The ten remaining Face Off contestants create alien parasites that burst out of their hosts. You know, that would be a great visual for a movie. Maybe set it on a spaceship with a small crew fighting for survival. I’m surprised no one has made an alien movie like that. Anyway, results ahead.

Lance Henriksen joins McKenzie Westmore to introduce the challenge. The contestants sort themselves into five teams of two people and choose real micro-organisms to base their alien bursters on. Katie & Robert and Anna & Yvonne team up again but the second time is not the charm for either team.

I was just thinking that there had not been any Foundation Challenges so far this season when McKenzie and Lance make a surprise appearance in the lab. The contestants must incorporate some form of slime into their creations. And as a Foundation Challenge the teams must create their slime in the next two hours. Lance will judge the results and the winning team will have immunity for the Spotlight Challenge. That’s a first since the immunity for winning a Foundation Challenge has always been individual before. Mel & Melissa win the challenge and the team immunity using their secret ingredient - veterinary lube.

I liked Mel & Melissa’s creature the most and it made Top Looks. The judges liked the colors choices, paint job and design.

Lance Henriksen advised earlier that the anticipation of the creature appearing is what excites. Rob & Kaleb take that advice to heart by putting a lot of the creature bursting out on the back. The choice pays off. They are not only the winning look but Rob wins his second challenge in a row.

Walter & Johnny are in the middle of the pack. The judges liked the chest burst fabrication but the execution of their concept was poor with the headpiece looking more like a floppy hat than something bursting out of the head.

Anna & Yvonne had a Top Look the last time they teamed up but this time they are a Bottom Look. The judges don’t like the transition running down the middle of the face or that it looks more like a transformation than a bursting out.

Katie and Robert were a Bottom Look last time they teamed up and repeat their performance this time. I think the image above captures what’s wrong quite well. The cowl looks like a flesh colored cap (with an obvious seam where cowl meets skin) which doesn’t look anywhere near the poor model’s flesh tone. I’m pretty sure the model is acting in character as someone with a brain worm emerging from her head but it’s easy to imagine she’s also showing some embarrassment. Since she was mainly responsible for the cowl Katie is sent home.

In the McKenzie Report here is McKenzie Westmore’s looks at the introduction and on the reveal stage.

I don’t know how long he’ll last but German born (and accented) Robert is the colorful contestant this season. I think of him as Hans Gruber as raised by Hank Scorpio. I liked the little ditty he made up for his creature:

“Hans the brain worm,

First he’ll eat your brain,

Then you go insane.”

As always, you can see galleries of this week’s designs, the contestants’ previous work and previous seasons here. Images in this post via screencap and McKenzie Westmore’s Instagram account.