Team Panther speaking here, with an important PSA: it has come to our attention that we are up against the mighty tiger in this edition of O-Deck madness.

And while mighty he is, he’s nowhere as graceful as panthers.

Or as cute:

We’re pretty rad actually. Us black panthers are really two species: black leopards and black jaguars. The leopards rule the East and the jaguars rule the West! Alas, only one of us is left in the competition, which is why I am coming to you with this important message. We need your help! Vote for the jaguar!

Did I mention we have spots?

And we play well with others:

We have a mighty ROAR:

And we’re pretty fast! So fast that they named a car after us!

But really, we’re just big cats

looking for a little love from our human companions

So give us your vote!