Power Hour summary: Alec gets a job with the VPD. Kiera and Garza investigate the Time Marines’ activities.

Early in the episode Lucas gets tired of Julian and Alec for whining about their destinies. He tells them: “Take action. Man up. You’re the author of your own destiny. Act like it.”

Julian immediately responds by throwing his Theseus manifesto into a fire. Ultimately this gesture is futile, as Lucas quickly discovers that a future version of the manifesto is already available on the internet.

Julian has Lucas track down the up-loader and heads to their house. He’s surprised when the door is opened by none other than Mrs. Kagame. However, she’s not alone. Chen quickly reveals himself as the one who told Mrs. Kagame to upload Theseus’s writings.

Aww, look at the little future revolutionary in the background!

Chen goes on to tell Julian that in 20 years he’s “going to organize the largest revolution against corporate power the world has ever seen. Hundreds of thousands will die as a result and you will lose.” Unsurprisingly, this news doesn’t act as a great motivator for Julian.

Chen then insists that Julian is in control of his destiny and should take action to ensure his teachings are not “bastardized by fanatics”. Chen’s message must have gotten through to Julian, as he later decides to move into the Kagame household, presumably to help raise Edouard, who is already practicing his building destruction skills.

Meanwhile, Alec is also trying to change his destiny by offering to take over Betty’s position at the VPD.

Unfortunately this almost immediately makes him choose sides, with Kiera asking him to give her information before Carlos and Carlos asking Alec to track Kiera’s movements via her CMR. Alec ends up agreeing to help Kiera, but tells Carlos he’ll watch over Kiera on his own terms, as he doesn’t want to risk losing her trust again.

Alec’s first VPD assignment is to find out if the Time Marines were involved in the theft of superconducting magnets from a university. He quickly finds an image of Brad on a nearby surveillance camera. The theft of the magnets also leads Alec to realize the pen-thing Kiera stole from the Time Marines lines up with a major magnetic field pointing directly to a vacant factory. A factory that just happens to have been recently purchased by Kellog for two million dollars over market value.

Kiera convinces Alec to play hooky and they meet up with Garza and Lucas to plan a recon mission. Kiera and Garza are to scout the factory using invisible supersuits (Garza wears Elena’s old suit), with Lucas as their ground support and Alec monitoring everything from his place. The ladies quickly discover that the Time Marines have anti-cloaking technology and they can only remain invisible for 7 seconds at a time.

Upon seeing that the Time Marines are building an unidentifiable device, the mission is quickly changed from recon to destruction. Garza starts rigging up a bomb from some conveniently located C4, as Kiera’s further recon leads Alec to realize the device uses an anti-matter fusion system and could possibly be used to power the time travel sphere.

Kiera tells Garza they are aborting the mission and their ensuing argument over what to do is interrupted by the arrival of Rollins. The ladies use a tag-team approach and their limited invisibility to knock Rollins out.

Kiera and Garza head for an exit but are quickly cornered by the Time Marines. When their suits and weapons are deactivated by a Time Marine weapon, Alec sends Lucas in as back-up. After a daring maneuver by Garza involving a fire extinguisher, Kiera ends up in Marcellus’s grip and at the pointy end of a knife.

Brad gives himself away by yelling at Marcellus to stop, but the reveal doesn’t matter, as Lucas arrives and manages to shoot Marcellus in the head. Brad fires back on instinct, killing Lucas. Kiera helps an injured Garza limp off, taking whatever trust she had in Brad with her.

On the drive back from the factory, Garza blames Kiera for Lucas’s death and informs Kiera that she’s the only one who wants to return to their shitty future. Garza then pulls a gun on Kiera and demands to be let out of the van. These two never seem to be able to work together for long.

In the wake of Marcellus’s death, Zorin starts issuing orders about increasing security of the site (which can’t be moved) and moving up their time table. When Rollins objects, saying that Brad is the ranking officer in their military operation, the group’s reactions reveal a divide (Rollins and Nolan support Brad; Zorin and Weaver do not). Brad insists that the mission is the priority and Zorin should take command. This seems to make Zorin a tad more accepting of Brad, but he still demands that Brad reacquire ‘the key’ (the pen-thing Kiera stole).

Back at the VPD station, Alec and Kiera both lie to an increasingly suspicious Carlos about why they’ve been out of the office. Kiera then heads off to inform Travis of Lucas’s death. Travis assures her that Lucas was always willing to give his life for the cause and she shouldn’t blame herself. Kiera confesses that she’s finding it harder to figure out what path to take, then vows to stop Kellog.

It is then revealed that Carlos has been watching their entire conversation via the security camera. What is Carlos going to do now?


2077 tidbit: When Lucas wins against Alec in a game of Pong, he yells out ‘Shaboof!’ which appears to be a declaration of success such as “Yes!” or “Alright!”.

So what do you guys think? Was Lucas’s death a satisfactory end to the character? Are the Time Marines building a bomb, a time travel portal or something else? What is up with Chen?