If you're not already hyped for Mark Gatiss' upcoming Ice-Warrior-on-a-nuclear-sub-piloted-by-russian-Davos-Seaworth Doctor Who adventure, Cold War (how could you not be after that description, frankly), you will be after taking a gander at this fresh crop of publicity stills. Raise periscope!

The Sonic Screwdriver's flashing red! That can't be good.

The Night is Dark and full of Terrors for Captain Zhukov. Oh, and Martians.

David Warner's Professor Grisenko looks pretty relaxed though, for a man trapped on a nuke-filled sub with a martian warrior. Look at that walkman!

The Doctor came dressed for Vegas...

... and Davos Seaworth is not impressed. Probably at The Doctor's choice of eyewear.

Christ on a bike, the sub's sprung a leak - as millions of men cry out in thanks to Mark Gatiss for writing 'Jenna Louise Coleman gets wet in a pretty dress' into existence.

The Doctor's got it all under control though!

Or not.

Definitely not.

The Sonic's found something though...

Captain Zhukov continues to be unimpressed.

I love this shot. There's something about that looks like it's a physical model shot, á la classic Who and old Sub movies. Gorgeous!

Meanwhile, Clara decides to take a nap.

Zhukov, still unimpressed. As 'Grr I'm so stern' is all Liam Cunningham is doing in these pictures, let's take a moment to admire that fabulous beard. Nice one, Liam!

Oh dear. After putting up with Melisandre's bullshit on Game of Thrones, our Onion Knight gets a bit hostile with The Doctor.

Clara's exploring, and it looks like she's found something...

... An Ice Warrior, at last! Say hello to Skaldak.

Early on in her adventures, Clara is yet to learn 'For the love of god, don't touch the clearly not dormant alien nasty'.

He'sssssssss behiiiiiiiiiiiiiind yoooooooooooooooooou!

Skaldak's sonic gun is ready to fire... but at who?

I am really excited for this episode. Bring on Saturday!