As post production wraps on the new series of Danger 5, the crew have been slowly releasing photos from filming on their facebook page, providing a tantalizing glimpse of the WTFery Australian viewers can expect to see in the coming months. The new series transplants the action from the pseudo-60's to the pseudo-80's, though considering the Danger 5 gang are still trying to kill Hitler and taking their orders from a giant talking eagle who dresses like Patrick McGoohan from The Prisoner, I don't think anybody's paying that much attention to historical accuracy. Here are some of the choicest "wait, is that a shark's head?" moments from the second season.

Black nazi photobomb.

It's the 80's, so the team needs a suitable new command center.

Colonel Chestbridge, a rifle, and a shark. I don't even know...

High school Hitler in the bathroom with a werewolf.

Severed chain hand nazi and a guy with a chicken. And yes, I'm pretty sure that's the reaction guy from Italian Spiderman.

Teen Hitler playing a friendly game of basketball.

Nazi throwing star carnage.