Zero Hour summary: Alec tries to figure out what the Time Marines are building and has a revelatory encounter with The Traveler. Kellog becomes suspicious of what his counterpart has planned.

Alec talks Jason into revealing the identity of his mother. She turns out to be a waitress named Annie, whom Alec concludes is too sweet and innocent for him. He decides that if he wants to walk a better path, he can’t follow in his old footsteps. Does this open the door for a reunion with Emily?

While Kiera and Alec pour Lucas’s ashes out in Andy Livingstone Park they get an unwanted visit by Brad. He claims that everything he’s done, including killing Lucas, was to protect Kiera. Brad then demands that Kiera hand over the key she stole, while admitting he doesn’t know what it’s for. She shrugs off his request and Brad leaves keyless.

One of the episode’s biggest reveals comes when Curtis Chen tricks Kiera and Alec into meeting him at the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden (Kagame’s alternate rendezvous point in season 1). Chen explains that The Traveler brought him back to life by merging his body with his consciousness from another timeline. He goes on to confirms what many viewers suspected: The Traveler was the Freelancer Founder. However, the story Chen tells of his origin differs from what we were told by Katherine in 301. Apparently The Traveler is from hundreds of years in the future and was sent back in time to chronicle history. He broke his non-interference rule and screwed up the timeline enough to wipe his future out of existence. He decided to go farther back in time and ended up forming the Freelancers. The Traveler believes that the way events are currently unfolding may enable him to finally repair the timeline.

Alec decides what Chen is saying is ‘metaphysical bullshit’ and storms off, only to run into The Traveler. The Traveler touches Alec’s forehead, sending him into a white, virtual reality-ish room where he comes face-to-face with his Elder self. Alec asks about Jason’s mother and is told that when she realized Elder Alec’s true nature, she ran off with baby Jason and committed suicide. Elder Alec suggests his younger self could undo her death, leading Alec to inadvertently blurt out Kiera’s name (creating a bootstrap paradox and finally answering why Kiera was specifically chosen to be in the execution chamber and have her CMR implanted with a message for Alec). Alec then assures his older self that he should follow his instincts and use time travel.

These two conversations bring up so many questions. If The Traveler founded the Freelancers, why was Katherine keeping him locked in a vault? Why did Warren show such disdain for the guy? If repairing his timeline involves Kiera, Alec, Brad and the Time Marines’ machine, does that mean his screw-up involved them, too?

It appears that The Traveler is the new Chessmaster as we know he was in communication with Marcellus’s group in 2039 and his manipulations resulted in Kiera being chosen by Elder Alec to travel back with Liber8. If the Time Marines’ machine is important to the plan, and their future only came about because Alec went back in time to save Emily, did The Traveler have something to do with Emily’s death? Or is he just taking advantage of the circumstances that resulted? Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll get too many of these questions answered, as we only have two episodes remaining and a lot of story to tie up.

Kellog finally gets fed up at being out of the loop and demands Vasquez take him to see what is being done with the money and resources he has given her compatriots.

At the factory, Zorin neatly dodges Kellog’s inquiries by saying that Marcellus has to be the one to tell him the plan and that he’s unavailable (Zorin omits the fact that Marcellus is dead). Kellog is instantly suspicious of Marcellus’s absence and later informs Vasquez that her group won’t get any more help if he doesn’t get full disclosure on their mission.

Kellog has Dillon acquire the VPD files on the various thefts committed by the Times Marines (Dillon expresses distaste at what he perceives to be a misuse of his authority and plans to have his VPD access revoked). Throughout the episode we’ve been told these thefts include mechanical equipment, medical gear, a 10 million dollar quantum computer, 100 litres of blood and a dialysis machine. That last one seems particularly odd until Vasquez reveals that Elder Kellog is dying of kidney failure. Kellog puts two and two together and figures out he’s slated for involuntary organ donation.

Kellog calls up Kiera and admits she was right about not being able to trust himself. He then suggests they work together and attempts to secure her cooperation with the promise of helping her get home.

Alec and Jason analyze the data that Kiera’s CMR took of the Time Marines’ device. They eventually conclude that it will be used to form a stable, but limited wormhole between their time and 2039. Carlos and Kiera put this information together with what they know has been stolen and determine the people from 2039 are planning an invasion. Alec ends his presentation by stating he could send Kiera home if they combine the time ball with the Time Marines’ device. Between this and Kellog’s offer, it looks like Kiera has a good chance of being reunited with Sam.

After another argument over what to do about Kiera, Zorin finally decides to let Brad in on the plan. They’re building a portal to 2039, so they can rescue hundreds of people from their dark, war-torn future, including Brad’s sister and two nephews. This comes as a surprise to Brad as he was sure his sister and nephews had died in the Squamish Massacre. Did Brad traveling back in time tweak the future enough that his sister and nephews survived or was he just mistaken? Is Zorin just making up a story to get Brad on board with their plan? If this was their intention all along, why wouldn’t Marcellus have told Brad at the start? Whether it’s true or not, I’m sure the hope that Brad could be reunited with family is going to skew his loyalties in the Time Marines favor.