Update: Kinja left off 4 of the polls. They’ve now been added. The Halloween Candy Madness has now reached the second round. 32 candies remain in our contest to be decided on by you. Which candies will be the treats and which will be the tricks? It’s time to vote and find out.

Well, that was a first round wasn’t it. Have to say, the results aren’t what I expected them to be. But then they never are. Because the seeding was random, there weren’t technically any upsets, but I’m sure among there voters there were plenty who were.


Personal favorite, Candy Corn, fell by a fairly large margin. Chocolate in general seemed to dominate, but that’s not unexpected. Both Tootsie Roll options managed to stay in for some reason. The closest battle was between Junior Mints and Nestle Crunch with Junior Mints surviving by 6 votes.

But now the choices theoretically become tougher. Who will survive to make it to the Sweet 16? Will it be your favorite? Or will it suffer the fate of #TeamCandyCorn?

The Polls

The Schedule

  • Round 2 - Today
  • Sweet 16 - Fri, Oct 21
  • Elite 8 - Mon, Oct 24
  • Final 4 - Wed, Oct 26
  • Championship - Fri, Oct 28
  • Announcement - Halloween Day

Hope you’re enjoying the bracket thus far. Hopefully you’ve not fallen too deep into the candy madness.