Friday’s Grimm featured a Spanish Wesen cursed with having to face what for anyone else would be a hypothetical moral quandary. Also, Nick, Hank and Wu are back on the job! Spoilers after the break.

The episode picks up where last week’s left off, with Renard coming home after fighting “himself”, and finding Meisner there waiting for him. And he certainly seems to really be there.

But then Renard gets and takes a call from a Black Claw representative, who isn’t happy about the press conference he saw, and isn’t interested in Renard’s explanation that it wasn’t him and that maybe he shouldn’t have trusted Black Claw to know what the hell they were doing.

When he turns around Meisner is gone. So it was in his head after all, but is starting to seem more real. Back at the spice shop, everyone is trying to explain to Diana why Nick looked like her dad, and how he was really helping him.

And then it turns out Diana has magic ultrasound powers...

I’d kind of been wondering if wesen could have a liter (oops, thanks for the note Dr. Lizardo!) litter of babies, if the animal side has any influence on the pregnancy. Hopefully we’ll get to find out.


Speaking of babies, this suspicious looking dude is looking at pictures of them on various parents’ social media accounts that they don’t know enough to make private or at least not fully public. And to maybe turn off location tagging. Seriously though, people should be careful about that stuff in real life too.

So of course, after putting the baby in his crib and going to sleep, after Haley has taken another 100 pictures to post online, he breaks in and grabs the baby. Of course, since the baby had been crying, Haley goes to check on him and gets a terrifying view of her son’s kidnapper.

Yep, when this one woges, he gets an extra arm, and a 3rd eye. Fancy. He runs off, and the police are called. Lucky for these parents a certain detective, his partner, and a highly competent sergeant will be back on the job the next morning.


But first, Renard gets to look over the news that morning, and the news is about him, or rather when Nick was walking around as him.

And then he sees Nick being applauded for his undercover work as he walks into the station, no longer a fugitive. He calls them into his office to make it clear they might have forced his hand with the mayorship but he’s still the captain. After declaring he’s in charge, he then makes it a little less clear that he’s fit to lead...

Gotta say, I really like ghost Meisner, he’s got a good sense of humor. With their first meeting done, Nick and Hank along with Sgt. Wu head to their first case back on the job, the kidnapping from the night before The mom, Haley Maler, insists that a monster took her baby, and of course the father, Paul Maler, thinks she’s crazy. She did get knocked down and hit her head after all, but the husband’s dismissive attitude really isn’t helping. Nick and Hank of course starting thinking “wesen” and ask her to draw what she saw. She does a pretty good job of that.

Meanwhile, the baby had a fever before getting taken, and still seems to. And the wesen seems to want to comfort him, even woging to use 2 arms to hold him and one to check his temperature. Pretty handy if he wants to go into childcare.

He heads to a store to get some medicine for the baby but gets a migraine and passes out long enough to be seen woged by the store clerk. Meanwhile, Nick, Hank and Wu are looking into similar cases, even some with a similar monster description. Then Nick starts to feel light headed. And it turns out it’s because the stick was calling out to him after Eve decided to try and pick it up. That doesn’t go well for her.

After her hand stops boiling, she’s left with a mark, one seen on that guy who tried to deathgrip her. Then she starts carving symbols onto the wall.

After a trip to the spice shop, Hank finds a picture matching the drawing and they learn this wesen is called El Cuegle.

And it’s depicted as a baby eater, so that’s not good. Thanks to some surveillance footage at the convenience store, Nick is able to track down the wesen to his home and after a fight is able to apprehend the El Cuegle, identified as Isidoro Malpica, and return the baby to his parents.

In the interrogation room, the Isidoro explains that the Grimms have always misunderstood his kind. Their 3rd eye gives them visions of the future, and the babies they go after are ones that are shown to grow up into bad people. The last one he took, but ended up returning to his parents, ended up killing 10 people in a diner as an adult. He then asks Nick if he’d have let Ted Bundy live as a kid if he knew what he’d become.

So there you have it, it’s the whole “would you kill Baby Hitler?” philosophical question, but with the added twist that thanks to being able to see the future, this wesen actually does know what the baby will grow up to do, and what killing him now would prevent. In this case, he sees the baby, having grown up, shooting his parents.

It turns out this marriage wasn’t all that steady (big shock), and that took its toll on the child who grows up resenting his parents. The latest vision causes foaming at the mouth the the officer guarding the room goes in to check and is knocked out by a surprise 3rd arm, and Isidoro escapes.


While this is happening, it’s Renard’s turn to have Diana at home. But he lets Adalind know he’ll be moving, because “home” is the mayor’s mansion, so he doesn’t get to live there anymore.

So far, there’s been no mention of who is going to be mayor in the meantime. Was there a current mayor leaving office that will stay on for now? Will his previous opponent be put in, even though he actually was corrupt? Will there be an emergency election? Will it be this guy?

No idea, but I hope the show addresses this, at least in a quick news headline. Back to the story, Sean and Diana make dinner together, which is easy when Diana can make water boil without turning on the stove. And Sean remarks it must be fun being her. He also asks her about what happened to Bonaparte, and she tells him he killed him for “hurting mommy”. When Sean asks what would happen if Nick hurt Adalind, Diana lets him know “he’d be sorry” and Sean is pretty happy with that answer. Nick better make sure it doesn’t even seem like he’s hurt Adalind...


Back at the Maler residence, Paul and Haley are arguing about what she saw but he only thinks she saw, when Nick calls to warn them that Isidoro escaped and may be heading back to their home. Just as Paul locks the doors, Isidoro breaks through one that’s made of glass and knocks him out, so he conveniently doesn’t seem him woge to go after Haley and the baby. Haley manages to barricade herself in a room long enough for Nick and Hank to arrive and fight off the El Cuegle, who falls over the banister.

After he returns to human form, he warns Nick and Hank of “the bears”.

After he’s taken away (either into custody or to the morgue, I wasn’t clear on if the fall killed him or not), Haley and Paul continue arguing, to the point that Nick warns Paul if they don’t calm down he’s going to get taken in too. He also tries to tell Paul that Haley isn’t crazy for what she thinks she saw but he doesn’t believe him. They continue arguing as they head upstairs leaving behind the baby’s blanket, which Hank notices has bears on it, and we can recognize as the blanket the El Cuegle saw wrapped around the gun that the grown up baby used to kill his parents in the future.

Leaving Nick and Hank to wonder if the El Cuegle was right after all...


In this particular case, it seems like the El Cuegle either caused, or at least sped up the events leading to the future he was shown. If the Haley hadn’t seen him woged, Paul wouldn’t be accusing her of being crazy. Sure, it was clear he wasn’t happy about her social media obsession, and the marriage probably wouldn’t have worked out, but this definitely made it much worse, much faster.


Isidoro was obviously conflicted about what he was supposed to do, but couldn’t he have just kept an eye on the kid as he grew up and tried to prevent the killing or the unhappy childhood that led to it? It’s not like the guy went on a spree, preventing him from shooting his parents shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Eating the baby in this case seemed to be a really extreme measure.

Back to the whole mayor thing though, who is Portland’s mayor on Grimm now? Or is there just not going to be one?

Didn’t mention this in the recap, but Rosalee and Monroe also talk about leaving Portland and getting away from all the crazy now that they’re going to be starting a family. Sounds like a good idea.

What did you all think?

(Character and wesen names courtesy of Grimm Wiki)