On Friday’s Grimm, seeing is believing, except when wesen are involved. Nick and Hank are on another case involving a wesen using their woge-face to trick people into believing, and Eve continues to investigate how involved Renard is with Black Claw in his run for mayor. Spoilers after the break.

In the basement of the spice shop, Nick is filling in Monroe and Rosalee on what Eve told him about Renard, including that whether or not he knew that Black Claw was going to kill Dixon and have him run in place, he probably does now. Monroe mentions never completely trusting him to begin with, which is probably smart.

Monroe also gets a call from a professor friend who may be able to help with that cloth the miracle stick was wrapped in. And then they hear the customer bell at the shop, and Rosalee gets to meet Eve. The last time they were all together in the shop was with Juliette when she almost got Monroe shot.

Eve tells them she’s tested it out, and she can use the magic hat to turn herself into Renard, to see what she can find out from Rachel about Black Claw. She’ll need Nick to keep the real Renard occupied when the time comes, so they don’t both show up at the same place. Then she leaves.

Speaking of Renard, he makes an appearance on TV, along with his mayoral campaign rival. He makes the argument that his lack of political experience is a good thing since he’ll bring a fresh perspective, and then his opponent tries to portray himself as pro gun control while Renard uses one for his job (even though it’s perfectly legal for him to do so as a cop). Renard feels it could have gone better, but Rachel assures him now they know what to prepare for.

Watching Renard on TV is Adalind, who is soon joined by Nick. She asks Nick if he told Renard about where they live and he says no, and Adalind responds with “so you don’t fully trust him either”. She then asks Nick if he can find out anything about Kelly Diana (thanks to tsalonich for the correction!), including if she was even on the helicopter, since it turned out Juliette wasn’. Nick says he’ll do what he can.


Adalind also mentions thirsting for power is in his nature as a zauberbiest, although as Nick points out, any police captain would have to at least consider a shot at being mayor.

Somewhere else, at an evangelical preacher tells his congregation that the devil is in all of them, but he can absorb their sins into himself, freeing them. Then he seems to turn into the actual devil, and then casts him out.

It’s Ethan from Lost!
Out Devil!

One of the congregation is secretly recording this on his phone. When one of the preacher’s guards notices they try to confiscate the phone, a fight breaks out in the parking lot and the guard is knocked to the ground where he hits his head and dies, unbeknownst to the guy recording, who runs off as the other guards show up.


It turns out he’s working with another church group, who believe the devil has really taken over the preacher and want to “save” him.

Nick and Hank assume, correctly, that the preacher is wesen, and Monroe and Rosalee tell him there’s a kind called a Furis Rubian, who have historically been mistaken for Satan. But this one seems to be doing good with his trickery. His body guards all have criminal records but seem to have gone clean after finding religion.

The rival church member is eventually found and arrested, but says he didn’t realize the body guard had died. He’s found with cold coins, that the church leader had given him to pay off someone. It turns out one of the body guards is a traitor, and helps them incapacitate the preacher to take him to the other church.


Nick gets a call from Juliette, who had turned into Renard again, and needs Nick to keep the real one busy. So he asks him to help out with the case since it involves a wesen, and he turns out to be very much needed as they’re about to face off against a potentially violent mob, the other church group.

The leader of that church, named Joan Vark (sounds like Joan of Ark), turns out to be the ex-wife of the furis rubian, and doesn’t know he’s wesen and instead believe he’s truly possessed by the devil. So they tie him down and stick him with hot pokers until he woges. Then they end up killing him. And then get arrested, so it’s a good thing the captain’s there to help with that.

With Renard occupied, Eve meets with Rachel at his house, to ask her what will be expected of him if/when he wins. But Rachel isn’t interested in talking, and doesn’t seem to notice Renard acting very robotic, like Eve. Since this isn’t the real Renard, he’s unable to perform, so after assuring him it happens to everyone, Rachel says they can talk about his questions, then try again, maybe while woge’d.

The next morning, Monroe visits his professor friend with Rosalee and Nick, and he uses thermal imaging to try and figure out the writing on the cloth.

Back at the spice shop basement, they are able to translate two words on the cloth. The first is miraculum, easily translated to mirarcle, which explains how Monroe was healed. The next word is periculosum, translating to hazardous, dangerous, threatening. Not the greatest news.


And now a new feature, The Wu Werewolf Watch. First entry: While doing his always quality police work on the case, Wu starts to get blurry vision and some kind of pain in his neck, possibly a result of that werewolf scratch.


I really hope the only effect Wu gets from that scratch is that he turns into a fully in control blutbad for 3 nights a month. That would be fun to see, and he’s been through enough wesen crap.


The preacher was very similar to the fortune teller who’d woge to convince people he was speaking to the spirits, and bilk people out of money. But the preacher seemed to be doing more good than bad, as even Nick admitted.

Glad to see Adalind knows better than to trust Renard, and is trying to see if Nick can help with getting Diana back. She should still come clean with everything she knows though, including that she’s starting to turn back into a hexenbiest.

The show is really trying to make it clear that hexenbiests and zauberbiests are evil and duplicitous by nature, like it’s not all in their control, which really seems like a cop out to explain away all the things both Adalind, Renard, and even Juliette have done. And maybe Renard isn’t fully evil because he’s still half human, even though his human family is arguably more evil, so maybe the zauberbiest is the good half.

Eve trying to be Renard but still acting very robotic was pretty fun to watch.

What did you all think?