Quick episode summary: Alec works on getting Emily back as Travis and Garza decide to take out Kellog.

Where we left off last episode:

Brad decided to infiltrate the Time Marines in an attempt to find out about their mission. Kellog had Emily kidnapped in retaliation for Alec hacking the Piron servers. Chen met with both Kellog and Garza.


The episode picks up exactly where the premiere left off, with Kellog watching the holo message from his 2039 counterpart. It basically boils down to “My world is a mess, but I’ve sent those nifty Time Marines back to fix things. Help them out and all will be good.” Kellog then gets confirmation that Emily was successfully captured.

The next morning, Alec gets a ‘proof of life’ photo from Kellog (via a Wilhem scream alert!). Kellog craftily claims to have just found the photo online, but hints Emily will be in a much better situation if he gets back the data that Alec stole from Piron. Alec and Kiera debate their options, leading Kiera to realize that Kellog has the Frankenstein time sphere. Alec suggests implanting a code in the data, but he seems unsure if doing so would be a smart move.

Kellog is delighted when Marcellus drops by Piron, greets him with a salute and calls him ‘Commander’. Marcellus goes on to ask Kellog to help him acquire a list of supplies and access to a specific building, but refuses to give any other details of the plan. He ends by informing Kellog that the 2039 Kellog told him “You would lead us”.

Brad meets with Kiera to inform her that he’s staying embedded with the Time Marines, as he’s still not privy to their plans. They exchange some nearly meaningless information and Brad states that the Time Marines need to get back the pen-thing she stole. Despite their mutual vows of trusting each other, there seems to be some doubts creeping in on both sides.

Carlos stops by Kellog’s office to accuse him of being involved in Emily’s kidnapping. Kellog coolly tries to place the blame on Liber8. Dillon arrives and informs Carlos he has no intention of returning to the VPD.

After Carlos leaves, Kellog questions if Dillon’s loyalties could be split, however Dillon assures him otherwise.

Alec calls Jason, Lucas and Julian together to help him figure out how to embed a code in the Piron data. The re-uploaded drive is passed on to Kiera, who is tasked with taking it to Kellog. Dillon greets Kiera at the designated meet point with a dry cleaning bag and states that Kellog insists she change or the meeting is off. It’s clear that Kiera only goes along with it for Emily’s sake.

Meanwhile, Alec and Lucas use cellphone data of Piron employees and a surveillance feed to figure out where Emily is being held. Alec immediately rushes off to play hero.

While they wait for the contents of the drive to be verified, Kiera manages to determine that Kellog has been shut out of the plans of the Time Marines. She uses that knowledge to convince him that he needs Alec on his side and that letting Emily go would be a show of good faith. Kellog starts to agree but is interrupted by a text message saying there is an encryption code buried in the data. Kellog demands Alec provide clean data or he can say goodbye to Emily.

As Kiera steps away to call Alec (getting Lucas instead), Travis and Garza enact their plan to kill Kellog. The plan involves having a waiter light a candle of phosogene (which was used as a chemical weapon in WWI) and then lock all the doors. With Kellog gasping away in the background, Kiera has Lucas identify the toxin and how to save Kellog. Kiera smashes a window, grabs Kellog in a fireman’s hold and proceeds to drown him in a fountain, in hopes of washing the toxins from his lungs. Kiera then drags him out of the fountain (with the assistance of the Piron security guards who have been standing back on Dillon’s orders) and resuscitates him with CPR.

*Emily is fighting Kimani Ray Smith, one of the fight coordinators on Continuum.

At the same time, Alec (now disguised as Piron Alec) has arrived at Emily’s location. He convinces a guard, Larry, to take him to see Emily, but ends up being held at gunpoint when Larry doubts his story. Alec is taken into Emily’s room just as she finishes knocking out the other guard (she managed to grab a piece of wire during a transfer between room and used it to unlock her cuffs). The unexpected sight shocks Larry long enough for Alec to knock aside his gun. After a brief struggle, Emily finishes Larry off with a neck snap.

In a third concurrent story line, Carlos, who had been watching over Kiera’s meeting with Kellog via binoculars, spots Travis and Garza about to take another go at Kellog. He rams their vehicle with his car and proceeds to take on Travis. After three bullets in Travis’s various limbs and seven shots into Carlos’s bulletproof vest, Dillon steps in to save Carlos from a headshot. Travis is arrested and Garza has disappeared.

In typical Kellog fashion, he shows a distinct lack of gratitude for Kiera saving his life. Kiera gets some payback by gleefully informing him that Emily escaped. She returns to her car, only to find Garza hiding in the backseat.

A private encounter with Jason allows Emily to ask a question that’s obviously been on her mind for awhile: “Am I your mother?” His eventual head shake seems to devastate Emily.

Kellog gets another cryptic visit from Chen at Piron. Chen claims he only shares information and was not responsible for Travis and Garza trying to kill him. Chen then informs Kellog that he will soon have a chance to send Kiera back to her home, however he doesn’t say whether he wants Kellog to do so or how it could be accomplished.

Kiera takes Garza back to Alec’s place, where he and Julian are busy preparing dinner. Garza seems to take it in stride that Lucas is now working with Alec. Alec denies wanting to activate the code implanted in the Piron data, though I wonder if Julian will make use of it for his own means.

Everyone sits down for dinner in what could be a crazy Continuum Thanksgiving scene. The frivolity doesn’t last long, as Emily quickly leaves the table. Alec follows only to find Emily already packing her stuff. After a speech about leaving to protect them both from her being used as a pawn, Emily turns and walks out.