The Desperate Hours summary: Alec and Kiera make a deal with Kellog in order to get access to the Time Marine device. The Time Marines stage a devastating attack on the VPD.

Alec and Kiera make a deal with Kellog for access to the Piron lab and the security team he has working with the Time Marines. In return, Kellog gets all the futuristic military equipment after the Time Marines are neutralized. However, they seem to have forgotten how underhanded Kellog is, as they neglect to check for surveillance cameras in the lab. As Alec works to make the time sphere compatible with the Time Marine technology, Kellog is hanging out in Escher’s old surveillance room with a team of scientists, who are replicating Alec’s every move using the Frankenstein sphere.

Kiera runs into Dillon at Piron and suggests he shouldn’t be working for Kellog and that he has other choices. This sets off a chain of events with dire consequences.


Apparently prodded by what Kiera said to him, Dillon goes to Carlos with a recording he found. On the recording is Kellog telling Emily that if she murders Escher, she’ll be free of him. Dillon suggests Carlos cut a deal with Emily to testify against Kellog.

With this new evidence, Carlos rushes over to Piron to arrest Kellog, much to Kiera’s horror. Kellog is put in a holding cell next to Travis, which results in some delightful banter between the two. Kellog taunts Travis by saying his legacy is to be remembered as a killer and terrorist Kellog then informs Travis that he is going to have his scientists harvest all the technology from his body. Travis responds by warning Kellog that all empires eventually crumble.

Kellog being in jail obviously doesn’t work for the Time Marines’ kidney-transplant project, so they immediately enact an extraction plan. Brad calls Kiera for a meet at their favorite park, to get her out of harm’s way... or just out of the way. As soon as she leaves, Brad heads into the VPD and knocks out the surveillance video, power and cell phone signals with a small, pen-like device. Then all hell breaks loose.

Vasquez and Nolan, wearing stolen police uniforms, enter the VPD and start shooting everyone they see. They work their way towards the holding cells by following a tracking chip that Vasquez planted on Kellog’s collar when he was being arrested.

Brad chooses to go non-lethal by shooting out the kneecaps of several officers, then heading after Alec and the ‘key’ device. Alec sneaks onto the roof via his office. Brad quickly catches up with him and breaks several of his fingers when Alec refuses to hand over the key. Alec is saved from a broken arm when Brad finds the key in Alec’s pocket.

Meanwhile, Kiera (whom Alec contacted when Brad first arrived), has managed to reach the holding cells before Vasquez and Nolan. She releases Kellog and, eventually, Travis. Travis gets hold of a shotgun, takes out Nolan, then heads outside.

A heavily armed Rollins is sent in as the ‘fail safe’. He blasts through walls, disintegrates officers and shoots anything in his path. Just as Rollins is about to take out Carlos, Travis arrives to save the day (goaded by Kellog’s legacy talk?).

After many shots and punches exchanged, Travis gets hold of one of Rollins grenades, taking them both out, as well as a large part of the VPD. This is the second terrorist raid AND the second explosion at the VPD in under three years. Maybe they need to invest in better security?

Kiera and Kellog eventually end up on the roof, where she is forced to trade Kellog for Alec. Kiera and Alec watch as two major components of their plan fly away in a helicopter.

R.I.P VPD precinct.

The episode ends with a frustrated Carlos telling Kiera to give up her fantasty of going home, then demanding that Kiera tell him where to find the Time Marines. The credits roll before Kiera answers.

Only one episode remains. How will it end?