So here are a few more blink and you’ll miss them moments from the Doctor Who Series 9 teaser trailer not mentioned in this article:

First of all— Booyeah! Silver old-school Dalek! It’s hard to 100% identify it without seeing the neck portion or whether it’s got a pupil in the middle of its eye-stalk, but the yellow tinted dome lights make me think this one is probably from Power of the Daleks, though even in HD, the shot is blurry enough that it could be almost any of the silver variants from The Dead Planet up through Evil of the Daleks. (though the Dead Planet Daleks generally had bigger white sections on their eyes, so I’m still going with a Power as my answer)

Interestingly enough, the rumors that part of this story takes place on Skaro, prior to the events of Genesis of the Daleks, with the Doctor having to decide whether or not to assassinate a young version of Davros, are starting to look somewhat plausible. For one thing, we get that beautiful looking Dalek city (or some other alien species that really likes to put bumps on things) but for another, we get this image:

You might have to click on the image to expand, but those are laser-firing biplanes chasing a rag-tag bunch of soldiers weilding a hodge-podge of different clothing and equipment. If you’ve seen Genesis of the Daleks, you may remember the 4th Doctor pointing out that the Kaled-Thal war started out high tech, and gradually grew less and less sophisticated as supplies and the means to manufacture them slowly dwindled. Plus, these guys easily look like they could be a generation or so away from becoming the radiation-tainted mutos we saw wandering the wastelands and menacing poor Sarah Jane.

Here are some shots of a Dalek having the worst day ever:

Not much else to say there, except the weird shape of the object crushing the Dalek could possibly be a falling statue in a homage to the 1st Doctor and Ian offing a Dalek in The Dead Planet by shoving an ugly looking statue down a lift shaft, or a tracking shot of a Dalek hovering to pursue a rising elevator and then conking itself on the noggin after running head-first into a protrusion of its own city. Either way, it looks a lot like the Dalek is between floors here.


Next, if you look really closely at the book the Doctor is running with in the scenes from the Viking village, it looks an awful lot like he’s carying his 500 year diary (it definitely has the same strap, and three words on the front in the same layout)

There’s some speculation whether this next image involves a return visit to Karn or possibly the Sibylline Sisterhood from Fires of Pompeii. It could be either, as Moffat did mention something about returning to the matter of how the Doctor got his face, though if you look really closely at the rock formation in back, it does look a bit like it’s got an opening and housing a “sacred flame” inside (or it’s just a rock with a hole, and there’s somebody standing with a torch in back)

We’re also seeing a slightly redesigned console room this year. Hooray, the roundels are back!

And finally, this thing:

No idea what it is, but it’s 100% not a vervoid or wirrn or any other returning classic series monster, unless it’s a Sea Devil in a halloween mask.