This week’s episode of Grimm has Nick, Hank and Wu investigating an occult serial killer, while Trubel and Meisner tell Nick and friends they need to be able to count on their help against Black Claw. Spoilers after the break.

First spoiler, the title is very literal. But on with the show. Nick is back at his hideout that plenty of people seem able to find, and heading back into the tunnels to try and open that door. Using an unreliable lantern and his phone, which has Adalind concerned, especially if that door was sealed shut for a reason. But Nick wants to know of any potential escape routes in case things go down, which they very well could because it’s been made clear the place isn’t impossible to find.

It won’t be getting opened this episode.

Back at Hadrian’s Wall HQ (HWHQ), Trubel is looking into what appears to be a pattern.

She runs off to get Meisner, and explains that this man has been at the scene of a few recent violent incidents resulting in death and injury, and in each case a particular wesen was one of the victims.


She mentions a few locations and dates where this man was spotted, and the intended victim. London, July 13 what looks like a train crash killed several including William Fennel (sp?) a judge who was on a case involving the Black Claw. Kiev, August 27, Boris Selek (sp?) was killed at a political rally, and happened to run a shelter for wesen woman abused by their spouses. Osaka, October 17, the intended victim of a violent attack was Hiro Kamisari, the key witness in a corruption trial involving members of Black Claw. And now this guy is in Portland.

Trubel hasn’t been able to get a name or find out where he went from there. Meisner tells her they need to know if Nick and his friends are on board with helping or not. So it’s off to Nick’s to hold Kelly and also tell Nick she needs to know if he can be counted on.

In another part of town, a man is carrying a large wooden beam into a barn. Then digging a hole. Then he sees something bad and is killed, and tied to the beam, with a hole in his side and metal stuck in his eyes.

The next morning, we see Renard’s campaign endorsement playing on a TV, and is being watched by none other than Sean himself, and Rachel Wood. Oh, and they’re watching it in bed, having spent the night together.

Looks like Sean might actually have a normal, non-psychotic love interest for a change. Let’s hope it at least lasts a few episodes.


At the spice shop, Rosalee gets a call from the guy who kept sending her letters, and now we know his first name is Tony. If he’s wesen, I very much hope he’s a tiger. He hangs up once Monroe takes the phone and says to leave his wife alone. Right after that, Nick shows up to ask about joining HW in the fight against Black Claw. Monroe points out they’re pretty much doing that already, but he and Rosalee would like to know more about it all before they make a full commitment. He later asks Hank and Wu and they seem to feel the same way. Not sure if Nick will ask Renard or if Meisner will try to recruit him directly.

Nick then gets a call from Hank to tell him to meet at a crime scene. There’s a drought going on in Portland, and some surveyors were at the barn where we saw the guy get killed and put on the cross, and now the investigation starts. There’s a symbol on the back, and Nick notes a circle of blood on the ground around the cross.

Back at the precinct, Hank is researching the symbol on what looks like Wikipedia and learns it was an 18th century water symbol used by the Order of the Golden Dawn in wiccan rituals.

Then they get a call from Wu, about a second victim. This one was in a deserted home, being shown to a potential buyer and the victim was much less fresh. And the cross has a different symbol on the back so it’s research on wikipedia time again.

The second symbol is the Triskele, a Celtic symbol of the trinity of earth, air, and water (but no fire), and was popular with the Druids back in the day (way back). Since they’re both water-based symbols and being used in ritual killings, Nick and Hank decide it’s time to hit the books.

The Grimm books that is. Nick and Hank meet Monroe and Rosalee and head down to the basement to figure out what they’re dealing with. Monroe tells Nick the crosses and symbols sound like an ancient Fuilcre rain ritual. The Fuilcre are an ox-like wesen and one of the first to use their woge-state for agriculture instead of killing people. Except for ritual sacrifices whenever there was a drought, like now. Turns out it’s for bringing in rain. The ritual was put to a stop when the Grimms killed the entire family of any fuilcre that practiced it, which was last done in 1596.

Rosalee surprises everyone by reading and translating the part in Irish. Which says that the blood will form a plow, whatever that means. And since there’s 7 symbols, there are 5 more potential victims.

On the HW-Black Claw front, Trubel, Meisner and Eve have raided some Black Claw location. Trubel wasn’t able to take anyone alive but Eve managed to get a prisoner, who she slides across the floor with her powers.

We know she’s good with a machete

The prisoner is taken back to HW HQ, to be interogated. Meisner tells him if he doesn’t want to talk to him, he’ll have someone else do it. You know you’re in trouble if Meisner’s the “good cop”. But the captive turns his eyes red and says the Black Claw slogan, so Meisner leaves to get some coffee. And Eve takes over.

A picture can’t quite capture it, and luckily there’s a clip.

Eve uses her powers to give the captive sensory deprivation. And when she gives him back his senses he’s much more cooperative.

The captive doesn’t know who the mystery man who arrived in Portland is, just that he’s a courier, and if he’s here it’s to deliver a message. When asked to who, he hesitates to answer, so Eve gives him another scare. And it works. I like that there’s something besides grimms that most wesen seem afraid of.

The captive reveals that if there’s a message being delivered, it will be to Lucien Petrovich, the guy running the Portland branch of Black Claw.

Since Nick isn’t able to use the grimm books to figure out who the killer might be, he falls back on his detective skills and figures out someone would have had to buy 7 pieces of 6x6x12 wood. Wu gets a lead on a lumber place that made just such a sale but the owner, a Duncan Fargo, won’t say to who over the phone so Nick and Hank pay a visit, and then he’s more than happy to cooperate.

He gives them the name of the customer, Mark Holloway, so Nick and Hank head to his farm, where he lives with his son, and is working on his tractor. He admits to having bought the wood but says it was stolen and asks why he’s being questioned about it. When Nick shows him a picture of the victim, he recognizes what it is and woges. Then sees that Nick is a grimm and fearing for his life, tries to attack. Nick gets him down and with guns drawn on him, he surrenders and is taken in for questioning.

At the precinct, he says he had nothing to do with it, and only attacked Nick because of that time the grimms killed any fuilcre who performed the sacrifice ritual and he was worried for his son’s life more than his own.


He also mentions getting a visitor who talked about going back to the old ways, and when Nick shows him the Black Claw symbol he confirms it was on the flyer, and there’s supposed to be a meeting coming up. And he’s about to be cleared because while he’s there, another killing is taking place.

After being filled in on the investigation so far, Renard tells Nick to keep Holloway in custody for 72 hours and see what he can find. He then casually mentions his great great grandfather on his mother’s side believed in ritual sacrifices. Which is probably what got him burned at the stake.

Back home, Nick is telling Adalind about the case, when she asks if he’s talking about a Fuilcre Rain Ritual. It turns out hexenbiest are taught about all kinds of rituals, and Adalind was home schooled by her mom. She fills in some of the info from the book that was on burnt pages, namely that The Plow is another name for Ursa Minor, aka the Big Dipper. Which means the locations for the killings are going to trace out a map. With 3 so far, and Rosalee also knowing Arabic, they figure out the handle will be at a cemetery and have their map.

Nick starts calling the police from any sites not in his jurisdiction to check for any murders, and also asks Monroe to go to the Black Claw meeting and see what he can find out. After he’s been released Mark Holloway finds out his son had the Black Claw flyer in his room and heads off to the meeting to get him out. It turns out to be a recruitment of wesen, and the leader is working most of the group up into a frenzy. In addition to Jonathan Holloway, and undercover Monroe, Duncan Fargo, the lumber yard owner is there too.

Monroe leaves just before Mark shows up to take his son out. But as he drags him out, 2 other attendees follow and rough up the elder Holloway, and his son not only doesn’t stop them, he goes back inside with them after Monroe stops them. He tells Nick, who has meanwhile gotten reports back of 3 more victims meaning there’s only one left, and the last location is the cemetery so they race over and get there just in the nick of time (pun fully intended).

When the fuilcre refuses to stop, he gets shot. Several times. And when he un-woges we see it was Duncan Fargo all along. He stole the lumber from Mark Holloway right after he sold it to him, and he was also at that meeting.

But with that last drop of blood, it looks like the ritual actually worked because it starts to rain pretty heavy. Hank gives Nick a look and is told to not go there.


Cruel or not, I love how much control of her powers Eve seems to have.

I wonder what will be behind that door in Nick’s basement-tunnel. It’s starting to remind me of the hatch from Lost.

Trubel’s pretty fast on that keyboard.

Looks like Kelly feels safe with Truble, maybe it’s a grimm thing?

As mentioned, the title was very literal, people were crossed and placed to align with a star. Nice job Grimm writers.

What did you all think?

(Wesen and character names courtesy of Grimm Wiki)

(Updated with gifs, courtesy of guintolid.tumblr)