Gotham is back and we’ve got a dozy. There’s manhunts, intense audio analysis, Nygma Golluming & Oswald doing what he does best, being a irredeemable piece of shit. Spoilers ahead, if you can stomach it. Literally I mean, it gets pretty sick.

So after the bullshit that was Sleepy Hollow’s season finale, I needed this. I needed a show that I can’t say I like but that entertains me to wash out what a show i really loved has become. Gotham proved to be just what I needed. It wasn’t great, but was still entertaining and worth the hour I spent watching it. Here are my thoughts.

  • B.D Wong had another great night. I can tell he is enjoying hiself with this role as Huge Strange.
  • I know it will never happen but my head canon has Strange being the estranged twin brother of Wong’s George Huang character from Law And Order SVU. I want that to be true so bad.
  • I do agree with Mrs. Peabody that if he keeps releasing lunatics his reputation will drop however. He lets Barbara go after on one screen therapy session. She might go through what Oswald did but we don’t see it. Of course this being Arkham, the worst psychiatric ward/mental institution in the world, we know it won’t work. We’re going to see that proven with Penguin.

  • Speaking off, let me use some gifs to summarize the Oswald story.
  • So after the funeral of Pee Wee (Don’t remember his character’s nae, it’s Paul Reubens and like “Dwayne” will always be The Rock, Paul will always be Pee Wee), Oswald has to beg to stay with his evil step other and step sister...OK not quite the same as Cinderella but close. They basically keep him on as free help and to keep an eye on him in case he makes a claim to the money as the true son and heir. He does his best to serve them well, but a uy can only take his mother being called a slut and having food thrown at him for so long.
  • Seriously, these kids were true Generic Evil. A few times the son looked contrite but never stopped his sister. Well in the end, they got serve in they were dinner. Try to keep up.
  • Oh it was a joy to see that shit Hugo Strange conditioning break and for Penguin to break out of Oswald. Evil step mom never saw it come. Now Penguin, get your dress and hurry to the ball, you can still get your prince and happily ever after.

Meanwhile back at The Best Police Department Ever (sarcasm in case you missed it), Barnes is on the warpath about bringing Jim in. He doesn’t trust that Bullock isn’t involved but he doesn’t push it. Like anything involving Ben Mckenzie this was the most uninteresting part of the episode. I knew there would be some convoluted plan to get Ed to confess to framing Jim.

  • I did enjoy the tension where Jim comes to Ed’s place and asks for his help. Ed having to restrain himself when Jim calls the guy who killed the cop and framed his a psycopath.
  • That said, maybe if i’m supposed to be this super genius riddle master, I make sure there are no identifiable background noises in my apartment when I record a incriminating tip phone call.
  • Maybe do it somewhere not where I live in fact.
  • I especially enjoyed the moment in the bathroom. It felt like Norman Osbourne in the first Spider Man movie when he was turning into the Goblin. Also had Gollum moments as well.

I am wondering why Michael Chiklis is becoming the Jim Gordan we all thought we were getting when this show first premiered?

  • Last and certainly least, we have mini-Bats. We don’t get a lot from Bruce this week. He had a nice bit of crime with Selena on the roof as part of his training to understand criminals. But Selena gets pissed when he throws the money they stole from the crooks out to the street for some strange reasons.
  • Apparently Bruce Wayne can sew, and is pretty good at it to.
  • I will say this for Bruce and Jim, they have a connection. Jim kept his word to Bruce and found who killed his parents and promised to find who payed for the his. Bruce swallowed his pride and brought Jim back to the mansion when he needed help. Should Bruce actually become Batman the seeds of the Bats/Jim relationship are already well planted.
  • Selena is once again pissed at Bruce for not coming back into the city with her. Not really sure why. I don’t think he ever said this was a permanent arrangement and as he said to her, it wasn’t his place. She choose to find insult there were none was meant and even threw away the jacket he fixed. OK be pissed at the guy but throwing away a good coat in the middle of winter, kind of a dumb idea.
  • I have to give Alfred credit. He put aside his feelings about Selena and had Bruce get her out for her own safety so she wouldn’t get involved with whatever Thomas Wayne was involved it,.
  • Once again the technology in this show eludes me. At the end Bruce and Alfred finally get on that computer in the NonBatCave. It’s an old fashioned giant machine but has what look like modern flat screen monitors. People have cell phones but they’re old fashioned pre-Iphone flips. When Jim breaks into I.A to get the recording of the tip called in that got him arrested, it’s on actual tape and there is a microfiech machine. Could i take over this city with an Iphone?

I enjoyed this episode. Jim gets redemption that he really dosen’t deserve and will work on finding who ordered the hit on the Wayne’s and try to convince Morrena Baccarain to ignore all that sweet Deadpool sequel money to commit to their werid ass show for a few years. Penguin is back and crazier than ever, oh and poisoned a dog. Yeah he did that to. In additional to the other stuff.....yup. Riddler is in Arkham where i’m sure he’ll be well guarded and won’t be a risk to escape at all. Oh and i most forgot, Barbara is back....yay

Yukko from Nichijou. If you haven’t watched this anime yet, stop reading the recap of this ridiculous show and look it up n YouTube...NAO!

I will see you all next monday for another child eating, dog killing, manhunting, rocking good time. If you want more Gotham, and really, why the fuck wouldn’t you, please enjoy this fine selection of additional recaps fro across the Inter-Tubes.