After being tipped off to Canada’s new Star Trek themed coins and stamps by LizTaylorsEarrings, since the Delta Coin was a bit way out of my price range, I ended up getting the 25cent coin and stamp set, which arrived in the mail this weekend. So here’s some pictures.

The gives you a view of the coin and the stamps, set against a background of the Enterprise in space and the Star Trek Logo that also lets you know it’s the 50th anniversary.

And it folds out into three panels.

Here’s a closeup of each, written in both English and Quebecois, the French of Canada (I assume anyway).

And the back panel, there’s no way anything with that top postage isn’t getting where it’s going, look how confident it is. Not that I’d use it for mailing anything.

And a closer up of the coins and stamps.

The Queen on the back of a Star Trek quarter, gotta admit that’s pretty cool.

And it goes nicely with my Superman coin and stamp set from 3 years ago. Gotta give it up to Canada for having some nice coin.