On last night’s Grimm, events in Europe end up having a huge impact on Nick, Trubel, and Moroe, and reignite a search thought forgotten. Spoilers after the break.

We start off in Leipzig, where a man named Felixe gets a call from a woman named Andrea in Prague, who has been itemizing the belongings in a home of a man named Joseph Nebojsa, who recently passed away. She found some books he might be interested in, but he would need to be in Prague by noon, to see them. He tells her to text him the address and he’ll meet her there.

Probably not filmed on location, but nice view.

There she shows him a trunk, that appears filled with clothes, but that section is removable, and hidden under it are several books.

But not just any books...

Turns out the previous owner of this home had a nice collection of Grimm books. Felix asks, and is allowed, to take the books back to his shop so he can further study them and determine their value.


Back in Portland, Nick has invited everyone over to his home, because since it doesn’t seem to be such a secret anymore it wouldn’t hurt for it actual friends to know where to find him. Adalind has made dinner, and welcomes them to the fome (fortress-home). Rosalee has a fome-warming basket, and Nick takes Monroe up to the roof to check out the view, and talk about what’s going on with him and Adalind. Nick at least acknowledges it’s weird and says he’s not sure how he’s even supposed to feel about her.

Pretty nice view

Back in Prague, Andrea is confronted by two men who demand to know where the books are. She tells them so they’ll leave her alone, but sadly it doesn’t quite work out that way. They woge and kill her.

Back in Germany, Felix has discovered the books were just the 2nd layer in that trunk, and the 3rd has some items that verify it belonged to a Grimm.

He checks his phone directory and calls a number listed as Cory Armstrong, who turns out to be Monroe, his nephew, at what turns out to be around 4AM in Portland.

It’s a fake 555 number, and a Seattle address (maybe where Monroe lived before moving to Portland) so nothing for fans to call, or visit.

He tells him he’s discovered some books that may be of interest to his friend, the Grimm, who Monroe’s mom told him about. He sent him some pictures from the books, and will wait to hear back from him. Monroe is ready to go back to sleep but Rosalee insists they look at the pictures since they’re already awake.

Monroe calls Nick in the next morning, and has also dug up some old photo albums, with pictures of his uncle Felix in his younger days. He’s a hard core book afficianado and the one who got Monroe most of his books and maps. Nick comes over to take a look at the pictures on the computer.

Nick is very interested and Monroe calls Felix back. Except someone else picks up, and we see his shop is trashed. It looks like one of the men who killed Andrea in Prague after finding out where the books went. Unfortunately, Monroe gives his name and tells him to have Felix call him back. There’s a newspaper with the story of Andrea’s murder, indicating Felix saw that and took off, with the books.

Back at the Portland police station, Hank is looking at mugshots of the Black Claw members they’ve encountered there, mentioning they’re becoming a bigger problem.

Which leads to a segue to Hadrian’s Wall, where Eve is doing push-ups, Hexenbiest style, until Trubel enters her room to clear up a few things. She wants her to know she didn’t go to Nick’s house with the intention of killing Juliette, and wants to know if Eve would do anything to hurt Nick, Adalind or Kelly. Eve makes it clear she is completely separate from Juliette and owes her nothing.

HW is then alerted to the killing of Andrea in Prague because the killers left a black claw mark.

Speaking of which, Felix shows up unannounced at Monroe and Rosalee’s home, having seen what happened to Andrea. He brought one of the books with him to show Monroe and tells him to get Nick over there. Nick decides to bring Trubel too, and after a Monroe family tradition of confrontations with a Grimm, they all settle down and look at the books. Felix is very particular that everyone wear gloves when handling the books because they’re very old and the oil on their fingers could damage them. This is done one time and then completely ignored every time someone handles the books afterwards As a former comic book collector, I sympathize with Felix.

Felix tells Nick these books are priceless but he’ll let him have them for $100,000, and that he has 24 hours to decide.


Not having that kind of money, Nick asks Trubel if HW would pay for it, and she agrees it wouldn’t hurt to ask, so they head over to HQ with Monroe, while Rosalee will see what she can learn about Joseph Nebojsa.

Meisner tells Nick he’ll see what he can do but asking for government funds that don’t exist isn’t a simple thing so no promises.

Eve tells everyone that part of Black Claw’s mission is to destroy all things Grimm, including the Grimms themselves. She also mentions these books could replace what was lost when the trailer was burned, with no emotional connection to the fact that Juliette was the one who burned it.

Back at their home, Rosalee finds that Joseph’s ancestry traces back to a long line of Grimms, including one in the Knights Templar.

Felix is at his hotel, checking on a shipment, but he’s not going to be able to pick it up.

Nick is talking to Monroe and Rosalee about getting whatever money they can just to buy more time to come up with the rest, when he’s called in to a murder investigation. And this time, he doesn’t need Wu to identify the victim.

Nick calls Monroe to give him the news, and he gets over the hotel as quick as he can. He’s in tears from seeing his uncle like this, but realizes if his uncle took a bite out of his attackers, they should be wounded and easier to track. It turns out Felix put up a good fight, but the Black Claw guys were able to call an ambulance and kill the EMTs before taking what they’d need to patch themselves up.

After finding nothing on the police and other databases, Nick asks HW for help and they know who to look for and figure out Felix would have had the books shipped somewhere and the Black Claw would be headed there. Nick and Monroe go off to stop them. Trubel wants to help but Meisner says he can’t risk her on this. She wasn’t needed anyway, because a pissed off Monroe is all it takes to kill both of them.

With both of them dead, Monroe and Nick grab the trunk with the books in them and get the hell out of there.

Back at the spice shop basement, we get to see the unveiling of the books, and a few other surprises, as seen in this clip.

In addition to the 20 books, one of which turns out to be of Grimm family trees, there’s a bunch of weapons, and then a third hidden compartment containing 3 of the seven keys first discovered way back in season 1. Yep, they haven’t been forgotten, and now things are really heating up on that mystery.

Rosalee runs up to get the other 2 hidden in a floorboard in the shop, and now they have 5 of the 7 keys, which doesn’t give the complete map to where the Grimms hid some treasure but it’s enough to figure out the map is of the Black Forrest, and that’s where Nick says they’re going next.


There’s the side story of the mayoral campaign. Renard happens to know the opposition is guilty of a few things that came up during an undercover operation and if it gets leaked to the press, that could help the candidate he’s backing...

Finally getting back to the keys!

We now know Nick’s birthday is June 18 (1982, making him 33 right now)

And Adalind’s is April 14, which Nick knew from when he arrested her.

What did you all think?

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