So, Mr. Sulu, and one of the man I admire the most, is now "calling for the [2014 Olympic] Games to move to Vancouver from Sochi to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws."…

Look George, I love you, and those laws are heinous, but you do know that what you are proposing is completely impossible right? Sure, the sports installations are still in good shape, but what about the lodging? The workers? The catering? The ceremonies? There is a reason the host city is announced 8 years in advance George - it's because that's the time it takes for a government to prepare and finance the games. To ask Vancouver to host the games in less than six months is totally ludicrous. It's like asking Michelangelo to paint a copy of the Sistine Chapel ceiling in 3 days. It's just not doable.


Your suggestion George is not helping the protest movement, it just make it looks ignorant. This really wasn't your best day.