The nine remaining Face Off contestants are tasked with creating ghosts based on humorous obituaries. The key to this challenge is that dreaded word “whimsical.” (Think of that waiting room in Beetlejuice.) Results ahead.

This is an individual challenge where each contestant is given a character name and obituary to base their design upon. Many contestants have trouble with this challenge. Even with Beetlejuice as a reference point “whimsical” can be a tricky concept to nail down. It is not hard to tell who got it and who didn’t.

The Safe looks this week are Melissa’s Suzanne Stitches (top image), Anna’s Rose Mary, Robert’s Thomas Watts and Walter’s Seymour Sharp.

Rob goes for a 1920s look for his Wendy Wand character. His biggest challenge is covering the model’s eyebrows to get the thin ‘20s style. The judges are impressed enough for him to be a Top Look but thought Rob could have gone bigger with the stomach wound. Rob has been in Top Looks three weeks in a row so he is definitely in the running for the finale.

Yvonne’s Jerry Rig best fits the theme of the challenge in the eyes of the judges and she wins another challenge. She’s also been a Bottom Look more than once so it’s hard to say how far Yvonne will go this season.

In the Bottom Looks we have Mel’s Sally Slopes, Kaleb’s Finn Waters and Johnny’s Sarah N. Geti. Mel spends too much time on a fake front butt (to show Sally’s body was twisted around in a ski accident) and not enough time on the face. Kaleb’s fish biting the head looks more like a hat and the face looks too “Blue Man Group” as Ve puts it. The porcupine quills in Johnny’s character confuse the judges as much as much as they did me. That and the lack of whimsy in Sarah gets Johnny eliminated.

In the McKenzie Report here is McKenzie Westmore’s look on the reveal stage.

Next week the Gauntlet returns.

ETA: I’ll flying out of town next Thursday so I won’t be able to recap the Gauntlet episode. See you in two weeks.

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.