Someone at Game of Throne's official instagram had way too much fun getting various members of the cast to pose with their Pop! Vinyl incarnations.

The Mother of Dragons is beautiful in all forms!

No matter the scale, Kit Harington always looks a little grumpy. Cheer up Jon Snow, you've got toys to play with!

Lena Headey keeps tiny Cersei close with the aid of some Highgarden-inspired fashion.

Rory McCann is a lot less intimidating when not clad in armour. Even less so, clutching Mini-Clegane.

You knerr nuthin', little Jon Snerr...

The Dink has a nibble on Tyrion.

Maisie Williams and an even tinier version of herself at the GoT Season 3 première.

Tywin has his brood in the palm of his hands... literally!