Either through delicious internet peer pressure, or to celebrate Pacific Rim's record breaking opening in China, the Crimson Typhoon figure made its way into my grubby mitts today. It's time for Silly Jaeger pictures: Category 2!

First: Ro-bro Fist.

And then, thanks to the power of three arms, it's Oontz-oontz-oontz time in the Shatterdome. Breakdance, Crimson, Breakdance!

Grand Marshal Skaldak and his cohorts discover soon enough that the Thundercloud formation is too much for them to handle...

Crimson Typhoon continues the streak Gipsy Danger created in terms of excellent figures from Neca, packed with ridiculous amounts of detail and articulation. The detailing is especially the highlight, right down to her Kaiju Kill count on her chest:

My only real problem with Crimson Typhoon is that, unlike Gipsy Danger, her design doesn't restrict NECA's fantastic articulation (although as an aside, disappointly one of Typhoon's left-side arms is only a swivel hinge, rather than a full ball joint like the other two, which seems like an odd design choice)... and that's a wee issue with such a top heavy Jaeger.

Her double jointed legs utilise swivel hinge joints, but they're prone to being quite loose thanks to there being no real limits on their movement range - combined with the weighty chest, it makes it difficult to balance Crimson Typhoon in anything other than a stance where the legs are fully 'squished' down, reducing her height a little - legs bent, she stands just under Gipsy Danger's 7.75 inches, but she's about an inch or so taller if you can extend her legs as far as they'll go.


That said, you can still get Crimson Typhoon into some neat poses - like this one, with a sense of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Jaeger' to it.

Roll on Striker Eureka in October!