Final Hour summary: In the series finale, multiple factions struggle to get control of the time portal and change the future.

The episode picks up just after the end of 405, and it’s made clear that Kiera has told Carlos all about the Time Marines. Alec and Kiera decide to “risk everything” and go ahead with their plan. Carlos agrees that Kiera can have a 30-minute head start and they say a brief goodbye.

As Kiera and Alec are about to leave the precinct, Dillon demands to know why she and Carlos are covering for Travis. Kiera pulls out her futuristic gun and explains that she, Liber8 and Kellog’s army are all from the future. She goes on to say that they are trying to make a better world and they could use a good man like him.

This is Grimes. Don’t expect her to stick around long.

Brad hands over the key to Zorin, who immediately puts it into the device, activating the portal. Apparently the tether they form with 2039 will only last 90 minutes before it degrades, but links the two times so that changes in present day will ripple into the future. However, they discover that Alec altered the key and only three soldiers manage to get through before it shorts out. Their leader, Grimes, insists they reopen the portal immediately as the group waiting to come over is at risk of being overtaken by enemy forces.


Brad questions Zorin over the fact that their ‘life boat’ is actually for an invasion. Zorin informs him that Marcellus came up with the plan to keep Brad in the dark. Brad is clearly unhappy that he betrayed Kiera on the belief that that were saving families.

Kellog tells Vasquez that it’s unsatisfying to not have something or someone worth fighting for. After speculating about what will happen to him when his ‘geriatric’ self arrives, Kellog suggests that he would make a better leader if she ruled with him. When she once again turns down his advances again, he stabs her in the back with a corkscrew. As Vasquez lies dying on the floor, she gasps out that they couldn’t be together because he’s her father. Kellog appears shaken at this revelation.

Jason takes the time sphere to Kiera and Alec, where she proposes that he could go to the future with her. Jason turns down the offer, saying that the present is now his home and he still has some work to do. He then hands Kiera a note to give to his father when she gets back to 2077.

Chen sneaks into Piron and removes the Frankenstein time sphere from a safe. He meets Kellog at the factory, asks if their agreement is still on, then hands over the sphere. Kellog then phones Kiera to initiate their plan.

Kiera asks Kellog to have his security men draw the Time Marines into a two-front fight with the VPD, to which he agrees. Brad joins them and admits that Marcellus and Zorin lied to him and that the portal is being used for a full-scale invasion. Kiera then changes the mission priority to destroying the portal, leaving her chance of getting back to the future to fate.

As the VPD gather to head into the factory, Garza breaks the neck of a Piron security guard and sneaks in a side door, intent on her mission to stop Kellog’s future at all costs.

Hey, it’s Commander Bradley (aka Jonathan Walker - writer and co-executive producer for Continuum).


Apparently inspired by Keira’s words, Dillon asks to join Carlos’s team. As they’re heading inside the factory, Dillon admits that his old self wouldn’t have been ready to deal with the knowledge that Kiera was from the future.

Kiera and Alec sneak towards the machine as everyone else starts to converge on the Time Marines. Brad informs Zorin that Vasquez is dead and Kellog is missing. Noticing that they’re being surrounded, Zorin takes a power canister from the machine and gives it to Weaver, who heads off to reactivate one of their mech suits.

Carlos announces the VPD just as Weaver appears in the armoured suit and starts shooting everyone. Kiera and Alec note that the Piron security guards did not join in as planned. The VPD takes heavy fire as Kellog sneaks up the stairs towards the machine. Kiera notices and holds him at gunpoint. She announces that his plan is to travel back to Liber8’s arrival in 2012, kill everyone, then mentor Alec without anyone’s interference (note that this is the same plan Kellog accused Escher of plotting in 301). Grimes takes Alec hostage, creating a stand-off, then Zorin forces Alec to fix the key that he sabotaged.

Chen stops Garza from joining the action by informing her that Kellog has his own path to take, one that neither of them can change. He then suggests they both want what’s best for Kiera, because she’s done more to change the future than Liber8 ever could.

After taking out a good chunk of the of the VPD (including Commander Bradley), Weaver removes the mech suit and returns the power canister to the portal. Just as Zorin is about to reopen the portal, Brad jumps him. This results in another fire fight. Still intent on getting through the portal, Kellog asks his security guy for a gun and orders him to “kill everyone”. Carlos gets Grimes with a head shot. Weaver re-activates the portal while Brad and Zorin are still wrestling on the floor. Dillon takes out Weaver, then Kellog shoots Dillon several times in the chest and disappears through the portal with the Frankenstein time sphere. Zorin falls to his knees as he watches his future disappear (destroyed by Kellog leaving the current timeline).

Alec tells Kiera the portal is collapsing and insists she leave. He gives Kiera the time sphere and promises to build her a better future. Kiera heads into the portal as The Traveler appears and jumps to his re-created future.

In the aftermath of the portal collapse, Garza and Brad ask Alec if Kiera was killed. He responds by saying they won’t know for sure for another 60 years. Alec then reveals that using the Piron lab to reprogram the time sphere allowed them to trick Kellog into mis-setting the coordinates on his own sphere (they knew he would be spying on them).

Kellog appears in a forest and is immediately surrounded by Native Americans. He’s only a few hundred years earlier than he intended. How long do you think Kellog will last without his money and technology to support his manipulations?

We then jump to the future as Kiera arrives to find Kagame waiting for her. She assumes Liber8 has won, but Kagame only knows the term from his ‘uncle’ Julian’s stories.

Elder Alec comes rushing in disappointed that he missed Keira’s arrival. He quickly confirms that he’s ‘her’ Alec. Kiera asks about Sam and Alec says he’ll take her to him.

Kiera and Alec walk through a park with a memorial for ‘Police Commisioner Carlos Fonegra’, which we’re told Emily lobbied for. Alec states that he and Emily were together every day until she died. Kiera then notes that the officers they pass are police, not CPS. The CPS never formed and there was never a government collapse, revolution or Corporate Congress thanks to the work of Alec, Julian and Kagame.

Kiera then gets her first glimpse of Sam, who is playing near the fountain with a toy police officer very reminiscent of the CPS toy he gave Kiera in the pilot. Kiera starts to walk towards Sam, when Alec suddenly grabs her arm to stop her.

Alec goes on to explain that while a better world was created, there is a price to pay. Kiera understands what he means when she spots a different version of her self giving Sam a hug.