Doctor Who filming has wrapped in Lanzarote, but the team has returned to Wales, recording what appears to be a farewell or landing sequence on some sandy dunes with the TARDIS.

Fan photographer Steven Price has taken some lovely pictures of The Doctor, Clara, and Danny Pink's sister wearing orange space suits accompanied by Hermione Norris' character wearing an oddly padded grey suit. (looking at the second-to-last photo of Clara down at the bottom, the grey suit seems to be something that fits over the orange suits, probably something specifically designed to counteract extreme heat)

Additionally, there has been talk of filming involving Daleks in a Cardiff Bay warehouse, which is odd considering that the "[Something] of the Daleks" episode (supposedly episode 2) finished filming way back in the first block. It's a bit late for pickups, so if the reports are true, the Daleks may be in more more than one episode, or it may be some sort of flashback/cameo sequence.