On this week’s Grimm, everyone gets a slight break from all the conspiracy and killer wesen and get a few easier things to deal with, but there’s still a homicide to solve and some adult-napping involved, as well as some life changes, both actual and potential. Spoilers after the break.

I’m not sure how much time has passed between this episode and the previous one, but I’m guessing it wasn’t much, and Nick has already sold the house. Whoever that realtor he hired was, I hope he got a nice bonus, especially if he had to disclose everything that happened there that couldn’t be covered up. Nick was pretty quick getting everything packed up and moved too.

While they get Kelly into her car seat, Nick and Adalind reminisce about how they were each other’s first woge and first Grimm. Awww. Don’t worry, if you think that’s weird moment, you’ll have more by the end of the episode.

Nick says one last silent goodbye to the house he’s lived in for six and a half years, and then it’s off to the new home place. We’ll get to that soon enough.

First though, Rosalee is looking for something on a shelf in the spice shop and finds the bullet hole from when Juliette made Nick fire at Monroe, who was saved when Hank got him out of the bullet’s path. They both talk about how they miss the old Juliette, before she became a hexenbiest and tried to kill everyone.

Then we cut to the woods where a woman is running scared, and barefoot. She slips and falls, hitting her head against a branch, which kills her. Her “children” find her but then run off when a guy in a truck sees the body, checks the pulse and calls it in.

We see the boys’ eyes glow while they look on, letting us know they’re wesen.

While this is happening, but before the call gets to the precinct, Nick is driving Adalind to their name home. But it’s not a house, it’s some kind of paint factory.

Nick mentions he doesn’t want to be found, and this is a good place for that. Which is great, but when Captain Renard moved to a more secure place, it was a really beautiful apartment or condo or penthouse, so maybe Nick should have followed that example. Still, the place is pretty secure, and has hidden passages, and steel covers for the windows. Not the best place to raise a kid, but 10 year old me would have thought it was the coolest place ever and adult me agrees.

Nick also shows Adalind where the bathroom is, where she’ll be sleeping and where he’ll be sleeping, and mentions they don’t have furniture because it’s all in storage as he didn’t want the movers to know where he was going either. After all that’s happened that is not at all paranoid and actually smart. He then gives her a credit card to use for groceries, and gives her a key and the passcode on a piece of paper. It’s 0815 by the way (re-watched him enter it). She’ll also be driving Juliette’s old car, which she doesn’t have a problem with.


Nick gets a call about the dead woman in the woods, and heads off to work a case. Adalind lets him know she won’t be asking when he’ll be back.

Sgt. Wu is there to let Nick and Hank know what’s going on, and sadly that’s all we’ll see of him this episode.

At the precinct, Captain Renard goes into his office and finds an old friend there to greet him, Meisner. They sit down, have a chat, and Meisner fills Renard in on the whole thing of the King falling out of the helicopter and being presumed dead, and his presence in the ‘copter when it happened. Apparently, Viktor wasn’t too happy about being replaced by Kenneth, and sold out the king to the resistance. So he’s in charge for now. And since he’s sterile that still leaves Sean next in line, presumably, and after that Diana. Who Meisner assures him is safe and with friends, but he wont’ be able to see her just yet. After catching him up, Meisner mentions that he was never there and they never had this talk. He admits it’s cliche, but that’s how it is.

Thanks to goo timing, Meisner is long gone by the time Nick and Hank show up to talk about their case. The woman was flagged as reported missing 2 years ago, her husband was a suspect but nothing was proven. So missing person case closed, time to open up a murder and/or kidnapping one. Old footage of the woman shows a little girl approaching her the last time anyone saw her.

Back at the children’s home/camp, their little sister Lily is sick and needs medicine. The boys do what they can, but decide they need something more store-bought.

After deciding a pharmacy with a security guard is too risky, they end up in the spice shop with Rosalee, doing a distract and grab job. One of them “accidentally” breaks a bottle and while Rosalee gets the broom to clean it up, the other grabs the medicine he needs. But Rosalee catches him, so he tries to scare her by woging, revealing himself as an apgadniek. It doesn’t go so well for young Peter, because he’s had the misfortune of picking the absolute wrong person to try this on.

This clip picks up where the screen shots leave off, and gives us probably the best line of the night, from Monroe.

If you’re unable to view, the kid explains the medicine is for his sick sister and that they don’t have parents, or a home. He’s curious why Rosalee wasn’t scared of him, and she just says she’s seen worse. He runs off when Monroe comes in, and Rosalee explains what happened. He then says “I know 2 things I know about kids: 1. They are the future and should be cherised, and 2. They’re lying little bastards”. Then he mentions that won’t apply to their kids, which I think we’ve all heard or thought before.


There’s a quick cut to Adalind, who while out shopping, and telling Kelly about how the car she’s driving belonged to a woman who tried to tell her and vice versa, runs into an attorney from her old law firm, who lets her know that not only would she be welcomed back if she wanted, but could, and should, also ask for more money. Thanks for the tip, Lane the lawyer.

On the way back to their sick sister with the medicine, one of the boys, Big John (who is actually pretty big in real life, for a kid anyway) almost falls into one of their traps, letting us know they have traps set. They decide that since she wasn’t afraid of them, Rosalee would be great as their new mother, and decide to adult-nap her and make it happen. Is it still “kidnapping” if the victim is an adult and the perpetrator is a minor? Also, apparently they know how to drive and have a truck.

Since Monroe was on the phone the whole time, he calls Nick,who finally picks up after getting back to his desk, having met with the dead woman’s widower and deciding he didn’t seem guilty. They search through footage and find a truck driving off, the same truck that was in the footage of the dead woman (Wendy) when she went missing. Monroe then asks to get a scent off the corpse, so he can use it to find who took Rosalee and where they are.

Rosalee humors the kids by not woging and killing them all, and instead eats some fruit they picked, and then tells them a bedtime story. She choses one she used to be told as a child, about the grimm and the blutbad boy. The best part is when she describes the grimm’s eyes as black as the night without a moon or stars, and Peter is visibly scared by the story. The children don’t know what a grimm is, or even what wesen are, and Rosalee figures out they don’t realize that’s what they are. Which makes sense, if they didn’t have parents to teach them about it.

After they’ve fallen asleep, she finally woges and bites through the rope they tied her hands with. She’s a smart one, not having revealed she’s wesen to them, they figure she can’t escape.

As Monroe, Hank and Nick close in, they narrowly avoid a booby trap, a swinging tree. Unfortunately, Rosalee doesn’t avoid the pit that Big John almost fell into earlier, and the kids catch up to her. That’s when Rosalee decides “this has gone on long enough” and shows them what they’re up against.

They all back down, but then things get out of control when Monroe shows up, and one of them sees the blacks of Nick’s eyes, as seen in the clip below. But just before that, Lily woges to reveal she’s also a fuchsbau and is delighted that Rosalee is just like her.

After being apprehended, the kids are at the station, and Nick tells Rosalee they’re going back into the system. She tells them sorry she couldn’t be their mom and even tries to make nice with Lily but she eye-woges and tells Rosalee she never wants to see her again. I wouldn’t be surprised if Rosalee was thinking “deal!” I’m also a little disappointed that she didn’t tell Monroe “we’re never having kids!”

So the gang gets a relatively easy case, are able to close a cold case, and the wesen they encounter were easy enough to deal with and didn’t have to be killed And they get a break from that wesen conspiracy group. Or so we think, untl we meet Warden Hook. He asks the boys to show him what they are, after revealing what he is.

He then tells them they’re going to be part of a new group. And says the phrase “Occultatum Libera”, the same one spoken by the wesen in the last episode just before she jumped out a window to kill herself. So now they’re recruiting young wesen to their cause, whatever it is.


Back at their new place, Adalind tells Nick she can’t sleep because it’s a new place and there’s weird noises and stuff. She then asks if Nick can sleep in the same bed with her, but then immediately takes it back, calling out how weird her request was. But not as weird as Nick agreeing and their scene ends with them both sleeping in the same bed. Seriously!?

We then get one more moment with Meisner, back at that secret facility, and get a look at who was behind that door. One of them anyway, maybe not the same one as last week. It’s Trubel! He tells her it’s time, and they both walk off together.

Hopefully she’ll get to stay out.


It was interesting to see wesen that didn’t realize what they are, so that was a nice part of the story.


This episode could also have been titled “Rosalee is a badass, don’t mess with her”.

I’m now hoping Juliette will be in every episode this season, via flashback. They seem to love their flashback clips, so I’m sure it can happen.

What did you all think?

(Gifs from dailygrimm.tumblr, wesen names and spelling from grimm.wikia)