Like a zombie Theo Galavan, the Gotham recap has risen from the dead. Tonight we have RPGs, magic swords, Strange being a woke bae (no fucking clue what that means) and Penguin teaming up with Butch which means nothing but good things. Into the asylum of spoilers!

I missed last week episode since I was tired from an exciting OKC Thunder playoff game. That said, I got the jist of what was going on pretty well. Let’s dig into this week’s action.

Harvey, Jim and cops storm Arkham with a warrant to search Strange’s office. Harvey is naturally pissed off by Theo Galavan, a supposed dead man who was sent to Arkham to be cremated, running a sword through Captain Barnes. This is in addition to another supposed dead man, Victor Fries, appearing again dressed like a spaceman. Strange feigns shock at these charges but Harvey isn’t buying it.

They go into Strange’s office but surprise surprise, find a garbage sack of shredded documents. “Spring cleaning” as Strange puts it in a lovely snarky tone. He offers to let them look around but says there isn’t much left to find. Gordon tries to play bad cop, tell Strange shredding documents won’t save him and reminds him what he knows about Pinewood. Strange reminds him that since he doesn’t work for the GCPD, he’s under no obligation to tell Jim anything.

Hugo Strange, psychologist and master of stating the obvious

Harvey says they’re going to tear the place apart but Strange reminds everyone that B.D Wong used to be on Law And Order and tells Strange that the warrant only covers his office, and he will need a different warrant if he wants to search the rest. He tells Harvey that if he goes for a different warrant, than Strange will tell the judge how much stress having GCPD - and others - stomping around causes his patients. Harvey vows that they aren’t done but is forced to retreat. Strange asks if Azreal has returned and Peabody tells him that he hasn’t. “Troubling”.


As they leave we see Nymga coming back up from the underground facility he discovered last week, the Indian Hills facility. He gets caught by an orderly and says he got lost and asks for an escort back to his cell. Once back in he looks up at the vent and begins plotting a plan of escape.

Meanwhile at a church, the father rushes into the sanctuary to investigate a noise, assuming it’s kids breaking the lock. Instead it’s Azreal, who will henceforth be known as Azy so I don’t keep fucking up with the spelling. He tells the priest he needs a weapon for his holy quest and when the priest tells him he has no weapons, Azy snaps his neck. Maybe he should have tried that black market Sams Club from earlier in the season first than a random church.

After the opening, we’re in the hospital room of Captain Barnes as an exposition news cast plays. It tells us he is still in critical condition and the hunt for his assailant continues. No arrests have been made but reports from GCPD confirm the assailant was former Mayor Theo Galavan. The scene changes to a room where a man is getting dressed in draper clothing watching the same news broadcast. He turns off the tv with a cane. Who might this character be?

Yup, it’s Oswald looking for vengeance for the murder of Mama Penguin. Watch your back Theo!


Back at GCPD HQ, Harvey is barking out orders for choppers, more men, what have you. He tells a guy to get Judge Bam Bam (real name, not making this shit up), for a new warrant to search all of Arkham. As he does this the red shirts and detectives lok up at him like robots waiting for programming. Jim says that since they don’t have a captain at the moment, Harvey is it and should say something. This is not Harvey’s strength and asks Jim to do it but that is hard since Jim really dosen’t work there. Harvey gives a decent speech.

Harvey gets meta and talks about how the bad guys in Gotham keep getting weirder and weirder but that under the mask he’s still a man and can still bleed, so get out there and do what the Cap would tell you to do if he were here, find this guy and KICK HIS ASS! Harvey’s must have several levels of bard Inspire Courage attempt is a success and the officers are energrized, ready to find the masked freak that killed a bunch of them in their own office for what, the third or fourth time this month?

After the speech Jim and Harvey discuss where to find Theo. Jim says they need to think outside the box and asks where he the first place he would go. The answer is to his sister.

Meanwhile Alfred and Bruce are driving home, i presume, when Bruce jumps out of the car into an alleyway. They have a similar argument they’ve had for the entire season. It goes something like this.

A: Don’t do that!

B: I’m doing that!

A: Ok

Ok, maybe a bit more than that. Alfred wants to get Bruce home but Bruce can’t stand the idea of sitting at home and doing nothing while Galavan runs loose. and wants to get Selina. He knows that Strange lied to the police. He also isn’t in a mood to trust Gordon.,

Remember all those comics where Batman had disdain for Commissioner Gordon?

Alfred tells him that it’s his job to keep him safe but eventually relents and lets him go.


We then see Tabitha trying to get out of Dodge. Butch thinks she’s made at him, perhaps for kicking out Barbara in last week’s episode.

Please Butch, don’t turn into a Nice Guy (tm)

Harvey and Jim show up as she’s trying to leave which makes Butch question their security. Jim tells her that he knows she’s leaving because she’s afraid of Theo, or as Bullock calls him, a “ninja from Medieval Times.” She eventually helps with a helpful expostion dump that I will just copy from a transcript to save time.

Read more at:

So to nutball it, Theo think’s he’s an immortal 300 year old assassin and is looking for a magic sword. Everyone with me so far?


Bruce finds Selina, in a nice nod of continuity, feeding Bridget’s birds. He tells her he wants to break int Arkham and learn the truth about Strange, Theo, Fries and his father’s murder, Selina thinks he just won’t be happy until he;s killed himself and says she doesn’t care about the zombies. But her tune changes when he tells her that Bridget was sent there after she was taken into custody. She feels guilty for her not leaving town when she told her to. Bruce wants answers and suggests they break into Arkham.

Jim, Harvey and Tabitha arrive at the Dumas crypt where her grandfather is buried. They find the casket where Jim and Harvey have this little exchange.

Irony, thy name is Bullock
Grave robbing, just another day for Jim Gordon

“Whatever it takes Harvey” is Jim’s response to Harvey’s concerns that they’ve become grave robbers. That sounds about right for this show. He removes the top of the casket and find the sword. Just then Theo shows up, knocks Bullock out and kicks Jim out of the tomb. But Tabitha closes the door as Theo goes after him and tries to talk him down. She tries to get him to remember who she is and who he is. She tells them of the estate they lived in by the sea before the monks took him. For a moment it seems like it might work. He says his name and flashes back to when he won the mayorial election. However we also see this.

Theo has Strange thoughts....i’ll let myself out.

Unfortunately Tabitha does her job a bit to well. Because after this he remembers Bruce Wayne and what he was sent to Gotham for.

Theo then goes stabity stab stab on Tabitha and takes her whip. Kinky. Jim finally gets back inside where he finds Harvey coming to and Tabitha bleeding badly. She tells him about Theo and Jim leaves to warn Bruce while Harvey waits for the ambulance. He calls Alfred who tells him about his wise decision to leave his 15 year old ward in the middle of a back alley while a undead killer whose mission in life was said minions death roams the street. Best...butler/guardian/child slapper.....ever. Jim goes to where Alfred left Bruce to see if he can track him down. After they hang up Alfred hears something behind him and turns to attack but it’s just Bruce coming home. So yeah, tension built up and immediately destroyed good job show.


Meanwhile at Arkham Selina has snuck in and is crawling through the vents because tv show. She finds Riddler who finally put his escape plan into place. After some boring dialogue where they exchange what they are up to, they agree to her showing him the way out in exchange for him showing her where the elevator the basement is since that is the most likely place Bridget will be. Just to speed things up Riddler finds the vent opening and is immediately caught by guards as he gets out. WAHHH WAHHH WAHHHHHHH!

After that’s done we go back to the hospital for a rather nice moment with Butch talking to unconsious Tabitha.

The nice romantic moment is ruined by the arrival of Oswald. Naturally Butch is not thrilled to see his old boss and threatens to shoot him if he touched Tabitha. Oswald naturally is still a little peeved at Tabitha stabbing his mother in the back. They manage to get to a point where they can discuss the real issue;Galavan. Oswald isn’t buying the Azreal act.

They agree to a truce, Butch will tell Oswald where Theo is and Oswald will leave them alone. After that Jim calls Alfred who tells him that Bruce is home. They split up to barricade the house in preparation for Galavan’s arrival. Bruce finds an open window upstairs and as he rushes to warn Alfred we see Theo is already inside, ready to kill Alfred unless he tells him where Bruce is.

After the commercial we return to Arkham. Selina has succesfully broken into the elevator that leads to the basement. In between her sneaking we get Alfred and Theo engaging in a brawl with swords and fists. After a bit Alfred gets thrown out a window and Bruce runs away with Theo after him. Back at Arkham Selina has made her way into the basement undetected but has to sneak into a side room as Strange and Peabody appear. They stop right in front of the room to engage in plot talk in a scene straight out of “How To Tell Stories In Video Games 101", have two characters engage in a exposition dump conversation in an area near where the PC is hidden or in a location the NPC cannot see. Somehow even when doing a plot dump B.D. Wong manages to be wonderful. The way he said “ A killer, a madman” made it sound like he was french kissing the words.

After they go their separate ways to de-spawn in order to free up system RAM, Selina goes around the corner and sees this.

Why is Drax from GOTG in Arkham?

It looks like Killer Croc is making an appearance on this show. Good, because things haven’t gotten as silly as they could.

After commercial we’re back at the Manor in the garage with Theo hunting Bruce among the cars. He’s talk about how the Wayne’s have no honor face death blah blah blah. Bruce just says F THIS! and drives right over Galavan through the garage door. But Galavan has Damage Reduction against cars or some munchkin shit like that because he’s on his feet behind Bruce and wraps the whip around his neck. He has Bruce on his knees and about to finish him off but Jim has his big damm hero moment and guns him down. Of course that’s not enough to kill good old Azy. But then.....this happens.

I want to marry this scene and have it’s babies. In case anyone read the article Bricken posted on the main page, I can verify that the music is in fact from the episode. I saw it when it aired and I was as amazed then as I am now.


We end with Selina finally finding Bridget but she doesn’t know who Selina is and dosen’t know the name Bridget. She says she woke from a coma and Dr Strange would be testing her and thinks Selina is that test.

Selina tries to reason with her but she is convinced that she;s lying and we end the show with Strange and Peabody watching as Firefly blasts her flame thrower at Selina.

Assorted thoughts:

  • We have two people in the hospital, one blown up with an RPG and a girl possibly set on fire and this isn’t as strange as it could have been,.
  • As i said above I love everything B.D. Wong is doing. It feels like he’s making verbal love to some of this awful dialogue he’s been given.
  • Also more B.D Wong and Donal Louge plz k thnx
  • Another solid performance by Robin Wright Taylor. I like how he seemed to be the only one to come out ahead in the end.
  • I like Selina’s new look. It seems to fit her better. I do wonder why she bothers with the goggles since we never see her wear them.
  • So Killer Croc is coming. I knew it was coming from reading spoilers but now that i see it....meh.
  • The preview shows the return of Fish Mooney which will be interesting.
  • Lastly I want to know if you guys would like me to do these long form recaps that I don’t post until the show is online so i can get screenshots, or would you prefer just these type of bullet point assorted musings that I can get posted sooner. Thanks for reading and i’ll see you all next week,