Let the hype machine begin! With less than 2 weeks to go, The BBC have begun their PR assault for Doctor Who (insert "Hell, it's about time" joke here), with posters, trailers, press launch quotes and pictures flying about everywhere. Here's 15 new publicity stills from the first episode - and a spoiler warning to boot, as a few might be considered lightly spoilerish. Click beyond the jump if you dare!

We've seen this bit in the trailer - "Right then Clara Oswald... time to find out who you are!"

Clara goes full on companion in the ever perennial 'gawp in amazement at something just off camera' shot.

I take it this isn't a remake of the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet. But given the rather petite size of JLC, it does make me think that that window is really tiny!

The Doctor and Clara share a cuppa/stare at something ominous.

Another recognisable shot from Saturday's trailer, where The Doctor implores Clara to remember what happened to her. Maybe he's looking up at her sticking out of her teeny window?

Told you these could be considered a little spoilery - Oh dear. Please don't pull a Rory in your first 'proper' episode, Clara!

But what's this? Clara's being attacked by faux-code! I take it this is meant to represent the Wi-fi, or perhaps the Spoonheads, the creatures lurking in said Wi-fi. The next time you're near a router, watch out for floating bits of nonsense.

The legendary British actress Celia Imrie guest stars in this episode. Will she be friend or foe to The Doctor and Clara?

Clara once again pulling off a brilliant 'gawp at something amazing just off camera' shot, but this time we know that she's in the TARDIS. What are we going for this time - Smaller on the Outside, or Bigger on the Inside?

The Doctor ponders something sinister. Something... Canadian. Hang on, that leaf looks a little familiar...

Clara looks like she's waiting to be whisked away, by a madman and his box...

The BBC would like to remind you that they spent some money filming in London, so here's a pretty shot of The Shard, the capital's latest giant glass-covered thingie.

Clara enjoys a milkshake as The Doctor logs on. It's probably not going to be twitter, if Steven Moffat has anything to say about it. Maybe the Spoiler forums on Gallifrey Base, to see if they're already complaining about the end of this episode? (Spoilers: they probably are.)

And finally, another picture of Clara staring at something off-screen. She's good at that! But what is it? And who's watching her...

12 Days to go!