Well folks, this is it, the grand finale. We have a showdown with Strange, getting Selina out of the fire pit and who knows what else will happen. Come and join me for this spoiler filled look into Gotham’s final spin on the carousel of madness for this season.

Guys, i’m sorry this is so delayed. I had a long recap halfway written and then I realized It was Wednsday and this is a show that airs on Monday. So here are some of my random thoughts just so I can get this posted.

How did no one tell this was a fake Jim?

Seriously people. Did no one notice Jim was acting completly different? It tooks Barbara to finally figure it out simply due to him acting like Lee was nothing to him.

  • How the hell did Strange survive being blasted by both Freeze and Firefly? I guess he was in the center where the ice and fire canceled each other out, or something like that.
  • This wasn’t the best Strange. I think it’s because we spend most of the episode seeing him run around trying to both blow the place up and get the experiments out of the way.
  • Speaking off the experiments, who do we see at the end? I’ve heard Soloman Grundy will appear, and Jerome can be heard laughing. We also see a dude in the GCPF who could be The Mad Hatter.
  • It felt like the really under used Clayface. So much more could have been done with him rather than hamming it up and chewing scenary.

I did enjoy the scenes with Strange interrogating Gordon. This moment in particular where Strange tells Jim his plan has failed was really well done.


So Penguin has a bust of his dead step mother’s head. Meh, pretty low key for this show. Also Barbara lives with Oswald and Butch now.....ok.

  • I liked how Selina was able to think quick on her feet and convince Firelfly to keep her as a servent. I also liked the scene with her and Bruce where he tries to apologize for getting her involved but she isn’t having any of it.

So what evil plans does the Court Of Owls lady have in store for the city?

Man did I miss Fish. I hope we get more of her in Season 3.

Well guys, i’ll leave it there just so I can get this posted. Feel free to discuss in the comments and i’ll see you guys around.