I meant to add this to the weekly Android post but forget, so I'm just sharing it as a friendly notice because I know not everyone has time to hang around on the Odeck or on the sites they visit daily.

First off, what is Flyne? Think an RSS reader app. Same basic concept. There's a pre-set list of default items you can choose from, you can also incorporate your Twitter feed (the news type things) and Feedly. Twitter and Feedly support will cost you though, as those are premium features and I believe, if memory serves me correctly, that it's $0.99 per each.

Flyne is also made by the same developer who originally made Falcon Pro, probably the best Twitter app ever. The same app that eventually succumbed to Twitter's 100,000 token policy, which is now affecting other popular apps (like Talon).


The reason I'm mentioning the app is because I'd forgotten about it entirely til a recent update was released that brought it in line with Material Design and which put the app on my radar again when I saw it mentioned in the comments of some post on reddit. I'd been using Source by the Klinker brothers for basically the same purpose but Flyne is much better overall I feel. Less issues in general with "feeds".

Enough chit chat, time for screenshots!

Once you've installed the app you'll be given the option of selecting where you want your feeds from. Tapping the first option gives you the choices you see in some of the shots above.


The default stuff, depending on your selections, tends to pull from the usual suspects. I won't list them, but if you know what you're into then you know where you tend to go for news and information on it.

If you go the Twitter and/or Feedly route you'll have to enter your credentials for each service and once you do you'll be set. Twitter selection seems to be minimal, you have no choice in what's displayed but it seems to do a pretty good job of picking the correct stuff. (As in you won't see stuff from people you follow beyond the same groups that make it into the "usual suspects" lists for sites you visit daily.) Feedly gives you the option to sync any feeds you've got set there and is where you really want to go to get your money's worth for feeds tailored to your needs.

Per this screenshot, scrolling up or down gives you the various "articles". You merely have to tap on one to read it further.

Once you've tapped on an article you can read it in full within the app itself. Should you wish to visit the original website you can do so by clicking on "view original page".

I'd like to add that the app itself has clearly gotten better in this regard, originally you would see snippets of articles and then have to visit the pages for the full read. No longer is that the case and since it's been quite some time since I last used the app I can't tell you how long or recently that change was made, but it's awesome nonetheless.

Tapping on any pictures within a given article brings up that option, for you to see them displayed in the middle of your screen for better viewing. You also get the option to share or download the picture at that point as well.

Those would be the handful of settings the app itself has, very minimal but you don't need anything beyond what you see there really.


Overall, it's a great app and incredibly useful for quick reading on the go. The fact that it caches stuff is what makes it a must use for me. When I did use it regularly I tended to read tons of articles from within the app whenever I was in places that had no signal. It is a rare sight to not find me with my nose in a book or website or what have you. I am always reading.

Anyway, that's all I got for you today. Happy Halloween, you wacky ghouls and goblins.