Next week's Doctor Who season finale promises some wild revelations about Clara and the Doctor. Here's an exhaustive review of all the intriguing hints and clues in the search for Clara prime, including spoilers through Nightmare in Silver.

Trenzalore - From The Pandorica Opens, "… on the Fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh, when no creature can speak falsely or fail to answer, a question will be asked — a question that must never be answered: “Doctor Who?”


According to the trailer, it looks like we'll be spending some time on Trenzalore and the no lying thing may be problematic not only for the doctor, but Strax and Vastra seem to be at odds as well.

Name of the Doctor trailer - Ursus-Veritas' epic frame-by-frame exploration of the trailer for Name of the Doctor yielded a clue so significant it could be denominated as a spoiler.

Emperor Porridge – The love struck Emperor of the Universe proposed to Clara at the end of Nightmare in Silver. He's a powerful guy who can get shit done, did he somehow contrive to acquire a Clara who would marry him and create some extras in the process?

The Woman in the Computer Shop – in Bells of St. John, Clara says she got the phone number for the TARDIS from this mysterious woman. Did the woman give Clara the information in the form of a song? Possibly one about a river? Or does Jenny have a day job in the 21st century?


The Boss – In Crimson Horror, Clara is referred to as the boss a couple of times. Is there some additional significance to this reference?

Duplicate Claras in Journey to the Center of the TARDIS - Well here's some duplicate claras right here. Did this TARDIS-related mishap somehow give rise to all the claras scattered throughout time? Clara's love/hate relationship with the TARDIS is also worth mentioning, since odds are the Doctor himself created the very multiple-Clara mystery he's been trying to solve.

The Jagaroth – The closest classic Who antecedent to someone being splintered in time is this handsome dude, whose different time-separated selves colluded to copy the Mona Lisa and destroy all the little oozing primordial life on Earth in the epic Tom Baker story City of Death. How shocking would it be if Clara peeled off her face to reveal something like this?

Run You Clever Boy and Remember – Victorian Clara and future Oswin both say this to the Doctor. Remember…what? Oswin says she wants the Doctor to remember she fought the Daleks and won, but there may yet be even more significance to this phrase.

The Rings of Clara – Contemporary Clara wears three rings: the one she almost traded for a flying jet-ski rental in Rings of Akhaten was given to her by her mother, but the other two appear identical to rings worn by Victorian Clara in the Snowmen and Future Oswin in Asylum of the Daleks.

Muddy TARDIS – In The Snowmen, when Victorian Clara visits the TARDIS in the cloud, in one scene it's muddy and in another it's perfectly clean. Was Davros doing donuts in his little life-support chair on the TARDIS front lawn? Clue or continuity error?

Oswin's Chair – Future Oswin and the Doctor's Daughter from Season 4 both have the exact same chair! Coincidence? Probably.

Missing Years in Clara's Places to Visit Book – Clara has every year of her life marked down in the front cover, except ages 16 and 23, the years her parents died. What else happened during those years?


Anagrams: Doctor Who has been known to toy with anagrams before (see: Torchwood). For Clara Oswin Oswald there are over 93,000 possibilities, from the tantalizing, a window across all and, alias snow cold war, to the banal, a ironclad lass wow.

Soufflé Girl – Future Oswin got this nickname in Asylum of the Daleks for her culinary hobby, and other claras have mentioned an interest in soufflé preparation as well. It sounds tasty except she keeps burning them. Maybe one will turn out looking like Strax's head.

Gravestones - The graves for Victorian Clara and contemporary Clara's mother include dates relevant to Doctor Who, which once again Ursus-Veritas has explored in detail.


Alaska – The ship future Oswin was on when it crashed onto the Dalek asylum planet. She spent 363 days there. Will we revisit the crash or see Oswin's original encounter with the Daleks? It seems possible that events on that ship may be key to understanding the Clara trinity.

Dalek Prison Camp - At the beginning of Asylum of the Daleks, the Doctor is called back to the Dalek homeworld, Skaro, under the pretense of rescuing a woman's daughter, Hannah. It turns out the woman was being controlled by the Daleks, but all indications are that her daughter was real. Will this be revisited? Was Hannah also on the Alaska?

Dalek Nanocloud – In Asylum of the Daleks, The Doctor, Amy and Rory had glowy bracelets to prevent them from being turned into forehead eyestalk Dalek zombies by nanomaterials in the asylum that were part of the Dalek's security system. Amy lost hers and almost sprouted a forehead-stalk, but the Doctor gave Amy his bracelet to protect her. He never seemed to suffer any ill effects from this, but could he have contaminated one of the claras with these microscopic robots?


Computer Skills – In both Asylum of the Daleks and Bells of St. John, Clara receives intense computer hacking knowledge she didn't have originally. Could she have somehow hacked her past and future selves?

Will the answer to Clara and the true nature of her relationship to the Doctor come from one of these clues, something that hasn't even been hinted at yet or another, even more subtle allusion entirely? Speculate wildly.