I saw the movie this afternoon and I loved it. However, I was hoping for something in the post credit scenes that I didn’t get and I feel it was a wasted opportunity. Spoilers after the jump.

So we get a mid credit and post credit scene. Mid credit scene is Bucky saying good bye to Cap and being frozen in Wakanda until the Hydra programming can be removed. The post credit scene was Spiderman with his super hot aunt May and some kind of Spider-Signal. I’m sure it’s from the comics, not the point. The scenes were fine in and of themselves. However, I feel that something better could have been done with them

Earlier in the movie, Rhodey gets blasted by Visions beam attack and is out for the rest of the movie. He does survive but is looking at paralysis and can only start walking with the help of some of Tony’s technology. There is a line about how he was going to be looked at by doctors so we knew he survived the blast and fall. While the scenes themselves are fine and I don’t have an issue with Rhodey as a character, I think the MCU would have been better served with these moments being used in the post or mid credit scenes.

Marvel has a history of using the post and mid credit scenes to push the next movie. They know that word of mouth builds momentum and that they need to keep the average movie goers attention hooked. They have the comic reader for the most part, it’s the rest they need to keep focused. Post and mid credit scenes do that, for the most part. Just take a look at their history.

As you can see, this is a tradition going back to Iron Man. in IM, Tony meets Nick Fury and learns of the Avengers. In The Incredible Hulk Tony tells Ross about the team, although Kevin Feig later admitted that scene was a mistake.

You can see what Coulson and Sitwell did on The Consultant, a shot shot on the Thor DVD. Speaking of Thor and Coulson, we see him from Thor’s hammer at the end of Iron Man 2. Thor sees Nick Fury and Dr. Erik Selvig discussing the Tesseract. After Thor The Dark World Sif and Volstagg meet the Collector who is featured in Guardians Of The Galaxy. The list goes on and on. My point is that this is a tradition. Marvel did tease an upcoming movie but it was Spider Man. Spider Man doesn’t need promotion and hype. Everyone will see a Spider Man movie. What they should have done is this, We don’t get resolution on the Rhodey injury in the movie. The injuries are worse than they were and it’s a dark cloud over Tony’s head during the final fight with Cap and Bucky. After the credits we see Tony in a hospital and preparations are being made for a procedure that hopefully can save Rhodey. Tony asks to speak to the surgeon who will be performing it and he walks out to speak with him. Who is the surgeon?

Don’t recongize him? Dosen’t surprise me. Let’s try this one.

I wanted to be considerate to those who are avoiding any spoilers including promotional material so I used a pic that was comic Strange and Benny. Btw finding a pic of pre- accident Strange online was impossible.


So yeah, have Doctor Strange be the one performing the procedure. Give him a chance to make himself known to Tony and promote his upcoming movie. Then there is a hook to bring him into the Avengers for Infinity War, like how they used the fight between Falcon and Scott Lang in Ant-Man to bring Ant-Man into the team. Again, I have no issue with what Marvel did with the choices, I just think having Doctor Strange make his first appearance in the series in Civil War would have been cool. What do you guys think?