It’s the Halloween season, and that means it’s time to consume a dentist’s nightmare amount of confectionary delights. But which Halloween candy is the best of them all? That is the answer we seek in Halloween Candy Madness.

Did you miss the bracket madness? Well, it’s back, and it’s all about candy this time. Everyone has their favorite candies, and everyone equally has candies they hate to an irrational level. This is where we battle it out to see whether your favorites will come out on top. The seeding is random, and there are no themes for each quadrant. Each candy is representing only itself. This means some pairings will be tougher for some than others, but like with trick-or-treating, luck plays its part.

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The Methodology

The process of selecting the 64 candies for this bracket was a fairly simple one. I started out by adding every single candy I could think of. Then I looked at a list of Halloween candy online and added more still. Then I consulted people on Twitter. All told, we ended up with over 80 candies.

The process for cutting that number down to 64 was simply copy/pasting the entries from the spreadsheet into an online ramdomizer and taking the first 64 on the list. Those 64 were then placed into the bracket system as is.

The Polls

Region 1

Region 2

Region 3

Region 4

The Schedule

  • Round 1 - Today
  • Round 2 - Wed, Oct 19
  • Sweet 16 - Fri, Oct 21
  • Elite 8 - Mon, Oct 24
  • Final 4 - Wed, Oct 26
  • Championship - Fri, Oct 28
  • Announcement - Halloween Day

And so we’ve begun. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as you’ve enjoyed the previous brackets. Have fun, and don’t be too disappointed if your candy loses. You can always eat some and make yourself feel better.