back to the Future and Doctor Who, and we eventually get an official set based loosely around this design.


Once I’m finished with this monster build, I’m not quite sure what my next will be. Since somebody’s already beaten me to pretty spectacular MST3K and Red Dwarf sets, I suspect the next product I tackle will be Phantasm (if I can figure out how to build a Lego quad-shotgun) or Warren Ellis’ NEXTwave.